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! of member, or life, to be inflicted. With power allso (our as

sente being had) to remove, & displace ye governours or rulers of those collopies, for causes which to you shall seeme lawfull, and others in their stead to constitute; and require an accounte of their rule & govermente, and whom you shall finde culpable, either by deprivation from their place, or by imposition of a mulcte upon ye goods of them in those parts to be levied, or banishmente from those provinces in wch they have been gove? or otherwise to cashier according to ye quantity of ye offence. And to constitute judges, & magistrats politicall & civill, for civill causes and under y power and forme, which to you 5. or more of you shall seeme expediente. And judges & magistrats & dignities, to causes Ecclesiasticall, and under y power & forme which to you 5. or more of you, with the bishops vicegerents (provided by ye Archbishop of Counterbure for ye time being), shall seeme expediente; and to ordaine courts, pretoriane and tribunall, as well ecclesiasticall, as civill, of judgmentes; to detirmine of ye formes and maner of procceedings in ye same; and of appealing from them in matters & causes as well criminall, as civill, personall, reale, and mixte, and to their seats of justice, what may be equall & well ordered, and what crimes, faults, or exessess, of contracts or injuries ought to belonge to yo Ecclesiasticall courte, and what to ye civill courte, and seate of justice.

Provided never yo less, yt the laws, ordinances, & constitutions of this kinde, shall not be put in execution, before our assent be had therunto in writing under our signet, signed at least, and this assente being had, and ye same publikly proclaimed in ye provinces in which they are to be executed, we will & comand y' those lawes, ordinances, and constitutions more to obtaine strength and be observed * shall be inviolably of all men whom they shall concerne.

Notwithstanding it shall be for you, or any 5. or more of you, (as is afforsaid,) allthough those lawes, constitutions, and ordinances shalbe proclaimed with our royall assente, to chainge, revocke, & abrogate them, and other new ones, in forme afforsaid, from time to time frame and make as afforesaid; and to new evills arissing, or new dangers, to apply new remedyes as is fitting, so often as to you it shall seeme expediente. Further

• A superfluvus and comes after “observed " in the manuscript. - ED.

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more you shall understand that we have constituted you, and
every 5. or more of you, the afforesaid Archbishop of Counter-
burie, Thomas Lord Coventrie, Keeper of ye Great Seale of
England, Richard, Bishop of Yorke, Richard, Earle of Portland,
Henery, Earle of Manchester, Thomas, Earle of Arundale &
Surry, Edward, Earell of Dorsett, Francis Lord Cottinton, Si
Thomas Edmonds," knighte, S. Henry Vane, knight, Si Fran-
cis Windebanke, knight,t our comissioners to hear, & deter-
mine, according to your sound discretions, all maner of com-
plaints either against those collonies, or their rulers, or govenours,
at ye instance of ye parties greeved, or at their accusation brought
concerning injuries from hence, or from thence, betweene them,
& their members to be moved, and to call ye parties before you;
and to the parties or to their procurators, from hence, or from
thence being heard ye full complemente of justice to be exhibted.
Giving unto you, or any 5. or more of you power, y' if you shall
find any of ye collonies afforesaid, or any of ye cheese rulers upon
yo jurisdictions of others by unjust possession, or usurpation, or
one against another making greevance, or in rebelion against
us, or withdrawing from our alegance, or our comandments, not
obeying, consultation first with us in y' case had, to cause those
colonies, or ye rulers of them, for ye causes afforesaid, or for other
just causes, either to returne to England, or to comand them to
other places designed, even as according to your sounde dis-
cretions it shall seeme to stand with equitie, & justice, or neces-
sitie. Moreover, we doe give unto you, & any 5. or more of you,
power & spetiall comand over all ye charters, leters patents, and
rescripts royall, of y® regions, provinces, ilands, or lands in for-
aigne parts, granted for raising colonies, to cause them to be
brought before you, & ye same being received, if any thing
surrepticiously or unduly have been obtained, or y' by the
same priviledges, liberties, & prerogatives hurtfull to us, or to
our crowne, or to foraigne princes, have been prejudicially
suffered, or granted; the same being better made knowne unto
you 5. or more of you, to comand them according to yo laws
and customs of England to be revoked, and to doe such other
things, which to ye profite & safgard of yo afforesaid collonies,
and of our subjects residente in ye same, shall be necessary.
* Edwards in the manuscript. — Ed.
+ Sir John Cooke is here omitted in the enumeration. — Ed.

And therfore we doe comand you that aboute yo premisses at days & times, which for these things you shall make provission, that you be diligente in attendance, as it becometh you; giving in precepte also, & firmly injoyning, we doe give comand to all and singuler cheefe rulers of provinces into which ye colonies afforesaid have been drawne, or shall be drawne, & give atendance upon you, and be observante and obediente unto your warrants in perill. In testimoney wherof, we have caused these our letters to be made pattente. Wittnes our selse at Westminster the 28. day of Aprill, in ye tenth year of our Raigne.

By write from ye privie seale,

WILLIES. Anno Dom: 1634.

No. III.

Upon the life and death of that godly matron, Mistris Alice

Bradford, widdow, late deceased on the 27th day of March, Anno: Dom: 1670, and was interred at Plymouth on the 30th of the same month.*

Heer lyes the shaddow of a blessed mother
In Israel, well knowne to one and other,
Of good decent of holy predecessors;
Her father equall was to the confessors
And holy martires, suffered for Christ sake,
Altho hee suffered not at fiery stake,
And shee with him and other in her youth
Left theire owne native country for the truth,t

These verses on Mrs. Bradford are “ Mary Carpenter, sister of Mrs. Alice pasted inside the cover which incloses Bradford, the wife of Governor Bradthe original History of the Governor. ford, being newly entered into the 91st Mr. Hunter writes that they are a good year of her age. She was a godly old deal decayed or injured ; that the last maid, never married.” From this Dr. four lines are not easily read. From Young naturally infers that the maiden the last line but one, it may be inferred name of Mrs. Bradford was Carpenter. that Morton was the author. - Ep. Mr. Hunter says: “ We do not trace

† In the Plymouth Church Records, families of that name in Basset-Lawe. under date of March 19-20, 1667, is a She might be a half-sister.” See record of the death, at Plymouth, of Young, p. 353 ; Hunter's Founders,

And in successe of time she marryed was
To one whose grace and vertue did surpasse,
I mean good Edward Southworth,* whoe not long
Continued in this world the saints amonge.
With him shee lived seven years a wife,
Till death did put a period to his life.
And in some space of time, by Gods good hand,
Shee was brought over into New England,
And in short time the Lord did soe dispose,
That Mr. William Bradford shee did choose
To be her second husband;t whom to fame
I need not, for it is enough to name
The name of Bradford fresh in memory,
Which smeles with odoriforus fragrancye.
With him shee lived a wise yeares thirty four,
Till God saw good his time should be noe more
In this sad world, but tooke him hence to heaven,
Anno one thousand six hundred fisty seven.
E'r since that time in widdowhood shee hath
Lived a lise in holynes and faith,
In reading of Gods word and contemplation,
Which healped her to asurance of salvation
Through Gods good sperit workeing with the same,
For ever praised be his holy name.
To about fourscore yeares shee did attaine,
But shee alllicted much with heavy paine ;
As Moses saith, her strength but sorrow was,
And shee to eternall rest made hast

Shee now with holy Abram hath attained
A good old age. Her life was never stained
With any sin that any one could call
Remarkable, notorious, capitall,
But contrarywise shee lived soe
As silence might the most mallignant foe
She had, or any other that professe
The waies of Christ and of just righteousnes.

# See

&c., 2d ed. p. 119. She and her fa


72. - Ep. ther may have been of the Scrooby † She came in the Anne, about the church, and emigrated with it into Hol- Ist of August, 1623, and was married land. She was then seventeen or eigh- to Governor Bradford on the 14th of teen years of age. - Ep.

that month. See pages 71, 142.- Ep.

Tis sad to see our houses disposessd
Of holy saints whose memory is blessd ;
When they decease and closed are in tombe,
Theres few or none that rises in their rome
That's like to them in holines and grace,
Which makes our times looke with so sad a face.
Her glasse is run, her worke is done, and shee
Is happy unto all eternity.
Lett her relations all and every one
Take her example, doe as shee hath done,
In love to God his waies and one another.
Then they will well improve theire blessed mother
Her holy, blessed, heavenly example,
That gives a gracious presedent soe ample
To them and unto all both one and other
That follow may after this blessed mother.
Ile multiply noe more words but ab....e
That I dare use concerning her dear...e
Adoe, my loving freind, my aunt, my mother,
Of those that's left I have not such another.

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