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for the fhelter or affiftance they may receive; and that no English whatever, or any of their fervants, (though not English) fhall be liable to pay the tax, impofed upon the Emperor's fubjects, called the poll tax.

V. That the fifteen articles of peace, made and concluded between King George the First, and Muli Ifmael, are hereby agreed to and confirmed with his Majefty King George the Second, as good and valid, and shall be faithfully kept and obferved, together with the aforesaid four articles.


REATY of peace between his Majefty George the Second, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, and Mulay Abedela Ben Ifmael, King and Emperor of Fez, Mequinez, Morocco, and all the Weft of Africa, God bless him; and the four following articles were concluded by Ahammed Basha and William Petticrew, Efq.

I. That if any English shall happen to be on board any fhip or fhips, enemies to the Emperor, that may be taken by the Emperor's fhips, fuch English fhall be well treated, delivered into the hands of the English Conful, and have their liberty to go where they please: This article to continue in force for fix months from the conclufion of this peace; in which time it is required, that notice shall be given by the King of Great Britain to all the English subjects, not to embark on board any of the Emperor's ene mies fhips; for after that time, if the English shall fo embark, the blame must be their own, as no regard will be had to them more than the Emperor's enemies.

II. If any of the Emperor's fubjects fhall be made flaves, and escape to an English man of war, or to Gibraltar, Port-Mahon, or any of the English dominions, that they fhall be protected, and with all convenient speed, fent to their respective homes. The like treatment to be given. to the English who fhall be flaves, and efcape to any part of the Emperor's dominions.

III. If any English fhall contract any thing to be paid to the Emperor's fubjects, that notes fhall be given for the fame; and in like manner the fame to be observed by the Emperor's fubjects in the English dominions; and if it fhall

B 2

fhall happen, that fuch fubjects of either power cannot write, to get fome person to write fuch notes for them.

IV. That no excuse be made, or ignorance of this peace pretended, the fame fhall be published and declared to all the fubjects of both powers, both what is now agreed on, and the articles concluded with King George the First; which declaration fhall be figned by each power, and by them kept to prevent difputes. This treaty was concluded the 15th of December, 1734, and copied the 15th of Rabbei the firft, in the year 1164, which is, in English ftile, the 15th of January, 1750.


Dditional articles of peace and commerce between the Moft High, Illuftrious, and most Renowned Prince George the Second, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian Faith, &c. and the High, Glorious, Mighty, and Moft Noble Prince Mulay Abedela, Ben Mulay Ifmael, Ben Mulay Seriph, Ben Mulay. Aly, King and Emperor of the kingdoms of Fez, Morocco, Taffilete, Sus, and all the Algarbe and its territories, agreed on and concluded by William Petticrew, Efq. on the behalf of his Britannick Majefty, and by the Alcaide Habeb Lohad Ben Hamed Limury, Firft Minifter on the behalf and by order of the King of Fez and Morocco.

I. It is agreed on and concluded, that from henceforward there fhall be between his Majefty of Great Britain, Prince and Elector of Hanover, and the King of Fez and Morocco, their heirs and fucceffors, a general, true and perfect peace for ever, as well by land as by fea and fresh waters; and also between the lands, kingdoms, dominions and territories belonging to or under the jurifdiction of his Britannick Majefty in Germany, and thofe appertaining to the King of Fez and Morocco, and their fubjects, people or inhabitants refpectively, of what condition, degree, or quality foever, from henceforth reciprocally fhall owe the other all friendship; and that all fhips, veffels, paffengers with their effects trafficking voluntary, or compelled by enemies, difafters of the feas, or any accident whatsoever, to the coaft of the Emperor of Fez and Morocco's dominions, being his Britannick Ma


jefty's fubjects in Germany, fhall, from henceforth, be treated with the faid regulations as fpecified by the treaties of peace now fubfifting between his Britannick Majefty and the King of Fez and Morocco.

II. It is agreed, that all fhips and veffels belonging to his Britannick Majefty in Germany, fhall carry a proper pass, and that a copy of fuch pafs, with the heads of the faid paffes, fhall be fent to his Britannick Majesty's Conful refiding in Barbary, to the end that he may deliver the fame to the commanders or captains of the King of Fez and Morocco's fhips of war or Cruizers, to the end that due regard may be had to this peace, and that no commander or captain may offend through ignorance; and all commanders or captains of fhips or veffels belonging to his Britannick Majefty's fubjects in Germany, meeting with any fhip or veffel belonging to the King of Fez and Morocco, or his fubjects, if the commander of fuch ship or veffel produce a pafs figned by the governor of the city they belong to, with a certificate from the English Conful, and in cafe of his death or abfence, from the major part of the English merchants refiding in the faid place, in such cafes the faid fhip or veffel fhall purfue freely her voyage

without hindrance or moleftation.

III. It is agreed, that the King of Great Britain's fubjects fhall not be obliged to appear before juftices of the country on any caufe, but that only the governor of the city and his Britannick Majesty's Conful fhall take cognizance of, and adjust the difference or fuits they may have with the Moors, or other inhabitants in the dominions of the King of Fez and Morocco.

IV. It is agreed, that no governor or officer under the King of Fez and Morocco, fhall, without the King's fpecial order, vifit or regifter the dwelling-houfes or magazines of any of his Britannick Majesty's fubjects refiding in Barbary; and that all British fhips, taking freight in any port of the King of Fez and Morocco, to carry to other ports of the faid kingdom, fhall be exempted from all port charges as ufual, in whatever port they may put in; and >that the Conful and the other British merchants fhall be freely allowed to have Moors or Jews as their interpreters

B 3


and brokers, who fhall be exempted from all taxes, as likewife all their domeftic fervants.

All the other articles, being fifteen in number, concluded, agreed and adjusted by the Admiral Charles Stewart on the behalf of his Britannick Majefty; and by his Excellency Bafhaw Hemet Ben Ally, Ben Abdalla, and his Imperial Majefty's Treasurer Mr. Mofes Benatar, on behalf of the faid King of Fez and Morocco, fhall stand good and be of the fame force, as in the reign of the Moft High, Illuftrious, and Renowned Prince George the First, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, of glorious memory; and the High, Mighty, and Moft Noble Prince Mulay Ifmael late Emperor of Morocco; as likewise the other articles, being three in number, agreed and concluded by John Leonard Sollicoffre, Efq. on behalf of his Britannick Majefty, and his Excellency Bafhaw Hamet Ben Aly Ben Abdalla, on behalf of the King of Fez and Morocco.

It is agreed on and concluded, that all the articles aforementioned, being eighteen in number, with these additional articles that are tranflated into the Arabick language, copies thereof be fent to all his Imperial Majefty's Alcaides and Officers of all the ports in his dominions, there to be read by the Cady or Chief Juftice in public afsembly; and afterwards to remain depofited either in the hands of the Judge, or the Alcaide of the port, that recourse may be had thereto on all occafions which may occur; and that the ratification of the faid articles fhall be made with in the term of fix months, or fooner if poffible, in Spanish, which fhall be received and be of equal force. Dated and figned at the court of Fez, on the 1ft of February, 1751, N. S.


Abdelbovab Aly Moory.

REATY of peace concluded between his Majefly of Great Britain,

and Ireland, and Muli Ifmael, fon of Muli Alli Sherife, King of Fez, Mequinez, Morocco, and all the Weft of Africa, God bless him. The following articles were agreed on, in the prefence of Bashaw Ahamad, fon of Abdula, and the then English Ambaffador, interpreted by Mofes fon

fon of Attor, fervant and interpreter at the Emperor's


I. In order to establish peace between the powers, both by land and fea, and all their respective dominions, it is agreed on, that the English may now, and always hereafter, be well used and refpected by our fubjects, agreeable to the orders and commands of the Emperor.

II. That all English men of war and merchant fhips, that shall come to any part of the Emperor's dominions, to trade or otherwife, and fhall have on board a cargo, not proper for vending in the place where they shall come, may depart with the fame to any other part of the Emperor's dominions, and fhall pay duty but once for the fame; and that no duty at all fhall be paid for any war implements, fuch as fire-arms, fwords, and any thing belonging to the army, as alfo for materials of all kinds for hipbuilding; and if any English ship fhall arrive at any of the Emperor's ports, with any merchandize deftined for any other part of the world, that no duty fhall be paid for fuch merchandize, but fhall depart with the fame without any manner of moleftation. If any English fhip fhall be thrown upon the Emperor's coafts by stress of weather, or otherwife, the fame fhall be protected, and may fafely depart without any ill ufage or interruption: in like manner Thall be treated the Emperor's fhips, happening to be thus thrown on the coast of Great Britain, or the dominions thereto belonging.

III. That all the English fhips and Emperor's fhips may pafs and repafs the feas without hindrance, interruption or moleftation from each other; nor fhall any money, merchandize, or any demand be made or taken by the fhips of either power from each other; and if any fubjects of any other nation fhall be on board either the Englifh or the Emperor's fhips, they fhall be fafely protected by both fides.

IV. If the Emperor's men of war meet with any Englifh fhips, and fhall want to fee their paffports, they are to fend a boat with two men of fidelity to peruse the said paffports, who are to return without any farther trouble, and then both fides to proceed quietly on their respective voyages; the fame ufage to be received by the Emperor's B 4 merchant

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