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Estimate of Increased Cost Resulting
from Commission's award, based on
December 1917

An estimate of the probable effect of the new rates upon the cost of operating the Railroads dur ing 1918 is presented in the table next attached.

This estimate is made by applying to the average monthly earnings of each class of employees, the rate per cent of increase prescribed for that amount as disclosed by the table of increased rates in the main body of the report.

The figures contained in this table do not include the increases awarded to those employees who are in the service of what are known as Class II and Class III roads, under the Interstate Commerce Commission's classification, nor do they include those of the sleeping and parlor car companies. All of the above, in so far as they are under Government control, come with

in the conclusions of this report.


Total amount of such increase.
Per cent of increase


1,939 399 1,611 567 384 1,917 419 220 2,205 432 938 $593,865, 554288,013,718



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