World War Veterans' Legislation. Hearings ... on H.R. 10160 ... Feb. 24 - April 12, 1928

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Page 30 - That except in the event of legal proceedings, any person except the authorized representative of the American Red Cross, the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and such other organizations as shall be approved by the...
Page 27 - Administration shall be subject to review, on appeal, by such administrator. "SEC. 3. All property the title of which now stands in the name of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers is hereby transferred to and the title thereof vested in the United States.
Page 272 - The Medical Department shall consist of one Surgeon General with the rank of major general, two assistants, with the rank of brigadier general, the Medical Corps, the Dental Corps, the Veterinary Corps, the Medical Administrative Corps, a number of enlisted men which until June 30, 1921, shall not exceed 5 per centum of the authorized enlisted strength and thereafter 5 per centum...
Page 164 - Section 212 of the World War veterans' act, as amended July 2, 1926, 44 Stat. 798, provides in part: This act is intended to provide a system for the relief of persons who were disabled, and for the dependents of those who died as a result of disability suffered in the military service of the United States between April 6, 1917, and July 2, 1921.
Page 34 - ... be specifically appropriated for by Congress for such clerical and other personal services for each fiscal year; and no civil officer, clerk, draughtsman, copyist, messenger, assistant messenger, mechanic, watchman, laborer, or other employee shall hereafter be employed at the seat of government in any executive department or subordinate bureau or office thereof or be paid from any appropriation made for contingent expenses, or for any specific or general purpose, unless such employment is authorized...
Page 234 - In the event of disagreement as to the claim for losses, or amount thereof, between the said bureau and the parties to such contract of insurance, an action on the claim may be brought against the United States in the district court of the United States, sitting in admiralty, in the district in which the claimant or his agents may reside. The Secretary of the Treasury is, in his judgment, authorized to compromise the claim either before or after the institution of an action therein.
Page 210 - Administrator, such recovery would defeat the purpose of benefits otherwise authorized or would be against equity and good conscience. No disbursing officer shall be held liable for any amount paid by him to any person where the recovery of such amount is waived under this section.
Page 244 - An Act to readjust the pay and allowances of the commissioned and enlisted personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and Public Health Service", approved June 10, 1922 (42 Stat.
Page 163 - ... of this act satisfactory evidence is furnished the bureau to establish that the injury was suffered or aggravated during active service. Where there is official record of injury during service compensation shall be payable in accordance with 'the provisions of this title, for death or disability whenever occurring, proximately resulting from such injury.'* Sec.
Page 230 - The committee met at 10 o'clock am, Hon. Royal C. Johnson (chairman) presiding. STATEMENT OF WATSON B.

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