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Faithful King, in the act of acceffion of the Court of Portugal, was granted by their Britannick and Moft Chriftian Majefties, folely with a view to accelerate the conclufion of the definitive treaty, and, by that means, the more speedily to confolidate fo important and fo falutary a work; and that this complaifance of their Britannick and Moft Chriftian Majefties fhall not be made any precedent for the future; the Court of Portugal fhall not alledge it as an example in their favour; fhall derive thereform no right, title, or pretenfion, for any caufe, or under any pretence whatfoever.

In witnefs whereof, we, Ambaffador and Minister Plenipotentiary of his Moft Faithful Majefty, duly authorifed for this purpose, have figned the prefent declaration, and have caufed the feal of our arms to be put thereto. Done at Paris, the 10th of February, 1763. Martin de Mello et Caftro.

Convention for the Liquidation of the Canada Paper Money, belonging to the Subjects of Great Britain, between the King of Great Britain, and the Moft Chriftian King, [Printed from the Copy, published by Authority.]

N order to terminate the difcuffions, which have too

in regard to of this pa

per belonging to the fubjects of Great Britain, the two Courts have named and appointed their refpective Minifters Plenipotentiary, viz. his Britannick Majefty, the Sieur Henry Seymour Conway, Lieutenant General of his armies, and one of his Principal Secretaries of State; likewife authorised to the fame effect by the proprietors of the said Canada paper; and his Moft Chriftian Majefty, the Sieur Count de Guerchy, Knight of his orders, Lieutenant General of his armies, Colonel Commandant of his regiment of foot, and his Ambaffador to his Britannick Majefty; who, after having communicated their full powers and authorifations in due form to each other, copies whereof are transcribed at the end of the present convention, have agreed to the following articles:

Article I.

Article I. His Excellency General Conway, invefted with the above-mentioned full powers and authorifations, accepts for the British proprietors and holders of the Canada paper, and in their names, the reduction of the faid paper on the footing of fifty per centum for the bills of exchange, and fuch part of the certificates as are entitled to the faid payments, and of feventy-five per centum for. the ordonnances, cards, and the remaining part of the certificates; and to receive, for the fifty and twenty-five per centum of the reduced principal, reconnoiffances, or rent contracts, which fhall bear an annual intereft from the first day of January, 1765, of four and one half per centum, to be fubjected to the Dixiéme from the faid first day of January, 1765, in as many reconnoiffances as it fhall fuit the holders to divide their liquidated principals into, provided that each reconnoiffance fhall not be for more than one thousand livres Tournois: which reconnoiffances fhall fhare the fame fate for their reimbursement as the other debts of the ftate, and shall not be fubjected to any reduction whatsoever. The whole conformably to the arrets of the Council iffued in France the 29th June, 2d July, 1764, 29th and 31ft December, 1765.

II. In order to ascertain the British property of this paper at the period, and, according to the meaning of the declaration annexed to the laft treaty of peace with France, each proprietor.or holder fhall be obliged to make a declaration thereof upon oath, in the form and terms which shall be hereafter prescribed in confequence of a farther delay, which his Moft Chriftian Majesty grants them to the 1ft of October, 1766, after the expiration of which, fuch of the faid papers as fhall not have been declared and tendered to be liquidated, fhall remain excluded, null, and of no value.

III. These declarations on the part of the proprietors and holders of this paper, fhall be accompanied by an oath, to be taken before the Lord Mayor of the city of London, or fuch other magiftrate in perfon as fhall be named for that purpose, in fuch place, and at fuch times, as fhall be specified in the prefence of the Commiffaries or Deputies appointed, as well on the part of the Court

of France as on the part of the proprietors of this paper; which Commiffaries or Deputies fhall be allowed to afk, through the Magistrate who adminifters the oath, fuch queftions of the deponent as they fhall judge neceffary, relative to the object of the oath.

VI. Each declaration fhall contain only what belongs to one holder, whether they are his own property, or held by him for account of other; mentioning therein his name, quality, and place of abode; and this declaration fhall be made conformable to the model annexed to the prefent convention.

V. Duplicates fhall be made of these declarations, certified to be true, figned by the holders of the faid papers, and previously delivered to the English and French Commiffaries or Deputies, who fhall be obliged, three days after receiving thefe declarations, to affift at the taking of the oath before the Magiftrate appointed for that purpose.

VI. As this paper may, fince the last treaty of peace, have paffed into the hands of three different claffes of proprietors, namely, the actual proprietors, the intermediate and the original; the form of an oath fuitable for each class of proprietors fhall be prescribed in the three following articles.


VII. The actual proprietors, who are not original proprietors, having been intermediate purchasers, with a guaranty of their being British property, fhall take the following oath underneath the declaration of their paper: affirm and folemnly fwear, on the Holy Evangelifts, that the papers mentioned in the foregoing declaration, are the fame, (or part of the fame) that I have purchased of B the with a guaranty of their being British property; and that I hold them on my own account, (or on account of

So help me God.

VIII. The intermediate proprietors, who have been purchafers and fellers, with a guaranty of their property being British, shall take, by indorsement on their declaration, an oath in the following form :

I affirm and folemnly fwear, on the Holy Evangelifts, that I did purchase of C

on the

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day of

fundry Canada papers, amounting and that I did fell the fame, of the fame,) to D which were guarantied to, and by me, to be British property. So help me God.


This oath to be repeated by each intermediate purchafer back to the person who brought them, or received them, from Canada.

IX. The Canadian proprietors, or those who represent them in London, being the actual poffeffors, or no longer fo, fhall take the following oath, with the modifications expreffed, fuitable to the different circumstances under which they may find themselves:

I affirm and folemnly fwear, on the Holy Evangelifts, that the papers mentioned in the foregoing declaration.




[If the property of a Canadian] are my own property, having had them in my poffeffion at the date of the laft treaty of peace, (or having bought them in Canada, from whence I brought them.)

[If in the poffeffion of a British reprefentative of a Canadian fubject] are my own property, having bought them (or received them) from Canadian fubjects.

[If not in his poffeffion] were my own property, having bought them, (or received them) from Canadian fubjects, and that I fold the fame, (or part of the fame)



[If these papers came from France, or elsewhere, being the property of Canadian or British fubjects] were fent to me from France, (or elsewhere) on account of

as British property.

If fold] and that I fold the fame, (or part of the fame)


[Foreigners, who fhall have fent them to England, fhall take the fame oath as the intermediate proprietors, as expreffed in the eighth article preceding.]

[Foreigners who fhall have received them from Canada, or Great Britain.]



affirm and folemnly fwear, on the Holy Evangelifts, that at the date of the laft treaty of peace, held in truft, or that fince that date I have received




in Canada (or in Great Britain) fundry Canada papers, amounting to proper account of fubject, and that I have fold, fame, (or part of the fame) to property.

On thefe different oaths being judicially and legally made, the respective Commiffaries fhall be obliged to grant to the holders of the papers that fhall have come from France, (or elsewhere) a certificate of their being British property, as well as to the holders who fhall have received them directly from Canada.


[If the papers have been brought from Canada, on account of any other than the perfon who fent them] have been fent to me directly by in Canada, who purchased them from British Canadian fubjects, upon commiffion, for account of of [Laftly, If the papers are for account of Canadians, and tranfmitted by them] that I received them from in Canada, and for his account. [All indifferently are to add.]


I farther fwear, that the faid papers were neither purchased, nor have been negociated, in France as French property, nor acquired directly nor indirectly from natives of France, who were the proprietors of them at the date of the laft treaty of peace; and that no part of these papers were carried from Europe to Canada, in order to give French property the fanction of British property: which I affirm and folemnly fwear.

on the an actual British Canadian (delivered) (or fent) the as British

So help me God.

X. Nevertheless, in cafe the actual proprietors, or holders, produce Bordereaux in good form, registered heretofore in Canada, in confequence of the orders of the English Governors, or declared in France as British property, and not liquidated within the time (for thofe declared in France) that the registers for the declarations were open for the French, it fhall be fufficient that the proprietors or holders, fo circumftanced, take the following oath : affirm and folemnly fwear, on the Holy Evangelifts, that the papers mentioned in my foregoing



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