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M'. Richard Warren lived some 4. or 5. years,* and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had 2. sons before he dyed; and one of them is maryed, and hath 2. children. So his increase is 4. But he had 5. doughters more came over with his wife, who are all maried, & living, & have


many children.

John Billinton, after he had bene here 10.

yers, was exe8. cuted for killing a man; and his eldest sone dyed before him; but his 2. sone is alive, and maried, & hath 8. children.



Edward Tillie and his wife both dyed soon after their arivall; and the girle Humility, their cousen, was sent for into England, and dyed ther. But the youth Henery Samson is still liveing, and is maried, & hath 7. children.

John Tillie and his wife both dyed a litle after they came ashore ; and their daughter Elizabeth maried with John Howland, and hath issue as is before noted.

Francis Cooke † is still living, a very olde man, and hath seene his childrens children have children ; after his wife 8. came over, (with other of his children,) he hath 3. still liv

ing by her, all maried, and have 5. children; so their en

crease is 8. And his sone John, which came over with 4.

him, is maried, and hath 4. chilldren living.


Thomas Rogers dyed in the first sicknes, but his sone Joseph is still living, and is maried, and hath 6. children. The rest of Thomas Rogers (children] came over, & are maried, & have many children.

Thomas Tinker and his wife and sone all dyed in the first sicknes.

And so did John Rigdale and his wife.

James Chilton and his wife also dyed in the first infec

* See page 245. — Ed. † Died the 7th of April, 1663, above 80. — Prince.



tion. But their daughter Mary is still living, and hath 9.
children, and one daughter is maried, & hath a child ; so

their increase is 10.

Edward Fuller and his wife dyed soon after they came 4. ashore; but their sone Samuell is living, & maried, and

hath 4. children or more.

John Turner and his 2. sones all dyed in the first siknes. But he hath a daugter still living at Salem, well maried, and approved of.

Francis Eaton his first wife dyed in the generall sicknes; and he maried againe, & his 2. wife dyed, & he maried the 3. 4. and had by her 3. children. One of them is maried, & hath

a child; the other are living, but one of them is an ideote.
He dyed about 16. years agoe.

His sone Samuell, who 1.

came over a sucking child, is allso maried, & hath a child.


Moyses Fletcher, Thomas Williams, Digerie Preist, John Goodman, Edmond Margeson, Richard Britteridge, Richard Clarke. All these dyed sone after their arivall, in the generall sicknes that befell. But Digerie Preist had his wife & children sent hither afterwards, she being M'. Allertons sister. But the rest left no posteritie here.

Richard Gardinar became a seaman, and dyed in England, or at sea.

Gilbert Winslow, after diverse years aboad here, returned into England, and dyed ther.

Peter Browne maried twise. By his first wife he had 2. children, who are living, & both of them maried, and the one of them hath 2. children; by his second wife he had 2. more.

He dyed about 16. years since.


Thomas English and John Allerton dyed in the generall siknes.

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John Alden maried with Priscila, M'. Mollines his doughter, and had issue by her as is before related.



Edward Doty & Edward Litster, the servants of M'. Hopkins. Litster, after he was at liberty, went to Virginia, & ther dyed. But Edward Doty by a second wife hath 7. children, and both he and they are living.

Of these 100. persons which came first over in this first ship together, the greater halfe dyed in the generall mortality; and most of them in 2. or three monthes time.* And for those which survied, though some were ancient & past procreation, & others left ye place and cuntrie, yet of those few remaining are sprunge up above 160. persons, in this 30. years, and are now living in this presente year, 1650. besids many

of their children which are dead, and come not within this account.

And of the old stock (of one & other) ther are yet living this present year, 1650. nere 30. persons. Let ye Lord have ye praise, who is the High Preserver of men.

† Twelfe persons liveing of the old stock this present

yeare, 1679.

Two persons liveing that came over in the first shipe 1620, this present yeare, 1690. Resolved White and Mary Cushman, I the daughter of M'. Allerton.

And John Cooke, the son of Frances Cooke, that came in the first ship, is still liveing this present yeare, 1694; & Mary Cushman is still living, this present year, 1698.

It appears, on an examination of Goodman, which is in this list of early this list, ihat, of the 102 passengers of deaths, appears also among those who the Mayflower who arrived at Cape Cod, shared in the division of land in 1623–4. 51 died within a few months. This An error therefore exists either in this number includes Mrs. Carver, who died list or in the Colony Records. — Ep. in the early part of the summer, “ with- † The following memoranda are in in five or six weeks” after her husband, a later hand. — Ed. who died in April. The name of John | Chusman in the manuscript. — Ed.

No. II.


Charles by ye grace of God king of England, Scotland, France,

and Ireland, Defender of ye Faith, &c.*

To the most Reved father in Christ, our wellbeloved & faith

full counsellour, William, by devine providence Archbishop of Counterbery, of all England Primate & Metropolitan; Thomas Lord Coventry, Keeper of our Great Seale of Eng. land; the most Reverente father in Christ our wellbeloved and most faithful Counselour, Richard, by devine providence Archbishop of Yorke, Primate & Metropolitan; our wellbeloved and most faithfull coussens & Counselours, Richard, Earle of Portland, our High Treasurer of England; Henery, Earle of Manchester, Keeper of our Privie Seale; Thomas, Earle of Arundalle & Surry, Earle Marshall of England; Edward, Earle of Dorsett, Chamberline of our most dear consorte, the Queene; and our beloved & faithfull Counselours, Francis Lord Cottington, Counseler,† and Undertreasurour of our Eschequour; Sr: Thomas Edmonds, knight, Treasourer of our houshould; SF: Henery Vane,

* See page 320. This document A copy, in Latin, is in Hazard, I. 344 was written on the reverse of folio 201 - 347, taken from Pownall's Adminiset seq. of the original manuscript, and tration of the Colonies. This may be for the sake of convenience is trans- the original, of which the other two are ferred to this place. A copy of this distinct translations. There is a little Commission is Hubbard, pp. 264 discrepancy in the copies, as to the - 268, and Harris, in a note on page names of the dignitaries to whom this 698 of the new edition of that volume, Commission is addressed. Pownall inexpresses the opinion that this author cludes the name of the Bishop of Loncopied it from the Plymouth Church don, which Bradford does not, and the Records, where it was recorded by Secre- latter introduces the Earl of Poriland, tary Morton.

Harris evidently never who is not embraced in Pownall's list. compared the two copies. Though gen- Hubbard's list corresponds with Braderally agreeing in substance, there is ford's, with the exception that the name such a want of identity in the language of Sir Henry Vane is omitted. See as to indicate two distinct copies. Mor- Harris's critical note above referred to. ton copied from Bradford. Hutchinson, ED. I. Appendix 4, copied from Hubbard. † Chancellor? – ED.

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Knight, controuler of ye same houshould; S': John Cooke, Knight, one of our Privie Secretaries; and Francis Windebanck, Knight, another of our Privie Secretaries, Greeting.

Wheras very many of our subjects, & of our late fathers of beloved memory, our sovereigne lord James, late king of England, by means of licence royall, not only with desire of inlarging ye teritories of our empire, but cheefly out of a pious & religious affection, & desire of propagating ye gospell of our Lord Jesus Christ, with great industrie & expences have caused to be planted large Collonies of ye English nation, in diverse parts of ye world alltogether unmanured, and voyd of inhabitants, or occupied of ye barbarous people that have no knowledg of divine worship. We being willing to provid a remedy for ye tranquillity & quietnes of those people, and being very confidente of your faith & wisdom, justice & providente circomspection, have constituted you yo aforesaid Archbishop of Counterburie, Lord Keeper of ye Great Seale of England, ye Archbishop of Yorke, &c. and any 5. or more, of you, our Comissioners; and to you, and any 5. or more of you, we doe give and comite power for ye govermente & saftie of ye said collonies, drawen, or which, out of ye English nation into those parts hereafter, ? shall be drawne, to make lawes, constitutions, & ordinances, pertaining ether to ye publick state of these collonies, or ye private profite of them; and concerning ye lands, goods, debts, & succession in those parts, and how they shall demaine them selves, towards foraigne princes, and their people, or how they shall bear them selves towards us, and our subjects, as well in any foraine parts whatsoever, or on yo seas in those parts, or in their returne sayling home; or which may pertaine to ye clergie govermente, or to ye cure of soules, among ye people ther living, and exercising trad in those parts; by designing out congruente porcions arising in tithes, oblations, & other things ther, according to your sound discretions, in politicall & civill causes; and by haveing ye advise of 2. or 3. bishops, for yo setling, making, & ordering of ye bussines, for ye designeing of necessary ecclesiasticall, and clargie porcions, which you shall cause to be called, and taken to you. And to make provission against yo violation of those laws, constitutions, and ordinances, by imposing penealties & mulets, imprisonmente if ther be cause, and y' ye quality of ye offence doe require it, by deprivation

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