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faid French, or that shall be paid by the fubjects of France.

XVIII. It is moreover agreed, concluded and established, That in cafe any Britifh fhip or fhips, or any of the fubjects of his Majesty of Great Britain, fhall import at the port of Tunis, or any port of this kingdom, any warlike ftores, as cannons, mufkets, piftols, cannon powder, or fine powder, bullets, mafts, anchors, cables, pitch, tar, or the like; as alfo provifions, viz. wheat, barley, beans, oats, oil, or the like, for the faid kind of merchandize they fhall not pay any fort of duty or custom whatever.

XIX. That in cafe a war fhould happen between his Britannick Majefty and any other ftate or nation what ever, the fhips of Tunis fhall not in any fort afford affiftance to the enemies of his Majefty or his fubjects.

XX. That if an Englishman kills a Turk, he fhall be judged before the Caddi of the place, according to juftice: If he is found guilty of the crime, he fhall be punished with death; but if he efcape, the Conful fhall not be molefted, or called upon for that account; and the Conful hall always have timely notice, that he may have an opportunity of being prefent at the trial.

XXI. That if at any time a war or rupture happen between the two contracting powers, the English Conful and his nation may freely depart with all their goods and effects: And this article is to be reciprocal for the fubjects of Tunis.

XXII. That whereas Gibraltar and the island of Minorca do belong to his Britannick Majefty, if at any time any of the cruizers of Tunis fhould meet with any veffels of the faid places, under English colours, furnished with proper paffports, they fhall be treated in all refpects like other English fhips, provided that there be no more than one third part of the fhip's company who are not fubjects of his faid Majecty, for, in fuch cafe, they (the faid ftrangers) fhall be deemed as prifoners: But it is allowed to embark as many merchants or paffengers as they fee good, be they of what nation foever: And if at any time a Tunis man of war fhall take a fhip from their enemies, on board of which may happen to be any English fubjects, they fhall be immediately releafed, with all their CA


goods and merchandize, provided always, that they be provided with proper passports; and this article is to be obferved reciprocally on the part of the English.

XXIII. That if any Britifh fhips or veffels meet with any of the fhips or veffels belonging to the state of Tunis, and there fhould be any injury or offence given by either fide, justice being properly demanded, shall be immediately done, and the aggreffor fhall be feverely punished, without it occafioning any breach of war.

XXIV. That his Britannick Majefty's fubjects shall be always treated, by the ftate of Tunis, with the highest degree of refpect, love and honour, because the English, of all other powers, are their first and best friends.

XXV. That new Mediterranean paffes fhall be iffued out and given to his faid Majesty's trading subjects, with all convenient speed, and that the time for the continuance of the old paffes, for the fhips in the Indies and remote parts, shall be three years; and for all other fhips and veffels, one year; to commence from the delivery of the counter-tops of the new paffes at Algiers; of which his Majesty's Conful here shall give the earliest notice to this ftate; and it is hereby expreffly agreed and declared, that the faid new paffes fhall, during the above-mentioned fpaces of time of three years and one year, be of full and fufficient force and effect to protect all fhips and veffels of his faid Majesty's fubjects, who shall be provided with the fame.

XXVI. That all packets bearing his Britannick Majefty's commiffion, which fhall be met by any of the cruizers of Tunis, fhall be treated with the fame refpect as his Majefty's fhips of war; and all due respect shall be paid to his Majefty's commiffion, and both at meeting and parting they fhall be treated as friends; and if any of the Cruizers of Tunis commit the least fault or violence against them, the captains or raizes fo offending, fhall, on their arrival at Tunis and proper complaint being made of them, be moft feverely punished, without admitting of their excuses,

All the preceding articles of this treaty, having been approved of and agreed to, are hereby ratified, renewed


and confirmed, between his most facred Majefty the King of Great Britain, &c. and the moft illuftrious Lord Ali Pafha, Begler Bey and fupreme Commander of the State of Tunis, which let no one prefume to infringe or violate. Dated in the presence of Almighty God, at the Palace of Bardo near Tunis, this nineteenth day of October, One thousand seven hundred and fifty-one, according to the Chriftian computation; and of the Turkish Hageira, One thousand one hundred and fixty-four, the tenth day of the Moon Zil Hadgi Sheriffay.


(L. S.) CHA. GORDON. (L. S.)



To the antient Treaties fubfifting between his Britannick Majefty and the Dey and Government of Algiers, agreed to by the present Dey, Mahomet, and bis faid Majefty's Plenipotentiaries, the Honourable Auguftus Keppel, and Ambrofe Stanyford, Efq. bis Majefty's Agent and Conful General at Algiers.


HAT all packets or express-boats, bearing his Britannick Majesty's commiffion, which fhall be met by any of the cruizers of Algiers, shall be treated with the fame refpect as his Majefty's fhips of war, and all due respect shall be paid to his Majesty's commiffion; and both at meeting and parting they fhall be treated as friends: And if any of the Algerine cruizers commit the least fault or violence against them, the captains or raizes fo offending fhall, on their arrival at Algiers, and proper complaint being made of them, be moft feverely punished, without admitting of their excufes. Dated at Algiers the third day of June, 1751, and in the year of Hageira, 1164, the twentieth day of the Moon Regil.


Treaty between his Britannick Majefty, and her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias. Signed at St. Petersburg, September, 1755. Together with the two separate and fecret Articles belonging thereto.

In the name of the Holy and Undivided Trinity.


HEREAS the fincere and intimate friendship which unites his Britannick Majefty and her Im, perial Majefty of all the Ruffias, as well as the engage ments which they contracted by the treaty of defenfive alliance of the year 1742, oblige them at all times, to be watchful of the publick tranquillity, and their reciprocal fecurity. And whereas, in the prefent conjuncture of affairs, the prefervation of the general peace, and the defence of their refpective dominions, rights and fubjects, have appeared to them neceffarily to require, that they fhould be guarged against the attacks, with which they may be threatened on the part of any power whatever, by fecuring a body of troops capable of making a powerful diverfion, in cafe of fuch attacks: And whereas, confidering the prefent fituation, the contingents of the fuccours, ftipulated by the above-mentioned treaty, would not be fufficient for all the aforefaid objects; His Britan nick Majefty and her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, have thought proper to concert, beforehand, the farther meafures of precaution, which the general tranquillity, and their common interefts and fecurity, feem to demand; and for this purpose, they have authorized their refpective minifters; that is to fay, his Majefty the King of Great Britain, Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Knight of the most honourable order of the Bath, one of the members of the parliament of Great Britain, and his Ambaffador at the court of the Emprefs of all the Ruffias; and her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, her Chancellor, actual Privy Counsellor, Senator, and Knight of the orders of St. Andrew, of the White Eagle, and of St. Alexander Newfky, Alexis Count de Beftoucheff Rumin; and her Vice Chancellor, actual Privy Counfellor, Lieutenant of the company of the body-guards, actual Chamberlain,

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Chamberlain, and Knight of the orders of St. Andrew, of the White Eagle, of the Black Eagle, of St. Alexander Newfky, and of St. Anne, Michael Count de Woronzow; who, having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and having conferred together, have agreed on the following articles,


I. The high contracting parties renew exprefly, by this convention, the treaty of defenfive alliance concluded be tween them the 11th of December, 1742, at Moscow, in all its articles; and confirm the ftipulations of the fuc cours to be given reciprocally, as they are contained in the IVth article of the faid treaty; which fuccours fhall be furnished, on each fide, in the manner and on the conditions therein expreffed.

II. Whereas it is declared by the XVIIth article of the above-mentioned alliance, "That if the fuccours therein * ftipulated fhall not be fufficient, the contracting par "ties fhall then agree, without delay, on the farther fuc


cours to be given ;" and as that would not answer the ends propofed, and there may happen cafes, which may not allow them time to agree thereupon; in order to ob viate the inconveniences which would neceffarily refult from fuch a delay, they have agreed to fettle from henceforth, and at all events, the means of their defence. With this view, her Imperial Majesty of all the Ruffias has not only caused to march towards the frontiers of Livonia, adjoining to Lithuania, but engages alfo to hold there, as long as this convention fhall fubfift, as near to thofe frontiers as the quarters will permit, a body of her troops, amounting to 55,000 men; that is to fay, 40,000 infantry of her regular troops, furnished with the neceffary artil lery, and 15,000 cavalry, compofed of three regiments of Cuiraffiers, of twenty companies of Horfe Grenadiers, of two regiments of Huffars, and the remainder of Light troops, to wit, of Coffacks and Calmucks, each with two horfes, as many as fhall be wanting to compleat these 15,000 cavalry; fo that the whole infantry and cavalry fhall form a compleat body of 55,000 men.

III. Her Imperial Majefty engages, moreover, to cause to be held in readinefs, during the time above specified, on the coafts of the above-mentioned province, 40 or 50


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