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8. The commissioners may at any time issue a special commission for the taking of testimony on the application of either party; such testimony to be taken either in written interrogatories or orally, as the commissioners may order.

The commissioners may also, on motion of either party, order any claimant or witness to appear personally before them for examination or cross-examination.

9. When any original papers filed in the State Department of the United States or in the archives of the British legation in Washington cannot be conveniently withdrawn from the files, copies thereof will be received in evidence, when certified by the State Department or by the British legation, as the case may be.

10. When the time has expired for taking proofs, or the case has been closed on both sides, the proofs will be printed under the direction of the secretary, and at the expense of the commission. The argument for the claimant shall be filed within fifteen days after the paper shall have been printed, and the case shall stand for hearing ten days thereafter.

11. The secretary will prepare, from time to time, lists of cases ready for hearing, either upon demurrer or upon the merits, in the order in which they are entitled to be beard, or in which the counsel for the two governments shall agree that they shall be heard.

12. All cases will be submitted on printed arguments, which shall contain a statement of the facts proven and reference to the evidence by which they are proven, and, in addition, the counsel for the respective governments will be heard whenever they desire to argue any cause orally. Arguments of counsel for individual claimants will be received, in print, when submitted by the counsel of either government, and not otherwise.

13. Claims against the United States and Great Britain, respectively, will be entered in different dockets kept by the secretary. The dockets shall contain an abstract of all proceedings, motions, and orders in

each case.

14. The secretary will keep a record of the proceedings of the commission upon each day of its session, which shall be read at the next meeting, and will then be signed by him and approved by the signature of the presiding commissioner.

15. The secretary will keep a notice-book, in which entries may be made by the counsel for either government, and all entries so made shall be notice to the opposing counsel.

16. The secretary shall provide books of printed forms, in which will be recorded the awards of the commission, signed by the commissioners concurring therein. The awards against each government will be kept in a separate book.

17. A copy of each award, certified by the secretary of the commission, will be furnished, on request, to the party upon whose claim such award shall hare been made.

18. The dockets, minutes of proceedings, and records of awards will be kept in duplicate, one of which will be delivered to each government at the close of the duties of the commission.

19. The secretary will have charge of all the books and papers of the commission, and no papers shall be withdrawn from the files or taken from the office without an order of the commission.

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C.--Schedule of claims presented to the commission by claimants against the respective governments, with indexes to same.


No. Name of claimant.

Character of claim.




Total amount



How disposed of.

$507 50

Award for $620 44 Jan. 31, 1872.
265, 423 45

Disallowed Dec. 13, 1871.
250 00

Disallowed Oct. 29, 1872.
173, 581 02 6 per cent... Award for $14,115 Apr. 9, 1873.

1 Thomas Ward Cotton used by United States Army.. Mar. 3, 1865 Wilmington, N. C.
2 John H. Hanna Cotton destroyed by confederates.. May -, 1862 | Louisiana and Mis-

3 John W. O'Donald.. Furniture destroyed by United States Sept. 17, 1862 New Creek, W. Va..

4 James Crutchett... Use of and damage to real estate and July 22, 1861 Washington, D. C...

personal property used and destroyed

by United States Army.
5 Anthony Barclay... Damage to real estate.

Dec. 21, 1864 Chatham County, Ga $116, 912 25
Use and destruction of personal prop- Dec. 21, 1864 Chatham County, Ga 102, 500 00

erty by United States Army.
With $15,000 per annum to be added,

55, 923 00
with interest at 7 per cent. per an-

num until paid.
6 Ernest W. Pratt. Illegal imprisonment by United States. Mar. 18, 1865 Jersey City, N.J.

John C. Rahming... Illegal imprisonm't by United States Dec 31, 1863 | New York City.
8 Mary S. Hill. Illegal imprisonment by United States. May - 1864 New Orleans, La.

(Same case as No.


275, 335 25

Award for $18,875 May 2, 1873.

50,000 00
580, 800 00
£2,000 00


Award for $1,200 Dec. 3, 1872.
Award for $38,500 May 6, 1873.
Dismissed without prejudice

to file new memorial Nov.
15, 1871. Award signed Aug.

28, 1873.
Award for $1,809 Jan. 7, 1873.
Disallowed Dec. 16, 1871.
Award for $770 Jan. 27, 1873.


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Peter Johnston ..... Cotton, cattle, and other personal July & Aug., Rappahann'k Coun

property used and destroyed by 1862, Oct. & ty, Va. United States Army.

Dec., 1864.
17 A. D. Palmer. Clothing taken by United States Army. Sept. 17, 1861 Platte City, Mo.....
18 Edward A. Barrett.. Value of confederate cotton loan bond

1865 Richmond, Va ......
No. 499, series C.
19 John Kater.... Horses, corn, hogs, hay, &c., taken, Aug. -, 1864 Near Kernstown, Va.

used, and destroyed by the United

States Army.
20 Robert H. Mont- Sugar, molasses, and rum, taken and Nov. & Dec., Louisiana.

sold by the United States. Case had 1862.
been on docket of Court of Claims

and United States Supreme Court. 21 John Gummer. Corn, hogs, poultry, saddles, bridles, Nov. 21, 1864 Liberty, Miss

tools, &c., taken, used, and destroyed

by United States Army. 22 Thomas McMahon.. Use of and destruction of real estate, Apr. 9, 1865 Pensacola, Fla

drugs, medicines, paints, oils, &c.,

by United States Army,
23 John C. Stovin.. Illegal imprisonment by United -, 1861 Cumberland, Md.

States, loss of profits from business,

and loss of personal property. 24 James McCabe. Mules, corn, bacon, flour, cattle, cloth- Feb. 9, 1864 Morton, Miss

ing, &c., taken by United States

Army. 25 Walter J. Dobbins.. Furniture, clothing, provisions, &c., Feb. 17, 1865 Columbia, SC

burned by United States Army.
26 Anne Murray.
Tobacco destroyed by United States

Apr. —, 1865 Farmville, Va..
27 Robert Orrock.. Two horses taken by United States May 4, 1863 Henrico County, Va.

28 John Wilkinson Beef taken and used by the United 1863 and 1864

Calhoun County,
States Army.

29 Lucy J. Park, ad- Dwelling-house burned and personal -, 1862 Rutherford County,
ministratrix of W. property taken, used, and destroyed

J. Bruce.

by United States Army.
30 | Timothy Dowling.. Use of and destruction of real estate, -, 1864 Vicksburgh, Miss.

furniture, &c., by United States

31 Jonat'n Braithwaite. One horse taken by United States Aug. 6,1864 Bullitt County, Ky.

32 William E. Scanlan. Loss on 71 bales of cotton

Dec. - 1864 Memphis, Tenn..
Loss on 29 bales of cotton burned by Dec. –, 1864 Crittenden County,

33 Brown & Sharp. 78 bales of cotton burned by United Feb. —, 1865 Camden, S.C.

States Army.
34 Eleanor W. Turner. For rent of house and repair of dam- May 1, 1862 New Orleans, La..

age thereto by United States Army.
35 John P. Rogers... Rent of store, damage to goods, and Mar. 1, 1863 Memphis, Tenn..

damage to business, as dealer in queensware, &c., by the United States Army.

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C.--Schedule of claims presented to the commission by claimants against the respective governments, fc.-Continued.

36 John G. McBain... 23 bales of cotton seized by United Nov.or Dec., Cottonwood Point, $15, 329 68 States.


Ark. 100 bales of cotton burned by United Mar. 1, 1864 Crittenden County, 66, 600 00 States Army.

300 bales of cotton, part seized and Summer 1864 Alabama and Mis- 137, 700 00
part burned by United States Army.

81 bales of cotton seized by United Fall of 1864 Memphis, Tenn. 27, 640 00

Award for $5,333 Sept. 8, 1873 ;
Tobacco seized by United States Army. Dec. –, 1864 Selma, Ala.

9,000 00 $346, 594 68 6 per cent. 4th item of claim withdrawn
70 bales of cotton seized by United -, 1864 Selma, Ala.

41, 580 00

Mar. 11, 1873.
States Army:
Money seized by United States Army Fall of 1864 Helena, Ark

2, 200 00
Corn, horses, mules, cattle, hogs, &c., -, 1863 Mound City, Ark.. 6, 170 00

seized by United States Army.
Three horses seized by United States -, 1863 Memphis, Tenn.

375 00
Damage to his business.

During war Memphis, Tenn. 40, 000 00
37 Joseph J. Browne. Pictures and frames destroyed by fire Feb. 18, 1865 Columbia, S. C

15, 837 00

Disallowed Sept. 12, 1873.
by United States Army.
Annibal Maguire Cows, fences, hogs, &c., taken and April —, 1863 Parish of St. Mary,

10, 000 00

Disallowed Nov. 1872.
used by United States Army.

39 John Cairns & Co... 135 bales of cotton, burned by United Feb. 25, 1865 Camden, S.C.

£1,907 1 0

Disallowed Sept. 16, 1873.
States Army:
40 George Adlam... Destruction of dwelling, stable, and Nov. 25, 1863 Near Chattanooga,

$1,350 00

Award for $770 Nov. 12, 1872,
corn-house; appropriation of horse,

cattle, fence-rails, wood, &c., by

United States Army.
41 Henry Henderson... 31 bales of cotton, taken by United June 10, 1863 Parish of West S 7, 114 50

25, 710 12
81 bales of cotton, taken by United June 12, 1863) Feliciana, La.

Award for $7,914 Nov. 26, 1872.

| 18,595 62 S
42 Augustine R. Mc. Cotton burned by United States Army. Jan. -, 1865 Arkansas and Louis.

1, 300, 000 00

Award for $197,190 Sept. 25,


1873. 43 Frank R. Reading.. Illegal imprisonment by United States July 6,1864 Washington, D. C

30, 000 00

Award for $15,400 Apr. 10, 1873.
44 John Turner.... Dwelling and out-houses destroyed May & June, New Kent County,

3, 800 00

Until paid. Award for $3,056 Nov. 12, 1872.
and timber used by United States 1862. Va.

45 Executors of R. S. Injury to real estate by United States From April, Fayette County, Ky.

9,715 00

Dismissed for want of juris-
C. A. Alexander. Army, and destroying out-houses, 1861, to 1865.

diction April 23, 1872.
(Was born in U.S.) fences, trees, &c.
Francis Doyle Bacon, flour, cattle, &c., taken and Dec. --, 1862 Holly Springs, Miss.

4, 040 00

Disallowed Jan. 17, 1873. used by United States Army. 47 David Robert. Iron, lumber, blacksmith's tools, use Oct. 1863 New Iberia, La

2, 420 00

Award for $1,280 Feb. 3, 1873. of shop, &c., by United States Army,


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13, 706 00

Disallowed Jan. 7, 1873.

Charles Cleworth...

Damage to dwelling, fences, trees, 1863, 1864, & Vicksburgh, Miss.

steam-engine; use and occupation 1865. of dwelling, and damage to vault

and coffin by United States Army.
49 James Tonguo... Lumber taken and used, and destruc- Dec. 11, 12, & Fredericksburgh, Va
tion of personal effects and damage

13, 1862
to real estate by United States Army.
50 Robert Gibson.

Damage to real estate

, out-houses, Tall, 1864 Near Louisville, Ky.
fencing; consumption of vegetables,
hay, wood, &c., by United States

51 John I. Shaver Illegal imprisonment by United States. Oct. -, 1861 | Detroit, Mich
52 William H. Wisdom Dwelling-house and factory used by During the Pensacola, Fla
the United States Army.

53 John Burnside... Mules, carts, and harness taken and Dec. 24, 1862 Parish of St. James,
used by United States Army.

54 Rev. Frederick W. Illegal imprisonment.

Dcc. 16, 1864 Natchez, Miss
Boyd (a natural.
ized British sub-

55 Francis Allsop. 20 cattle, corn, horses, &c., taken and Aug. --, 1861 Marion County, Mo.

used by United States Army.
56 James Fagan Tobacco destroyed by United States June 8, 1864

Staunton, Va.
Two horses and watch and chain taken Sept. —, 1864

by United States Army.
57 | George Moore Tobacco burnou by confederates

1835 Richmond, Va
58 John N. Trook, ad. Use of farm, damage to house, fences, 1861, '62, '63, Near Washington,

ministrator of Wm. trees, and use of vegetables, corn, '64, and '65. D. C.

oats, &c., by United States Army. 59 Crow & Wylie Timber taken by United States.

-, 1864 Pensacola, Fla-.
60 Michael Garry Cattle taken and used by United States Nov. 1, 1863 Latayette Parish, La.

61 Samuel G. Levey.. Illegal imprisonment by United States, May 26, 1864 Boston, Mass

loss of property, business, and credit.
62 Francis Impey. Illegal imprisonment, loss by sale of Dec. –, 1861 Andrew County, Mo.

land and horses taken by United

States Army.
63 Andrew Brown. Tobacco and other goods, &c.. taken, Oct. -, 1862 Ripley, Miss

userl, and destroyed by United States

64 Charles Johnson Destruction of machinery, material, Feb. –, 1863 Bolivar, Tenn..

and building; rent, and damage and

loss by United States Army.
Marion D. Murdock. 2 horses taken by United States Army Aug. 3, 1863 Near Jackson, La...

1 horse taken by United States Army. June 27, 1864 Near Jackson, La..
Illegal arrest

Oct. 25, 1864 New Orleans, La....
Destruction of dwelling, &c

Oct. 25, 1864 Near Jackson, La...
Money and merchandise taken by Oct. 25, 1864 New Orleans, La..

United States Army.
Robert Davidson Gun-carriages, &c., tiiken by United April 3, 1863 New Orleans, La..

States Army.

[blocks in formation]
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