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America. Unsuccessful Attack on New-Orleans. Capture of Fort Mobile. Capture

of the President Frigate, Ratification of the l'reaty of Peace. Discussion in Para

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As it stood at the opening of the Session, Nov. 8, 1814.


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Earl of Harrowby

Lord President of the Council. Lord Eldon

Lord High Chancellor. Earl of Westmoreland

Lord Privy Seal.

First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Earl of Liverpool


Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart

the Exchequer. Lord Viscount Melville ............ First Lord of the Admiralty. Earl Mulgrave

Master-General of the Ordnance.

ŞSecretary of State for the Home DeLord Viscount Sidmouth

partment. Lord Viscount Castlereagh

Secretary of State for Foreign Af.


Secretary of State for the Depart. Earl Bathurst

ment of War and the Colonies.

S President of the Board of Controul Earl of Buckinghamshire

for the Affairs of India,

Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasRight Hon. C. Bragge Bathurst .....

ter. Right Hon. W. W. Pole

Master of the Mint.

NOT OF THE CABINET. Right Hon. George Rose

Treasurer of the Navy. Earl of Clancarty

President of the Board of Trade.

Vice . President of the Board of Right Hon. F. J. Robinson

Trade. Right Hon. Charles Long

Joint Paymasters-General of the Lord Charles Somerset ....................

Earl of Chichester

Joint Postmasters-General.
Earl of Sandwich
Viscount Palmerston

Secretary at War.
Right Hon. Charles Arbuthnot

Secretaries of the Treasury. S. R. Lushington ....

............................... Sir William Grant

Master of the Rolls. Sir William Garrow ......................... Attorney-General. Mr Serjeant Shepherd

Solicitor-General. PERSONS IN THE MINISTRY IN IRELAND. Viscount Whitworth

Lord Lieutenant. Lord Manners

Lord High Chancellor. Right Hon. Robert Peel ...........

Chief Secretary Right Hon. W. Vesey Fitzgerald ....

Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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Opening of the Session of Parliament.-Prince Regent's Speech.-Debates on the Address.-- Supplies for the Year.-Ways and Means for Great Britain and Ireland.-Vote of Credit.

Thesession of parliamentopened on 8th rears, for which the House of Com.' November, 1814. The principal topics mons would see the necessity of proadverted to in the speech of the Prince viding ; and that the war still subsist. Regent were, the negociations then in ing with America, rendered the conti. dependence with America, and his de- nuance of great exertions indispensa

sire to bring the war with that coun ble.” The Prince Regent concluded I try to a conclusion on just and ho. by remarking, that the peculiar cha

nourable terms ;--the different naval racter of the late war, as well as the and military operations in America ;- extraordinary length of its duration, the congress at Vienna, the opening of must have materially affected the inwhich, it was stated, had been retard. ternal situation of all the countries ened from unavoidable causes, to a later gaged in it, as well as the commercial period than had been expected ;-the relations which formerly subsisted be. flourishing state of the commerce and tween them; and he recommended revenue of the united kingdom, and that parliament should proceed with the supplies necessary to meet the ex due caution in the adoption of such penditure of the ensuing year. His regulations as might be necessary for royal highness regretted the necessity the purpose of extending our trade, of this large expenditure, but stated, and securing our advantages. that “the circumstances under which In the House of Lords, the address the long and arduous contest in Eu was moved by the Earl of Abington, rope had been carried on and conduct and seconded by Lord Delawar. The ed, had unavoidably led to large ar. latter nobleman, in a specch of consider.

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