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Receiving certified manifest, and granting
permit on arrival of such vessel, if under
50 tons.

Over fifty tons.

For certifying manifest, and granting permission
to registered vessels to go from district to
Receiving certified manifest, and granting per-
mit on arrival of such registered vessel...
Granting permit to a vessel, not belonging to
a citizen of the United States, to go from
district to district, and receiving manifest..
Receiving manifest and granting permit to
unload for last-mentioned vessel, on arrival
at one district from another..
Granting permit for vessel carrying on fishery
to trade at a foreign port.....

Report and entry of foreign goods imported
in such vessel....

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Entry of vessel of 100 tons and more.
Clearance of vessel of 100 tons and more.
Entry of vessel under 100 tons..

Clearance of ditto...

Post entry...

Permit to land or deliver goods..

Bond taken officially....

Permit to load goods for exportation entitled
to drawback.....

Debenture or other official certificate....

Bill of health....

Official documents, except register, required
by any merchant, owner, or master of any
vessel not before enumerated..............
Admeasurement, and certifying vessels of 100

tons and under...

Over 100 and not over 200.

Over 200...... Other services to be performed by the surveyor, in vessels of 100 tons and more, having on board merchandise subject to duty.. For like services in vessels under 100 tons, having

$0.25 50

similar merchandise......

All vessels not having merchandise subject
to duty...
Crew list.

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1 cent per ton.

1 50 2.00


3 00

1 50

663 25

Certificate of registry and bond.

Endorsement on register....

General permit to ship, to land passengers'


Weighing 1 cent per 112 pounds.
Gauging: Casks, 12 cents each; cases
and baskets, 4 cents each. Ale,
porter, &c., 1 cent per dozen bottles.
Measuring: Coal, 90 cents per 100
bushels; chalk, brimstone, &c., 90
cents per 100 bushels; salt, 75 cents
per 100 bushels; potatoes, seeds,
grain, and all other measurable arti-
cles, 45 cents per 100 bushels. Mar-
ble, mahogany, cedar-wood, &c., the
actual expense incurred.


When invoice does not contain the weight, measure, or gauge of merchandise, required to be weighed, measured or gauged, and when goods are withdrawn from warehouse in less quantity than the entire importation, as per article 541 of these regulations.

For licenses to steamers, as a compensation for the inspections and examinations made for the year, under the steamboat law approved August 30, 1852, in addition to the fees above mentioned for issuing enrolments and licenses to vessels:

For each vessel of a thousand tons and over...
For each of five hundred tons and over, but less than
one thousand.....

For each under five hundred tons and over one hundred
and twenty-five tons......

For each under one hundred and twenty-five tons..... For the first certificate granted by any inspector or inspectors to each engineer and pilot.

For each subsequent certificate....

For recording all bills of sale, mortgages, hypothecations, or conveyance of vessels, under act of July 29, 1850....

For recording all certificates for discharging and cancelling any such conveyances.

For furnishing a certificate setting forth the names of the owners of any registered or enrolled vessel, the parts or proportions owned by each, and also the material facts of any existing bill of sale, mortgage, hypothecation, or other incumbrance, the date, amount of such incumbrance, and from and to whom made..


1 00

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For furnishing copies of such records, for each bill of sale, mortgage, or other conveyance..

$35 00


25 00

20 00

100 100

0 50


1 00



To amend the Acts regulating the Appraisement of Imported Merchandise, and for other purposes,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That in all cases where there is or shall be imposed any ad-valorem rate of duty on any goods, wares, or merchandise imported into the United States, it shall be the duty of the Collector within whose district the same shall be imported or entered, to cause the actual market value or wholesale price thereof, at the period of the exportation to the United States, in the principal markets of the country from which the same shall have been imported into the United States, to be appraised, estimated, and ascertained; and to such value or price shall be added all costs and charges, except insurance, and including, in every case, a charge for commissions at the usual rates, at the true value at the port where the same may be entered upon which duties shall be assessed.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the certificate of any one of the appraisers of the United States, of the dutiable value of any imported merchandise required to be appraised, shall be deemed and taken to be the appraisement of such merchandise required by existing laws to be made by such appraisers. And where merchandise shall be entered at ports where there are no appraisers, the certificate of the revenue officer to whom is committed the estimating and collection of duties, of the dutiable value of any merchandise required to be appraised, shall be deemed and taken to be the appraisement of such merchandise required by existing laws to be made by such revenue officer.

SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, four appraisers of merchandise, to be allowed an annual salary each of two thousand five hundred dollars, together with their actual travelling expenses, to be regulated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall be employed in visiting such ports of entry in the United States, under the direction of the said Secretary, as may be deemed useful by him for the security of the revenue, and shall at such ports afford such aid and assistance in the appraisement of merchandise thereat as may be deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Treasury, to protect and insure uniformity in the collection of the revenue from Customs; and wherever practicable, in cases of appeal from the decision of the United States' appraisers, under the provisions of the seventeenth section of the Tariff Act of the thirtieth August, eighteen hundred and forty-two, the Collector shall select one discreet and experienced merchant, to be associated with one of the appraisers appointed under the provisions of this Act, who, together, shall appraise the goods in question; and if they shall disagree, the Collector shall decide between them; and the appraisement thus determined shall be final, and deemed and taken to be the true value of said goods, and the duties shall be levied thereon accordingly, any Act of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding.

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SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That this Act shall take effect on and after the first day of April next; and all Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, be and the same are hereby repealed. Approved, March 3, 1851.

ACT OF MARCH 3, 1797.

An Act to provide for mitigating or remitting the Forfeitures, Penalties, and Disabilities, accruing in Certain Cases therein mentioned. § 1. Be it enacted, &c., That whenever any person, or persons who shall have incurred any fine, penalty, forfeiture, or disability, or shall have been interested in any vessel, goods, wares, or merchandise, which shall have been subject to any seizure, forfeiture, or disability, by force of any present or future law of the United States, for the laying, levying, or collecting, any duties or taxes, or by force of any present or future act, concerning the registering and recording of ships or vessels, or any act concerning the enrolling and licensing ships or vessels employed in the coasting trade or fisheries, and for regulating the same, shall prefer his petition to the judge of the district in which such fine, penalty, forfeiture, or disability, shall have accrued, truly and particularly setting forth the circumstances of his case, and shall pray that the same may be mitigated or remitted, the said judge shall inquire, in a summary manner, into the circumstances of the case; first causing reasonable notice to be given to the person or persons claiming such fine, penalty, or forfeiture, and to the attorney of the United States for such district, that each may have an opportunity of showing cause against the mitigation or remission thereof; and shall cause the facts, which shall appear upon such inquiry, to be stated and annexed to the petition, and direct their transmission to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, who shall thereupon have power to mitigate or remit such fine, forfeiture, or penalty, or remove such disability, or any part thereof, if, in his opinion, the same shall have been incurred without wilful negligence, or any intention of fraud, in the person or persons incurring the same; and to direct the prosecution, if any shall have been instituted for the recovery thereof, to cease and be discontinued, upon such terms or conditions as he may deem reasonable and just.



with like power as district


§ 2. That the judicial courts of the several States, to whom courts invested by any of the said acts a jurisdiction is given, shall and may exercise all and every power in the cases cognizable before them for the purpose of obtaining a mitigation, or remission, of any fine, penalty, or forfeiture, which may be exercised by the judges of the district courts in cases depending before them.

Persons subject to fine, forunder law,

feiture, or penrelating to rev enue, registerenrolling, or licensing vessels may apply for mission to Secretary of the Treasury through the district courts. Manner of application. Secretary empowered

or re

to remit, &c. when.

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Reservation of right of informer.

Limitation of this act.

§ 3. That nothing herein contained shall be construed to affect the right or claim of any person to that part of any fine, penalty or forfeiture, incurred by the breach of any of the laws aforesaid which such person shall or may be entitled to by virtue of the said laws, in cases where a prosecution has been commenced, or information has been given, before the passing of this act, or any other act relative to the mitigation or remission of such fines, penalties, or forfeitures; the amount of which right and claim shall be assessed and valued by the proper judge, or court, in a summary manner.

§ 4. That this act shall continue in force for the term of two years, and from thence to the end of the next session of Congress, and no longer.*

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Power of Attorney.

Know all men by these presents, that we comprising the firm of



-, in the State of constitute and appoint true and lawful attorney for us and in our names, or in the name of said firm, to enter in the manner provided by law, and the rules and regulations of the treasury department at any customhouse of the United States, for consumption, warehouse, warehouse and transportation, or warehouse and exportation, all or any goods, wares, or merchandise, which may be imported into the United States, for us, or in our names, or in the names of said firm of or which may be transferred to us whilst in warehouse, or which may be consigned us, on warehouse and transportation entry.


And we do further authorize our said attorney to execute and deliver in our names and under our seals such bond or bonds as may be necessary to be executed to the United States, or to the Collector of the Customs for the time being, in making such entry or withdrawal as aforesaid, in such penalty and upon such conditions as may be required by law or by the rules and regulations of the treasury department. And we further authorize our said attorney on entering said goods, wares and merchandise as aforesaid to receive the same, and to execute such oath of ownership and control over the same as we or either of us might do if we or either of us were personally present, and to receive from the United States, or the Collector of Customs, all sums of money which may become due to us for refund duties by reason of over-payments, damage on merchandise on the voyage of importation or otherwise.

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doing business at do hereby make,



* This section repealed by act of 11th Feb., 1800; and the residue of the act continued in force without limitation of time.

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