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THE Proprietors of the Athenæum cannot permit their first Volume to go into the world without expressing their gratitude for the encouragement with which the work has been honoured, and which equals their highest expectations. Without detracting from the merits of several of their fellow-labourers in the task of providing monthly entertainment for the reading public, they will venture to indulge sanguine hopes that the Athenæum will become peculiarly distinguished as a literary publication, by the value of the contributions, as well of its occasional correspondents, as of the writers who have engaged to furnish regular supplies in their several departments. They beg leave, however, to observe, that as a considerable space will always be reserved for voluntary communications, it will be in the power of the friends and supporters of the work to render it, in a good measure, what they chuse to make it, that is, within the limits of liberal and useful discussion. The information given, the suggestions thrown out, the investigations entered upon, in such contributions, will naturally give the tone to that portion of the work; and the subjects started in one communication will be the parents of others of a similar kind. It will be the conductor's business to arrange the matter so as to produce an agreeable and instructive variety; and he will continue, as he has hitherto done, to exercise his selecting office with his best judgment, and with all possible impartiality.


With respect to the general plan of the Miscellany, they consider it as sufficiently sanctioned by the public approbation to preclude any material change. They will, however, always pay due attention to hints for its improvement; and although they wish to avoid embracing such a multiplicity of objects as must necessarily produce a very superficial survey of each, they would unwillingly reject any promising source of additional entertain


Animated by past favours, and happy in the prospect of increased resources for their future exertions, they close their first half-year's labour, and chearfully prepare for its renewal.

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