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presence of about sixteen persons. This , at Raynahomana in the wilds of the parish of man came to my cottage after mass yester- Feacle for five successive days. Many day, accompanied by two of the men who sheets of paper could not contain the full had heard my former discourse with him ; account of various conversations and im. Stephen Ryan and Anthony M‘Namara hap- pressions that appeared to be made on sepened to be with me before they came, averal persons in the various parts in which few other Romanists came in after them, I travelled since my last. M. Bushe, and sarely we had a warm debate on the errors of the Church of Rome for about From the Rev. S. Davis to the Secretaries, three hours. I could write volumes.

Clonmel, April 9, 1828.

From a Sabbath Reader.

I RETURNED from Cork yesterday, and

found a letter from Mr. West which, states Ballyboy Scariff, March 11, 1828.

that the committee wish me to visit Wales Rev. SIR,

for them. I shall do cheerfully as desired, I HAVE exerted myself in every possible and have no doubt of plenty of labour, way since my last, to spread abroad the though not perhaps the same profit as in knowledge of the blessed gospel of the grace Cork, which is rather more than on any

Scotland. I have collected 241. 9s. in of God amongst my own poor spiritually former occasion. I preached two Sabbaths misguided countrymen. M'C. the curate, I understand, gives lectures every night in at Mr. Burnetts, and the Baptists sbat up the chapel of Scariff, since the commence their place to attend there. A lady who ment of Lent, and as I am told by numbers had no money put her brooch into the plate, of his own flock, not a night does he let and her husband afterwards gave me a sopass without exclaiming against the readers vereign for it. Our assizes are going for. of the Trish Scriptures, and peremptorily ward here. You can scarcely conceive such charging and commanding bis flock not to

a state of society as is developed at them. buy or sell, speak or have any sort of deal. If the Christian Philanthropists of Britain ing with such enemies their pure and

could see our state, they would drain their holy church. I have lately bad a very in- purses to help our exertions. teresting night in Tbomondgate. Fifteen per.

S. DAVIS. sons present from various parts of the country; they approved of my conversation, and

CONTRIBUTIONS. expressed themselves thankful. At Clounty I read three chapters in two houses in the

Received by Mr. Burls. native language : these people have always Thomas Key, Esq. Water Ful. £ d. the greatest welcome for me, and though


100 the priest has frequently warned them against Howarth, by Miles Oddy, Esq. me, yet they seem to take no notice of his Rev. W. Nichols, Collingham 1 1 anti-scriptural commands. I have visited A Friend at Laverton...

0 Rahien in the parish of Tomgrany, and read East Dereham, by Rev. J. Wilportions of the Irish Scriptures to a family,

liams and several others who paid every imagin- Rugby Female Penny Society.. 0 able attention. The woman of the house Bewdley, by Rev. G. Brooks expressed a hope that what they then heard Received by Mr. Ivimey. would be the means of preventing her husband in future from cursing and swearing Mr. John Deakin, Birmingham,

Rev. Mr. Murch, Stepney .... 1 as he was always in the habit of doing, and that what she then heard did her heart more Donation from Do.....


5 good than all the Masses she ever heard, and added that priests were the greatest Erratum.-In the last Chronicle, for Mrs. robbers that ever she knew ; that the priest Ferair, read Mrs. Ferney. had charged her 25, 2d. for anointing her little boy, and would not leave the bouse Subscriptions received by W. Burls, Esq. till she was forced to pay him. Nothing 56, Lothbury, Treasurer; Rev. J. Ivimey, 57, could surpass the expressions of gratitude Devonshire Street, Queen Square ; and Rev. of the poor people in the mountains of Ca- G. Pritchard, 16, Thornhaugh Street, Secrepabawn, for three visits I paid them ; also taries.

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NOTICE. The Treasurers of Auxiliary Societies, and other friends who may have Monies in hand on account of the Society, are respectfully reminded that the Treasurer's account for the year will close on the 1st of June, which renders it necessary that all payments intended to appear in the Appendix to the next Report, should be made in the course of the present month. It is requested that the respective accounts may be sent, properly balanced, to the Secretary, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, accompanied by the lists of Subscribers, &c. in alphabetical order. Due attention to this Notice will prevent delay in the closing of the Society's accounts, and consequently facilitate the early publication of the Report.

The Annual Sermons for the Society will be preached, Providence permitting, on Wednesday, June 18, and the Annual Meeting held, as usual, on the following day. Full particulars of the respective services will

appear in our next Number.

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Day of the Month.





The preceding sketch will enable our

readers to form an idea of the numbers who FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. hear the gospel in our Bengalee chapels in

Calcutta, in the course of a month, from a CALCUTTA,

single missionary. The sketch is for the

month of May, and the numbers put down, From the “ Auxiliary Mission- we are informed, are uniformly under, ra

tban overrated. ary Herald,” for June 1827.

The numbers here put down amount, it may be seen, to rather more than a thou

sand, It should be remembered, however, Chapels.

that these do not include all that entered the chapel during the time of service, but only those who were present at the time of cal.

culation; and that by successive departures 1 Wellington Square,

60 70 3

the congregations were repeatedly renewed. itpore Road,

3 60

Let us add to this estimate, also, the num4 Bow Bazar,


ber wbich may be supposed to bear the 7 Wellington Square,


gospel from other missionaries in Calcutta 8 Ditto,


and its immediate vicinity; and the sum 10 Chitpore Road,


total amounts to a large aggregate. 11 Bow Bazar,


From the above statement it is evident, 16 Armenian Bazar,


that a knowledge of the gospel is spreading 22 Wellington Square,

40 40 23 Armenian Bazar,


among the inhabitants of this metropolis, to

an extent not generally imagined. Such 24 Jaun Bazar,


being the fact, we may confidently expect, 25 Hat Kbolah,


that before many years have rolled away, 27 Chitpore Road,


a grand and happy revolution in the senti28 Jaun Bazar,


ments and conduct of this idolatrous people 29 Wellington Square, 40 60

will have been produced. To this anticipa30 Armenian Bazar,


tion it may be objected, that bitherto con31 Chitpore Road,

25 30

versions to Christianity have been very few.

Should this be admitted, we must confess, 358 700

that with us this objection has little or no


weight: whether we reason a priori or a guilty thing was done? To this question posteriori, our conclusions must be the he seemed unable to reply, and immediately

As we can frequently determine by left the place. the nature and structure of an engine, what 27th. - Lord's-day. Conducted Native the effect will be when it is put into opera- worship in the morning as usual at Choy. tion, so we may with equal certainty con- tim's little chapel. A man and his wife, clude, from the nature of the gospel, that who have long appeared serious enquirers, error and wickedness cannot long maintain were present and very attentive. I was the ascendancy wherever it is faithfully much interested with the account the man promulgated. But we are not left to rea- gives of himself. He appears to have been son from the principles of the gospel only: for many years “ groping after God, if haply its effects demonstrate its power. By the he might find him ;” and with the hope of preaching of the cross, whole nations of discovering the way of salvation has been heathens, both in ancient and moderu times, various and expensive journies to Jaggerhave relinquished idolatry, and acknow- nath, Gya, Benares, &c. He acknowledges, ledged Christ as their Lord and Saviour. however, that the nearer be approached any In its effects, it indeed resembles those pre- place of reputed sanctity, the more depraved dicted of the stone cut from the mountain be found the inhabitants ; and so seems till without hands, (Dan. ii. 34.) and is un- lately, when his attention was called to doubtedly the same. Shall we then for a Christianity, to have despaired of obtaining moment suppose, whatever discouraging cir. the object of bis search. The attention shewn cumstances may at present exist, that ido- by the missionaries to the Native Chris. latrous India will effectually resist its ope- tians, and the kindness of the latter to each rations ? Let the word of God be perse other, seem to have first satisfied him that veringly, extensively, and purely preached, the religion they prosessed was divine; and and the conversion of the Hindoos is cer- reminded me forcibly of the Saviour's detain."

claration, “ By this shall all men know that

ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to Extracts from the Journal of a Missionary

another." resident in Calcutta.

29th.—Tuesday afternoon. Having inti.

mated to the people that my discourse was May 22.–Tuesday morning, while preach- finished, I proposed myself ready to coning at Wellington Square, a Mussulman, a verse with any that desired to be further native of Upper Hindoostan, perhaps an informed on the subject that had been disAffghan, came in, wbo after listening for a cussed. Upon this two respectable looking while, thus commenced a conversation. Why Hindoos came forward and said, “ We wish could not Mahomet as well as Christ pre- to make some enquiries, but would rather serve us from sin, and fioally present us do it in a private manner, that we may not faultless before the throne of God ? M. be disturbed by the people.” In compliBecause, when he was tempted, he was un- ance with their wish, I ordered the door to able to preserve himself from sin. Mus. be shot, and requested the people to leave Pray, what sin was Mahomet guilty of? M. the place; but some, finding that others He was guilty of falsehood, adultery, and were about to remain for conversation, remurder. Mus. With what falsehoud is he quested permission to remain also, promischargeable ? M. With publishing to the ing to take no part in it, but to sit and hear world that he was a prophet, and that the in silence; and when the two mentioned inKoran was brought to him from heaven by dividuals objected, saying, They will certhe angel Gabriel. Mus. With wbom did tainly not remain quiet, a person with folded he commit adultery? M. With Zeinab, hands begged of them that he might be perthe wife of Zeid, and others that I might mitted to hear, and added, if the words you mention. Mus. On what occasion did he wish to hear are good, let us also hear, that commit murder? M. On many, in all the we may be benefited, and if we do any battles which he fought to establish a false thing to interrupt you, then send us away, religion, and the blood of all the slain lies To this the two enquirers consented, and at his door. My opponent denied the truth commenced in the following manner. Hayof my first charge, bat admitted the two ing investigated our Shasters, and found others, yet denied the guilt of them, ivas- them full of contradictions, we cannot are much as Mahomet acted by the permission rive at any certain knowledge respecting and command of God. I then asked him, oor condition after death : does that event if there was any harmony between the Biblé annibilate us, or does the soul survive it, and Koran. Mus. No, because the Scrip. and in what state ? M. At death, the soul tures which you now possess have been enters the world of spirits, where it will altered. M. Can you point out the parts remain till the end of this world, when God in the Bible which have been altered, the will raise the body to life again, and reanite time when, and the persons by whom this it to the soul ; immediately after which,

we shall, with all the universe, be placed Meeting this evening, at Circular Road cbaat the judgment-seat of Christ, to hear the pel. Brothren Robinson and Hill prayed, sentence of God respecting our everlasting and brother Mack gave the address. destiny, either to dwell with him in eternal June 5.--Our monthly Missionary breakbappiness, or be driven into interminable fast this morning, as usual, at eight, prewoe. Eng. How can the resurrection of ceded by social prayer meeting at seven. On the body be possible, which must, after so account of the excessive heat in returning, many years, have been entirely mingled with very few of our brethren can attend during the dust, and scattered in many places ? the hot months. Brethren G.Pearce, Schmid, M. With God all things are possible. He and Thomas engaged in prayer, and we read made us at the first from the dust, and can- as usual extracts from Innes's Christian not he do the like again? A goldsmith can Ministry, a most excellent volume, presentalloy the precious metal, and he can also ed us by the committee at home. We find separate the minutest particles from the these social meetings of Missionary brethren earth ; and cannot God collect the dust of of various denominations, very cheering and our bodies, and recompose it into laman productive of much friendly feeling and conform ? This reply seemed to obviate their duct. difficulties, and excite their pleasure. After June 6.--Native Church Meeting this some further conversation, they all left the evening. One of our Native brethren, who chapel, promising, however, soon to resume bad been guilty of theft, was restored, on their enquiries.

his manifesting deep repentance for his conJune 2.-During the past week the small duct, and his cheerfully offering, under a pox has continued to be very destructive, sense of his sin, to restore double what he both among Europeans and Natives. Many had stolen. Poor Paunchoo's case deferred of the former who had been inoculated, for final decision till next Wednesday, vaccinated, or even bad the disease in the June 9.-Brother Carapeit this morning nataral way, have been again attacked by conducted the worship, which for the last 18 it, and some have died; and among the mouths has been occasionally held at our Natives the mortality near Calcutta las house, for the benefit of the Printing Office been excessive. In several of our Female servants; about twenty-five (one third of the Native Schools, one in foar have died of it, number employed) were present. The atand almost the whole have been ill them- tendance of all is perfectly optional, and I selves, or had to attend their relatives at have been more than once much encouraged tacked with it ; so that their progress has by the desire expressed by some iu particu. been greatly retarded by their absence from Jar to attend this and other services more freschool. Pujaree, a most interesting little quently. girl of six years old, and one of only two June 10.-Lord's Supper administered to scholars we have been able to procure for the Native church by brother Carapeit. the Asylum, has also fallen a victim! What Eleven communicants, four serious en diligence and zeal are required of mission- quirers, with eight or ten others, less hopearies in this country particularly, who, stand-ful, were present. After the service, we ing between the dead and the living, are had a long conversation with the Native called to see such numbers “carried away brethren on religious subjects, wbich gave as with a flood” to that world where they me great pleasure. I feel happy in the are for ever placed beyond the reach of persuasion, that some at least of our dear their instructions !

Native members are growing in knowledge June 3.-Baboo Ram and his family have and in grace, and that in due time we may ing returned from Bhaugalpore, bringing hope to have their number increased by the with them a young Mussulman, who pro- addition of such as shall be saved. Not. fesses a wish to find the way of life, and withstanding our heavy trials, we bless God there being several other strangers present, that on the whole the Native church appears my congregation was larger than usual. The in a reviving state, to which we think the

“Worthy art thou, &c. for thou observation of a day of fasting and prayer, bast redeemed us to Gud by thy blood, out three weeks ago, has greatly contributed, of every kindred and tongue, and people, and O Lord, we beseech thee, send now pros. nation,” was my text, and received an inter- perity," estiog illustration from the members of the congregation, among whom were one or more Hindoos, Mussulmans, Mughs, and Portu

MONGHYR. guese, addressed by myself, an Englishman. То my great joy the Native brethren appeared

We are happy to state that a more interested than usual, aud asked many letter bas lately been received from appropriate questions on the subject of dis

Mr. Leslie, which gives an encouJune 4.--Monthly Missionary Prayer raging account of the improve

new song,



he says, “

ment in his health, which had en- subjoined extract of a letter from Dr. J. on abled him to engage more fre- the death of his only daughter, six months

after that of Mrs. j. will doubtless prove quently in his missionary labours interesting to our readers. than ever before. At the date of

Another tie that bound me to earth is this letter (Nov. 16.) he was re- severed, and my darling Maria lies by the turning from a visit of a few weeks side of my beloved Ann. They were sepa

rated from one another, six months preto Calcutta and Serampore, where

cisely. The mother's eyes were closed on he had left all well. He called the 24th of October, and the child's on the at Cutwa on his way home, where, 24th of April following. my expectations were

Brother Boardman is settling bimself at fully realized in the steady pro-fal whether Amberst will become the seat

Maullaming for the present. We are doubtgress of the Mission there.”

of government, and a place of sufficient
work, to be an eligible mission station. One
native woman, wife of a French trader from

Rangoon, bas lately been baptized, and we

have a few hopeful enquirers.

Bat my heart is in the grave. O that I From the Auxiliary Missionary could transfer it thence to heaven. The Herald for August, we copy the top of the little enclosure which contains following article respecting the In- the wreck of all I beld most dear on earth, fant Mission in this empire, be- and the Hope tree, under which they rest in

bope, are visible from the window of my longing to our American Baptist room. How can I sit composed and happy, brethren.

and prosecute my usual studies, and my mis

sionary work? “ We noticed in our number for March, the departure of the Rev. G. Boardman, • Beyond the bills, beyond the seas, American missionary, to join his brethren Oh for the pinions of a dove, in the Burmah country. We are now happy Ob for the morning's wing, to flee to state, that he has arrived in safety, and Away, and be with them we love." taken up his residence at Maullaming, a military station, distant from Amherst town The Hope tree stands at the head of the about twelve miles, which promises to be graves ;-but it looks towards heaven, and an eligible statiou for his permanent abude. lifts up its branches amid the storms of this

By the last intelligence from Dr. Price, tempestuous region, not drooping over the at Ava, we leary, that his school for the sleeping, mouldering tenauts of the tomb. children of the Barmese nobility prospers I would fain be like the Hope tree, and beyond his expectations. His scholars, be look towards heaven ; bat Faith is weak, remarks, learn very fast, and the king is and her eye frequently bedimmed by the much pleased, although he has been re- tears of grief, and distempered by conscious peatedly made to know that the Bible is sin.” the chief school-book. One of the youths is very desirous of possessing a copy of Rees's Cyclopædia, and has commissioned Dr. Price to expend Rs. 800 for that ob

KINGSTON. ject. In conducting this seminary, the labours of our brother are rather heavy, es

The following account of the pecially as his health is far from being good. daily school at Kingston, under He is under the necessity of copying for the care of Mr. Knibb, contained every additional papil, some part at least of | in a letter from himself to the Sean English and Buripan dictionary, which he has compiled. To save bimself this se

cretary, cannot fail to interest the vere tax upon bis time and strength, as

friends of the rising generation. well as provide the Burmans with an im- It is dated Kingston, Jan. 12, portant work, he is desirous of getting it

1828:printed, which we hope he will soon be able to accomplish.

“ During the whole of the past year, the Dr. Judson and Mr. Wade are at present average attendance of the children has been pursuing their labours at Amherst town; equal to what an English school would have but as the retention of this station by the presented, which is to me a peculiarly pleasBritish still remains a matter of doubt, their ing incident. When I first came here, my final settlement there is uncertain. The mind was continually fretted with the care

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