Tratados y convenciones concluidos y ratificados por la República mexicana: desde su independencia hasta el año actual : acompañados de varios documentos que les son referentes

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Gonzalo A. Esteva, 1878 - Mexico - 706 pages

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Page 216 - said property by contract, shall enjoy with respect to it guarantees equally ample as if the same belonged to citizens of the United States. ARTICLE IX. The Mexicans who, in the territories aforesaid, shall not preserve the character of citizens of the Mexican Republic, conformably -with, what is stipulated in the preceding article,
Page 440 - There shall be, between all the Territories of His Britannick Majesty in Europe and the Territories of Mexico, a reciprocal freedom of Commerce. The inhabitants of the two countries, respectively shall have liberty freely and securely to come, with their Ships and Cargoes, to all Places, Ports and
Page 164 - not to grant any particular favor to other nations in respect of commerce and navigation which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same freely, if the concession was freely made, or upon the same conditions, if the concession was conditional. ARTICLE
Page 118 - shall begin on the Gulf of Mexico, at the mouth of the river Sabine, in the sea, continuing north along the western bank of that river, to the 32d degree of latitude; thence by a line due north, to the degree of latitude where it strikes the Rio Roxo of Xatchitoches, or
Page 272 - between the two countries, and of facilitating the prompt and regular transmission of correspondence between their respective territories, have resolved to conclude a Postal Convention and have named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say: The President of the United States of America has appointed Thomas Corwin, a citizen of the United States and their Envoy
Page 27 - There shall be between all the Territories of His Britannick Majesty, in Europe, and the Territories of Mexico, a reciprocal Freedom of Commerce. The Inhabitants of the two Countries, respectively, shall have Liberty freely and securely to come, with their Ships and Cargos, to all Places, Ports and Rivers in the Territories aforesaid,
Page 354 - de un modo más sólido y estable las relaciones íntimas que deben existir entre todos y cada uno de ellos y que les sirva de consejo en los grandes conflictos, de punto de contacto en los peligros comunes, de fiel intérprete de- sus tratados públicos, cuando ocurran dificultades, y de juez arbitro y conciliador en sus disputas y diferencias.
Page 444 - the exercise of any trade or special employment, shall have the privilege of remaining and continuing such trade and employment therein, without any manner of interruption, in full enjoyment of their liberty and property, as long as they behave peaceably and commit no offence against the laws; and their goods and effects, of
Page 216 - of the United States, as defined by the present treaty, shall be free to continue where they now reside, or to remove at any time to the Mexican Republic, retaining the property which they possess in the said territories, or disposing thereof, and removing the proceeds wherever they please, without their being subjected, on this account, to
Page 118 - river; then, following the course of the Rio Roxo westward, to the degree of longitude 100 west from London, and 23 from Washington; then, crossing the said Red river, and running thence by a line due north, to the river Arkansas; thence, following the course of the southern bank of

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