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1. The Private Life of Christ, considered 4. Lectures, Essays, and Letters, on van as a confirmation of his mission, and a per- rious subjects, Biblical, Theological, and fect example to his followers. To which Miscellaneous; to wbich will be subjoined, will be added, a Compendium of the Evi- Memorials of remarkable Providences, and dences of revealed Religion, containing the of the progress of Religion and useful substance of the author's Age of Infidelity, knowledge ; also Recollections of departed &c. with considerable additions.

worth, with original anecdotes, and Frag2. The Song of Songs, which is by Solo- ments in Verse and Prose ; with extracts

A new translation, with a Commen- from an extensive correspondence of half a tary and Notes; to which are prefixed, century. Essays on its nature and canonical autho- Each volume will be furnished with an rity. A new edition, carefully revised, with Index, &c. Subscribers, in transmitting additional illustrations from oriental writers. their names, may except any of the volumes Also, Original Dissertations on the Theology they already possess, and wish to decline. of the Patriarchal and Mosaioal Dispensa- Subscribers' names will be received by tions.

the Autbor, and for him by Messrs. Simpkin 3. The History of Sacred Music from the and Marshall, Westley and Davis, Wightearliest ages: its use among the Hebrews, man and Co. Hatchard and Son, and by and in the primitive Christian Churches; its Mr. Nisbet. corruption by Popery and reformation by A Statement relative to Serampore, supLather and others, with its progress in the pleme ary to the “ Brief Memoir.” With Protestant Churches and among Dissenters, an Introduction by the Rev. John Foster, to the present time.



I would take away my stony heart, and ANN MILLER was the daughter of Mr. give me a heart of flesh. About this Thomas Miller, Baptist minister at Oad-time I was filled with an ecstacy of joy by, near Leicester. She died May 24, at the amazing love and condescension 1827, in the 27th year of her age.

of the Lord Jesus Christ in dying for From a child she took great delight little children like me." in reading the Holy Scriptures, which

The 14th chapter of St. John was a are able to make us wise unto salvation, very favourite portion of Scripture with through faith wbich is in Christ Jesus. her, particularly, that part which treats Her mind was the subject of very early of the mansions in her Father's house. serious impressions. In her diary she With what pleasure would she talk and says, “I can never recollect the time meditate on these things! When quite when I was without some fear of offend- a child, she adds, “Since his love is so ing God. I knew that he was a holy great to little children, I will love, seek Being, and looked upon sin with abhor- and serve him, above every thing else. rence; I felt myself a sinner, but knew I will devote my future life entirely to not how to obtain pardon and favour in his service.” At this time, she adds, his sight. I thought if I attempted to

I was but little acquainted with the pray, the Lord would not hear me, be- working of hunan nature, and the decause I was such a child. I asked my ceitfulness of my evil heart. I often father if he thought the Lord would read Mr. Janeway's Token for Chilhear me if I prayed unto him? He said dren, and wept, and wished I was but he would, and also teach me how to like them.” pray; for out of the mouths of babes She was naturally fond of reading, and sucklings the Lord would perfect but her favourite books were the Pilpraise. This conversation with my fa- grim's Progress and the Bible. After ther greatly encouraged me to go on these things, she says, “I sadly went and plead for mercy, that the Lord back in religion. I endeavoured as

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much as possible to banish all serious murmuring word dropped from her lips, thoughts from my mind. I neglected but in patience she possessed her soul. private prayer, but notwithstanding all She was not able to talk niuch, but what this I could not feel myself happy: my she did say was always expressive of a conscience would become my chief tor- calm and submissive mind. She was mentor. About this time I heard Mr. not at all distressed with the fear of Chater, of Kebworth, preach from these death, but frequently said she was not words : Unto you is the word of this afraid to die. salvation sent.' The word came with a Neither was she favoured with those divine power, and I rejoiced to think transports of joy that some believers that the word of salvation should be experience; yet at times she possessed sent unto unworthy me. I resolved, in strong consolation. In two instances, the strength of the Lord, to live more during her illness, when just recovering unto his glory.”

from fainting, she observed, “O could Early in life she became a teacher in I tell you what I have enjoyed ! but I the Sunday school, and was very zea- cannot talk now, if I get better I will lous, diligent, and persevering in that tell you.” Twice she was greatly halabour of love. This was her element: rassed and dist ssed with Satan's tempshe was greatly beloved by the children, tations, but after prayer had been offerand highly esteemed by her fellow ed up to God on her behalf, the disteachers. Her conduct certainly did tress of her mind was removed, and correspond with her professed feelings she was again blessed with tranquillity and sentiments. May 19, 1822, she put and confidence. At one time when we on a public profession of the Gospel, were all hoping she would get better, being baptized by her father, in the she wrote as follows, “O my Father, name of the sacred three; but she did if thou wilt permit a worm to claim an not think baptism was a substitute for alliance with thee, and call thee my personal religion, or that because she Father; O may my late affliction be had attended to the positive command abundantly sanctified to the good of my of Christ, she was excused from other precious soul, so that it may appear to duties. No, she persevered in the ser- all around that nothing is lost in my vice of the Lord, and was always ready affliction, but the sin, and dross of my to every good work.

corruption : may a sense of thy deliverHer career, however, was not long in ing mercy, teach me humility : O may I this world : she was preparing for a never lose sight of the goodness of God mansion above. During the last three towards me, in supporting me by mani. years of her life, or nearly so, she was festing himself unto me, as He does not the subject of much pain and sickness, unto the world. I have not been fa. but her disorder did not assume any voured with those ecstacies and joys alarming symptoms until last Novem- many are favoured with, but I hope I her, when she was seized with a violent can say I felt a firm reliance on Christ, inflammation, which left us but little as my advocate before the throne of hope that her life would be spared. It God : what rock could I rest on with pleased God to bless the means used to more safety and dependence than this ? subdue the inflammation, and our hopes there is salvation in none other; thanks again revived; but no sooner did she be unto God for his unspeakable gift; appear to be a little better, than she what a mercy to have any hope that I am was taken with a distressing cough, interested in this boon, and that a compain, and sickness, which continued plete atonement has been made by with little intermission until her death. Jesus Christ for my sin. Clothed in Her disease bid defiance to all medical Redeemer's righteousness, I shall apskill: we could perceive that her ap- pear before him complete ; for no other pointed time was come, and that she garment will hide my deformity from was about to be taken from us. During the eye of divine justice. I cannot her long and distressing illness, not a come in any other character than that

of the publican—God be merciful unto long before I hope to meet you there.” me a sinner. Nor shall I, until grace She replied, “No doubt, no doubt we is perfected in glory, and this vile body shall meet there.” Her mother asked undergoes a mighty change, being made her, a few minutes before her death, if like unto the glorious body of Christ." she felt happy in Jesus? She answered, About a mouth before her death, she with a very faivt voice, “Yes ;” and was removed from her father's house soon after fell asleep in him, without a to her sister's at Oakham, but she ra- sigh or a groan. “ Blessed are the dead pidly got worse, and was so very weak that die in the Lord !" as not to be able to speak much, nor Her remains were interred the next capable of bearing much to be said to Lord's-day, in the afternoon, in the her. But when asked about the state burying-ground belouging to the Baptist of her mind, she would answer "com- church at Oakliam, and the Rev. Mr. fortable.Her father said to her, a Rance preached a funeral discourse little time before she died, “My dear, from John xiv. 1, 2; words of her own I trust you will soon be in possession of choosing. one of those mansions you have so long

J. M. OADBY. expected to enjoy; and it will not be




confine my attention, its members were in a similar state to that of the Laodiceans, neither hot nor cold. Things, bowever, be

came very discouraging. Tbe preaching of A brief Narrative of the outpouring of the the word lost its savour, and was like water

Holy Spirit on the American Israel, prin- spilt upon the ground. Few came up to cipally confined to the work of God, in Zion's solemn feasts, their harp seemed the “Union Baptist Church,” New York, hang upon the willow, and they sat down by under the pastoral charge of the Rev. the waters of Babylon to weep. Christians Samuel Eastman, as given at the conclu- mourned over the coldness of their hearts, sion of a discourse preached at Dr. Rip. God. It is true prayer meetings were apa

and their lukewarmness for the cause of pon's, Carter Lane, by Octavus Winslow.

pointed, but ouly three or four attended. The happy outpouring of God's Spirit, of the pastor became disheartened. He bewhich I hare been an interested spectator, held his labours unattended with success ; has fully verified the promise of Scripture. he thought God had no more for bim to “ And times of refreshing shall come from do in that part of his vineyard, and with the presence of the Lord.” Far heyond much sorrow, and many tears, bade his the wide Atlantic it bas pleased the Lord to people adieu and retired to a distant part of make bare bis arm, and to ride forth in the the country. Scarcely had he left them, power of his salvation. His Holy Spirit ere they consulted as to the expediency of like a mighty rushing wind, has swept over dissolving the church. But He, whose his church, and the showers of divine grace love and mercy never change, was about to have descended and watered the drooping overrule all these dispensations for their plants, and caused the seed that was sown good and his own glory. Their beloved to spring up, and bring forth fruit, some pastor had not gone far ere be felt that it twenty, some thirty, some sixty, and some was not his duty to leave his spiritual charge an hundred fold. The church of God in as it were without a shepherd, in the hour America has been peculiarly blessed. All of distress. He returned to them, and reevangelical denominations, all grades of so- commenced his labours. After his return, ciety have felt in some measure, the influ- a meeting was formed by the members of ences of the Spirit. Previous to the revival the church, to pray for a special outpouring of religion in the Church to which I shall lof the Holy Spirit. Their united prayers

reached the throne of God and brought, which are to last through the countless ages down blessings in which many will have to of eternity, when this world with all its unrejoice through a glorious eternity. This satisfying pleasures shall be consamed and special prayer meeting had not long been time shall be vo more! Last Sabbath I appointed, before the preaching of the word had the unspeakable joy of beholding my was accompanied by the power and demon- sons follow their Saviour's footsteps, and stration of the Holy Spirit. Sinners flocked as Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan, to hear the good news of salvation, and were so they were baptized in the river, confessstruck under the power of Divine Trath. ing his name being buried with him by bapMeetings for prayer and spiritual instruction tism. Conceive a fond parent's feelings if multiplied, and room could not be found to you can, when from an eminence I looked contain all who crowded to hear the sooth- below and beheld my children openly proing consolations of the gospel. Sinners fessing the name of Jesus, taking op bis were beard in every direction to cry, “ Wbat despised cross, and following him. I wept, shall I do to be saved ?” “ tell, O tell me, my beart was fall, my soul rejoiced in the where I can find him," and whilst many goodness, in the loving kindness of my God. new-born souls were praising their gracious I saw them rising and coming up out of the Redeemer whose blood bad washed them water, singing the praises of Jesus. I lookfrom their sin, others were mourning and ed on with holy delight; such happy, such weeping under a pungent conviction of their heavenly countenances, I never before beguilt and danger, and enquiring of all they held. O! it was a delightful scene! My met, “ What shall I do to be saved ?” own soul can testify, that the Lord is com. Fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, ing of a truth. It seems as if fresh strength brothers and sisters were subjects of tbis had been imparted me to gird up the loins shower of divine grace. Parents called of my mind, and set out fresh to run the upon their children to pray for them, and heavenly race. I can look back and see children their parents. Prayer meetings with mach concern how I have loitered on every night were instituted, and crowded my way; but blessed be bis holy name, to excess. Solemnity and awe pervaded every soul, and nothing seemed to break His steps I see, and I'll pursue the solemn silence, save the deep sighs and

The narrow road till him I view." often involuntary sobs of those whose hearts bled within them. Scoffers who came to believing he will at last land me safe on smile, left the place, weeping the tears of earthly course, to lay down this body of sin

Canaan's happy shore. I lo to finish my bitter repentance.

and of death, 0! it was a scene never to be forgotten by those who saw and felt it. On the first

And then away to Jesus Sabbath of the month, fourteen who had

On wings of love I'll fly! given satisfactory proofs of a genuine conversion, assembled on the banks of the The Lord in tender compassion gives me river, and made a public profession of their a glimpse of my heavenly inheritance, now faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A letter and then to encourage my spirits, and to which was written to a friend in England, cheer me on the way. by a parent whose three sons were among the happy number, and who witnessed the 0! to grace how great a debtor ! scene, may not be uninteresting.

My soul rejoices in God my Saviour, and LETTER.

my record is on bigb. New York, May 30th 1827.

“ A few more rolling years at most, “ The angels at the birth of our Saviour Will land me safe on Canaan's coast." sang 'glory to God in the highest, on earth peace and good will towards men. The 04 that you may meet me there, to spend Scripture has been fulfilled under my roof. a blessed eternity together, which God in The Lord has glorified bimself in the con- much mercy grant for Jesus sake. Amen." version of three of my sons.

He is pouring out his Spirit in such a manner, as I never

This will shew in some measure the state before saw or felt, and what I hear, see, and of the feelings and enjoyments of those who feel, has tended to confirm in my own mind, were privileged to witness and to feel this the glorious realities of the religion of Christ, glorious work. One whole family, consistand of tbat eternal world to which we are ing of eight souls, were the bappy subjects rapidly approaching. The kingdom of hea of this revival. It pleased the Lord to take ven has been brought to my dwelling and one home, who had but just been enabled to riches, and glories and honours poured in, rejoice in bis Redeeming love. She had in sweet abundance ; riches and honours but just tasted that flowing stream, she had

but just begun to lisp a Saviour's name, The Address of the Committee. when she was called to drink his love from

It has been a subjeot of deep conoern to the fountain head, and to warble in a higher the friends of revealed religion, that Salters' and nobler strain, the songs of the redeem- Hall Meeting, by a concurrence of unfaed. This glorious revival still increases, vourable circumstances, became open to the and what I have narrated is but a faint ont- parchase of the avowed advocates of infiline. It has extended throughout the whole delity. Their occupation of the place of United States. It has not been confined to worship, was, however, happily of short duDissenters only, but many have been added ration, it having recently been purchased to to the establishment, who were subjects of be again devoted to the sacred purpose for this precious work. I fear I have already which it was erected. Several gentlemen wearied your patience, but before I close, have formed a committee, to ensure the conlet me ask the question, why is it that a day stant preaching of the Gospel in this place, of pentecost is not known among you. Why which has already been commenced under do you not have a refreshing from the pre- very encouraging circamstances. It is their sence of the Lord ? Is it because he has earnest desire to raise about 9001, the amount forgotten to be gracious ? No! he is too advanced by the purchaser of this building, kind, too good to forget you. Is it because (which cost upwards of 30001.) with the all his mercy and love has been expended sole view that this central and commodious opon his American Israel ? No! he is

chapel may become public property, and be plenteous of redemption, he is full of com- vested in the hands of trustees, so that withpassion, love and mercy. The fault then is in its walls the sacred truths of the everwith you. You do not look for it, you do lasting Gospel may never again give place not expect it, you do not pray for it; how to doctrines scarcely less destractive to the then can you receive it? Do you pray for temporal than the eternal interest of man. the Holy Spirit? without his assistance you The committee feel confident that the pecucan do nothing. Remember your Heavenly liar features of the statement will ensure the Father is ready to bestow the Holy Spirit liberal support of all who are actuated with on them that ask it. Pray! O pray! my a zeal for the promotion of the Divine Glory brethren. Prayer will bring down riches and the extension of the Redeemer's kingand blessings so that there will be scarce dom. room to receive them. You cannot honour

Subscriptions will be received by W. the gooduess and the loving kindness of Bousfield, Esq. Treasurer, 12, St. Mary Axe; God more, than by earnest prayer for the M. Powell, Secretary, Hand Court, Thames influences of his Holy Spirit. I cannot urge Street; Messrs. Barclay and Co. Lombard St. this too much. There is no other blessing Messrs. Ladbroke and Co. Bank Buildings ; for which we have such great encourage- and by any of the following — ment to pray. “If ye being evil,” &c. Let the members of the church assemble

Members of the Committee. together, and with one united heart and voice beseech the Giver of all good to bless Mr. S. Bagster, 15, Paternoster Row. you with bis Spirit from on high. Let the W. Beddome, Fenchurch Street. meeting be, to pray for a special outpouring

J. Bousfield, 29, Finsbury Square. of his Holy Spirit, and that God who is now A. Bosworth, Tower Street. carrying on his work in the western world J. Deane, Jan. Fish Street Hill. will visit you, and refresh you with plen- W. B. Gurney, Essex Street, Strand. teous showers of divine grace. Amen.

J. F. Hinton, 17, Warwick Square.
M. G. Jones, St. Paul's Church Yard.
John Lowe, Leadenhall Market.

James Lowe, 30, Gracechurch Street.

J. T. Luntley, Hackney Road.
E. Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane.
P. Millard, 49, Bishopsgate Street.

T. Pewtress, Windmill Row, Camber-

well. It will be gratifying to the religious pub- J. Russell, Lant Street, Borough. lic to learn that a Committee has been S. Salter, Newgate Street. formed to raise a Fund to fix that place as Deputy Saunders, Lawrence Poantney public property in the hands of trastees.

Lane. The public worship has commenced under

The following sums have been contri . favourable circomstances, and a few indivi.

bated :duals have already contributed towards the liquidation of the debt. We hope the re

£ $. d.

21 sidae will be speedily collected, and the W. Bousfield, Esq. Treasurer blessing of God be on the undertaking.

Mr. P. Millard......


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