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J. B. Wilson, Esq.

20 0 0 publications are on sale, both to subscribers Mr. Deputy Saunders

10 10 0 at very reduced prices, and non-subscribers W. B. Gurney, Esq...

10 10 0 at a small advance. J. Gurney, Esq..

10 10 0 We feel assured that as the operations of Mr. J. Bousfield

10 10 o this institution become more fully known, Mr. S. Bagster .

10 10 0 its adaptation for extensive usefulness will Mr. Jobn Lowe...

10 10 o be more justly appreciated, and its liberal Mr. S. Salter....

10 10 0 support and encouragement will be proporMr. E. Marlborough

10 10 0 tionably augmented, J. Collins, Esq..

10 10 Mr. Alderman Scholey.

5 Mr. Alderman Venables



5 0 0 W. Flanders, Esq.

0 0 The Sunday School Union, impressed with A Lady, for the Extension of the

a deep sense of the importance of increasRedeemer's Kiugdom

5 0 oing the number of Sunday Schools to double Mr. James Lowe

5 5 o the number already in existence, and also Mr. Lepard Smith

5 5 of rendering the present schools more effiMr. M. Jones

5 5 o cient, have engaged the services of Mr. JoMr. J. F. Hinton

5 5 oseph Reed Wilson, formerly secretary of E. Edwards, Esq.

2 0 0 the Newcastle Union, to devote his whole Mr. Ridley

2 0 0 time to these important objects. Mr. WilMr. Brown

1 1 0 son commences his labours early in the E. Hanson, Esq.

1 1

o spring. P. Ellis, Esq.

1 0 0

Donations and subscriptions for this spcAn Episcopalian

1 1 0

cific purpose will be thankfully received at Mr. Woodward..

1 0 the Depository of the Sunday School Union, Mr. D. Price..


No.5, Paternoster Row. Mr. S. Wright

1 0. Mr. Fowler

1 1 0


1 1 0


1 1 0 Mr. Richardson

1 1 0 The Annual Meeting of the Society of Mr. Watkins.

1 1

0 Aged and Infirm Baptist Ministers, instiMr. T. Hall

1 1 0 tuted in Bath in 1816, will be holden at the Mr. F. Hall

1 0 vestry of the Baptist Meeting-bouse, June

11th 1828.

In the interim, the beneficiary members, BOOK SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING

annual subscribers, and congregations disGIOUS KNOWLEDGE AMONG THE Poor. posed to aid the funds of the Society by a INSTITUTED A.D. 1750.

collection, are respectfully requested to pay

their subscriptions and collections to any The Annual Meeting of this truly vene- member of the committee, who are desired rable Society was beld at the King's Head to remit all sums received on account of the in the Pvultry, on Wednesday evening, Jan- society, to the Rev.J.P. Porter, Bath. uary 16, the Rev. Rowland Hill, A. M. in The committee avail themselves of this the chair. The resolutions were proposed occasion, to suggest to their brethren in the and seconded by the Rev. W. B. Williams, ministry, who are members of this society, A.M. G. Pritchard and T. James, and by particularly those who have neglected to Messrs. Pilcher, Samuel Wilson, Bacon make a collection on the bebalf of the soand Edwards.

ciety, that if each of them would make a We are happy in having an opportunity collection (either public or private,) though to state, that this valuable Institution, wbich the sams (individually) were small, the aghas existed more than three quarters of a gregate would be a valuable accession to century, and during that period has been the comfort of the aged and infirm, as one extensively, but perhaps too silently, dif-half of such collections would be immesusing its benevolent influence, is now more diately divided among the venerable claimprominently appearing in the attractive ants. ranks of those kindred exertions by wbich The beneficiary members entitled to claim the day in which we are privileged to live on the funds of the society (those who claimis so mercifully distinguished.

ed last year as well as others,) are reThis Society has just removed its De- minded that their claims must be in the pository from-King's Arms Yard, to No.19, hands of the secretary, on or before the 9th Paternoster Row, where its select and pious of May, or they cannot be attended to. And



those of them who retain the pastoral office, fact, relating to the descent, language, ousmust accompany their application with a toms, numbers, form of government, mode eertificate from their respective churches, of subsistence, social intercourse, moral that they retain such office (notwithstand. habits, religious sentiments, prejudices and ing their claims on the society,) with the observances, or aught else not included in consent of the majority of the members pre- either of these particulars, that will throw sent at a Church-meeting, held by public light on the history and present condition notice for the especial purpose of giving of this semi-barbarooz race, they are resuch certificate.

quested to communicate it (if practicable

in a frank) to the committee for the benefit P.S. In the last eight years the society of the Gypsies, Anspach House, Southhas distributed among aged and infirm mi- ampton. nisters 10851. besides fanding 23101. in the new four per cents.





On Tuesday evening, April 22, a sermon was preached at Salters' Hall Meeting House

A new Baptist Church was formed in by the Rev. Isaiah Birt, on behalf of this Society, when the importance and excel- Shrewsbury, Feb. 28th, 1828. The service

commenced in the morning at half-past ten, lency of the Institution were advocated by the venerable preacher with mach ability gaged in prayer. In the afternoon, after

wben several ministers and brethren enand affection.

On the following day the Society held the introductory services of singing, readtheir Public Meeting at Albion Hall. w. ing and prayer, sixteen persons were soNapier, Esq. in the Chair. The Report lemnly united in church fellowship. Fir

teen of these bad, some time before, apbeing read by the Secretary, the following plied for, and received their dismission from gentlemen addressed the meeting. Rev. Messrs. Pritchard, Woolacott, w. the Old Church, now ander the pastoral

care of the Rev. M. Kent, and one from the Shenston, J. Peacock, J. B. Shenston, Mileham, &c. Also Messrs. Ridley, Wilkinson,

second Baptist church in Brosely. After

one of the friends had given a very interest. Melnish, Watson, Penny, &c. From the Report it appears that since the ing and satisfactory relation of the circum

stances which led to the formation of this last Public Meeting the Society have relieved twenty-five needy churches to the union, Mr. Sayer of Wrexham, offered amount of 16651. and that nine others have very solemn and fervent prayer on their be

balf; and Mr. Cook of Oswestry, then dethe sum of 6301. voted, to be sent as soon as

livered an affectionate address from Psalm the Treasurer shall possess the necessary cxxxiii. 1; and Mr. Gough of Wem, who Within the short space

of three years the Society have sent to 55 country concladed this interesting service with

had supplied them the preceding Sunday, churches the sum of 41051. which is more

prayer. than equal to 50001. upon the former plan of collecting, and that without the pain and Brosely preached from John ix, 27; and

Met in the evening, when Mr. Jones of inconvenience of worthy ministers leaving Mr. Sayer of Wrexham from Luke xvii. 5. their people and their families, and of mer

These services were numerously attended, chants and gentlemen being interrupted in


very considerable interest was evidently their necessary and urgent concerns. With

cited. such facts as these hefore them, the Society ought to thank God, take courage, and go tion assemble for divine worship in the

This newly formed church and congregaforward.

Castleforegate, a suburb, containing a popaJ. HARGREAVES, Sec.

lation of many thousands, near to which no place for worship has ever been erected, so that the spiritual condition of a great ma

jority of the inhabitants is truly deplorable, A deep feeling of interest has been ex- really perishing for lack of knowledge. The cited in the minds of some benevolent per-| late beloved and laborious minister of the sons in Southampton, on behalf of the gospel, Mr. J. Palmer, earnestly desired and Gypsies, and a sub-committee has been ap- made many unsuccessful attempts to accompointed to obtain information respecting plish what has now taken place under cirthat long neglected, ignorant, and immoral cumstances of a very encouraging nature. people.

The place will seat about 180, but it is to If our readers are in possession of any be regretted that many, frequently, are


under the necessity of rettring for want of | re-opened, after the erection of a spacious accommodation.

gallery and other improvements. A church being now planted in this place, At 7 o'clock on the above evening, pubwe trust many will be constrained to say, lic worship commenced by reading the

we will go with you, for we perceive that Scriptures and prayer, by brother E: Oliver God is with you of a truth.”

of Pen-y-cae.

Brethren J. Michael, Sion Chapel, and D.D. Evads, Pont-rhyd-yr-yn

(late of Caermarthen) preached 1 Tim. i. 8. POLLY CROSS, DEVON,

and Acts iv. 11. On Wednesday, the 26th of Dec. 1827, Thursday, the 10th. Brother H. Jones, a Church of the Particular Baptist denomi- late student at Bradford Academy, was nation was formed at Folly Cross, in the ordained pastor over the church assembling Parish of Shebbear, Devon, consisting of in the above chapel. At 9 A.M. brother twenty-one members, and Mr. Thorne (hy W. Thomas, Blaenau, read and prayed; browhose pious and laborious exertions this ther D. Phillips, Caerleon, delivered the cause has been raised), was ordained as introductory discourse, asked the usual questheir pastor. Mr. Metters of Sheepwash be- tions, and received Mr. Jones's confession gan the service with reading and

of faith. Brother D. Roberts, Trosnant,

prayer. Mr. May of Croyde, described the nature of offered up the ordination prayer. Dr. Steada Christian church; Mr. Aveline of Bara- man delivered the charge from 1 Tim. iv.6. staple, formed the church, and prayed over and brother D. Saunders of Merthyr adthe deacons ; Mr. May asked the usual dressed the church from 1 Tim. v. 17. questions, and received Mr. Thorn's confes- Met again at 2 P. M. Brother W. Rision of faith ; Mr. Lyle of Brayford prayed chards, Penyrheol prayed ; brother D.D. the ordination prayer; Mr. Pulsford of Tor-1 Evans preached in English from 1 John rington addressed the pastor from Col.i. 28. iii. 20 ; and brother E. Jones, Castletown in Mr. Avelide addressed the church from 1 Welsh from 1 Thess. v. 23, 24. AssemThess. v. 12, 13; and Mr. Facy of Muck- bled at six in the evening, brother E. Proworthy concluded with prayer. Appro- bert of Eastcombes prayed ; Dr. Steadman priate hymns were read by Mr. Veysey of preached from Heb. xiii. 8 ; and brother Torrington. This was a most interesting ser- J.P. Davies, Tradagar, followed in Welsh vice, which we trust will long be remem- from 1 John iii. 8. bered with gratitude and praise. Mr. Thorne is a most worthy man, who labours hard throughout the week to support a large fa- UNICORN YARD, SOUTHWARK. mily, and on the Lord's day generously walks twenty miles and preaches three

Ou, Thursday, January the 31st, Mr. times, for which it can scarcely be said George Gibbs was publicly set apart to the that he receives any thing : an object more

pastoral office, over the Particular Baptist worthy of the benevolent regard of the re- Church, assembling for divine worship in ligious public can bardly be found.

Unicorn Yard, Southwark, when the fol. lowing ministers were engaged. The Rev.

Dr. Newman of Stepney began by reading DOWNTON COMMON.

1 Tim. iii. and prayer.

The Rev. Isaac

Mann, M.A. stated in a very luminous manOn Tuesday the 11th of March last, was

ner the nature of a Gospel charch, advoopened at Downton Common near Lyming-cated the principles of Dissent, proposed ton, Hants, a small Baptist Chapel. Bro- the public recognition of the church and ther Marsell of Lymington began the ser- pastor, and asked the usual questions. The vice by reading and prayer. Brother Ni- Rev. Thomas Price of Devonshire Square, cholls late of Bristol Academy, (who is offered up the intermediate prayer. The about to leave this country for Jamaica as Rev. Isaiah Birt, late of Birmingbam, dea Missionary,) preached from Matt. xviii.20. livered with his usual pathos, a most affecand brother Turquand of Milford concluded. tionate and impressive discourse from Gal. In the evening brother Hall of Lyndhurst vi. 18. “ Brethren, may the grace of our read and prayed. Brother Gill of Sopley Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. preached from Isaiah liii. 10 ; and brother Amen." And the Rev, Richard Davis conNicholls concluded.

The services were cluded in prayer. truly interesting, and the attendance crowd.

The whole service was highly interesting, ed. O Lord, send now prosperity.

and the place was upcommonly crowded. Among the many ministers and members of

other churches who were present, there apBLAENAVON.

peared to be but one feeling, that the divine On Wednesday, April 9th, Ebenezer blessing might attend the solemn services Chapel, at Blaenavon, Monmouthshire was of the day, and crown both the pastor and

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the people with the speoial tokens of bis , Bradford Academy, with his usual perspi. presence and favour.

cuity and force, addressed the church from Heb. xiii. 17. Mr. Griffiths of Meltham

concluded. REDRUTH.

The evening service was opened by Mr. On March 26, 1828. Mr. B. Beddow, Yeadon of Norsforth, after which Mr. New late of Cozeley, was publicly recognized as

of Loughborough preached a very able and pastor of the Particular Baptist Church at appropriate sermon from Zech. iv. 16. Redruth. Mr. May of Queen Street, Pen

The services altogether were highly inzance, read the Scriptures and offered an

teresting. It was a day long to be rememintroductory prayer. Mr. Barchell of Fal- bered. The chapel was crowded to excess, mouth explained the nature and constitution yet numbers failed of obtaining admittance. of a Gospel church. Mr. Lane of Helston

The ordination services are preparproposed the usual questions, received the ing for the press, and will shortly be pubconfession of faith, and implored the divine

lished. blessing on the union of the pastor and people. Mr. Clarke of Truro addressed the minister from 2 Cor. v. 19, “and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation." In our Number for August last, we stated In the evening, Mr. Shoveller of Jordan that this place of worship was assigned by Chapel, Penzance, delivered a discourse to the lessees, to seven persons, in trust for the church from 1 Thess. v. 12, 13.

the use of the church and congregation ; The services of the day were interesting we have now to inform our readers that and solemn. The union has been formed this agreement having been considered deunder very pleasing circumstances, and the fective, a deed has been prepared, and duly prospects of usefulness are encouraging. executed, by which the chapel is vested in

the names of the Rev. C. T. Mileham, J. Dyer, and five other gentlemen in trust for

the church and congregation. On Tuesday, Sept. 11th 1827, Mr.J.C.

The erection of the chapel five years ago, Norgrove, late of Madley, Herefordshire, cost about eight hundred pounds. By the was publicly recognized as the pastor of minister relinquishing his claim to two thirds the Baptist Church, Sodbury, Gloucester of the seat rents, the liberal donation of shire. Rev. Mr. Thomas of Wotton-under-one hundred pounds from an individual, edge, delivered an impressive introductory and various subscriptions and collections, discourse from Luke i. 32. Rev. T. Win- principally from the church, and congregater of Bristol addressed the pastor and tion, and the immediate neighbourhood, (exchurch in a very affectionate and appro

cepting the sum of 201.) Four hundred priate manner from 2 Cor. xiï. 11. « Be pounds have been paid off the debt, so that perfect,” &c. and Rev. Mr. Shakspear of there now remains appaid four hundred Hillsley, and Winter led the devotional ser

pounds, for which sum the trustees have vices.

become jointly and severally liable.

They ventore therefore, to make their

case known, and to hope, that as their pasSHIPLEY, YORKSHIRE.

tor has engaged to solicit the assistance of

the friends of the Redeemer, their appeal On Tuesday, Jan. 1st 1828, Mr. James will not be made in vain. Edwards, late of Bradford Academy, was

As eighty pounds are expected to be set apart to the pastoral office of the Bap- paid very shortly, the Church bave resolved tist Church, Shipley, Yorkshire, formerly to have their Anniversary (see advertiseunder the pastorate of the Rev. I. Mano, ment,) rather earlier this year than usual, 'A.M. vow of Maze Pond, London. Mr. and hope the friends to the cause of Christ Scott of Colne introduced the services by will assist them on that occasion. The reading the Scriptures and prayer. Mr. J. church think it right to state, that Mr. Acworth, A.M. of Leeds, in a temperate Mileham has accepted the pastoral office, and lucid discourse, illustrated and justified and has engaged to devote two thirds of the the principles of dissent, and afterwards re- salary towards the discharge of the debt ceived Mr. Edwards's confession of faith. while it remains unpaid. Dr. Steadman offered the ordination prayer, accompanied with imposition of hands, and delivered a most weighty and affectionate charge from 1 Tim. iv. 16. Mr. Saunders

MARIE-LA-BONNE, PORTSEA. of Haworth concluded with prayer.

On Friday, April 4, 1828, Mr. Charles In the afternoon, Mr. Thompson of Hali- Cakebread was set apart to the pastoral fax, and Mr. Godwin, Classical Tutor of office over the church recently formed in


Marie-la-borne, Portsea. The ordination On Whit Monday, May 26th, the Annual took place in the chapel in Meeting-louse Sermon to Young People, will be preached Alley, the use of wbich was kindly granted at the chapel, Lower Street, Islington, by on the occasion. Mr. Tilly commenced the the Rev. J. Yockney. Service to commence morning service by reading the Scriptares at half-past six o'clock. and prayer. Mr. Neave delivered the iu. The Anniversary of the Baptist Chapel, troductory discourse and asked the usual Wellington Place, Stoke Newington Road, questions. Mr. Birt (Mr. Cakebread's late will be held by divine permission, on Whit pastur) offered the ordination prayer, and Tuesday, May 27, 1828. The Rev. F. A. (in the absence of Mr. Miall through indis- Cox, LL.D. will preach in the morning; the position,) delivered a very impressive charge Rev. I. Mann, M.A. in the afterudon ; and to the minister from 2 Cor. iv. 5. Mr. Sho- the Rev. H. F. Burder, M.A. in the evening. veller concluded the service.

After each sermon a collection will be made The sermon to the church was delivered to assist in liquidating the debt due on the in the evening by Mr. Morris, from 1 Thes. chapel. v. 12, 13. Messrs. Clay, Arnot and Head- The Bristol Association will be held at den conducted the devotional parts of the Salisbury, on the Wednesday and Thursday service, the whole of which was particularly in the Whitsun week; when the brethren, interesting.

Hall of Bristol, Winterbotham of Short, The church in Marie-la-bonne was formed wood, and Newman of Frome, are expected about two months since, and consists of to preach. forty members, most of whom did belong The next Meeting of the Baptist Asso; to Meeting-house Alley Church, but living ciation for part of the Western District, in the neighbourhood of Marie-la-bonne, will be held at Crewkerne, on the Wednes. they were cheerfully dismissed for the pur- day and Thursday in the Whitsan week, pose of forming the new church. The gos- The brethren Singleton, Baynes, and Kilpin pel has been preached in this place for about are appointed to preach. twenty-eight years, and great good bas re- The next General Meeting of the Assosalted from it, and now there is a church ciated Baptist Churches in the County of formed, and a valuable minister settled over Essex, is appointed to be held at Earl's it, the prospeets of usefnlness are most en- Colne, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 20th couraging.

and 21st of May, 1829. The Members of the Committee are requested to meet at eleven o'clock on the Tuesday, to proceed

to transact business precisely at twelve. The Society for the Promotion of Perma- There will be a public service in the Meet: nent and Universal Peace, will hold their ing House, at three o'clock. In the evenAnnual Meeting at Albion Hall, London ing, at six o'clock, there will be another Wall, on Tuesday evening. May the 20th. public service, Mr. Pilkington to preach, The Chair to be taken at half-past six o'clock and a collection to be made at the doors. precisely.

Wednesday morning, six o'clock, public The next Meeting of the Northampton- prayer meeting. Half-past ten, public sershire Association of Baptist Churches, is vice, Mr. Wilkinson to preach, and after the intended to be held at this place on Taes- sermon, the letters from the churches are to day and Wednesday the 27th and 28th of be read : a collection will be made at the May.

doors at the close of the service. The puncThe next Annual Meeting of the York- tual attendance of a minister and messenger shire and Lancashire Association of Baptist from each of the churches, at this Meeting, Churches, will be held at Hebden Bridge, is most urgently reqnested. The present on the Wednesday and Thursday in Wbit- state of the Association is such as to call son week. The brethren Fisher, Scott, and for the most strenuous efforts on the part of S. Saunders to preach. On the preceding its friends, since, unless much greater exTuesday there will be a Missionary meeting ertion is manifested on behalf of its object, at Halifax. Mr. Saunders of Liverpool is the support of Village Preaching," it will expected to preach in the afternoon, the he impossible for those who are entrusted public meeting in the evening.

with the management of the Institution to The Backinghamshire Association of Bap- act with efficiency.-N.B. Pat up at the tist Churches, will be held at Princes Mis- Lion. borough, on Wednesday, May 14th. Preachers, Messrs. Tomlin, Allom, and Statham.

PUBLIC MEETINGS IN MAY, 1828, The Society for the Relief of Aged and Infirm Protestant Dissenting Ministers, will With Names of the Chairmen or Preachers., hold their Annual Meeting at the King's 1. Even. 62. Wesleyan Missionary Sow Head in the Poultry, on Tuesday the 27th ciety, Annual Sermon, City Road Chapel, of May, at one o'clock.

Rev. James Dixon.


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