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the United Netherlands; and the fame hath been this day approved and ratified by the United States in Congrefs affembled, as it is contained in the words following, to wit:

Convention between the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands, and the United States of America, concerning Veffels recaptured.

The Lords the States General of the United Netherlands, and the United States of America, being inclined to establish some uniform principles, with relation to prizes made by veffels of war, and commiffioned by the two contracting powers, upon their common enemies, and to veffels of the fubjects of either party captured by the enemy, and recaptured by veffels of war commiffioned by either party, have agreed upon the following

articles :

Article I. The veffels of either of the two nations, recaptured by the privateers of the other, fhall be restored to the first proprietor, if fuch veffels have not been four and twenty hours in the power of the enemy; provided the owner of the veffel recaptured pay therefore one third of the value of the veffel, as alfo of that of the cargo, the cannons and apparel; which third fhall be valued by agreement between the parties interested, or if they cannot agree thereon among themselves, they fhall address themselves to the officers of the Admiralty of the place where the privateer, who has retaken the veffel fhall have conducted her.

II. If the veffel recaptured has been more than twentyfour hours in the power of the enemy, fhe fhall belong entirely to the privateer who has retaken her.

III. In cafe a veffel fhall have been recaptured by a veffel of war belonging to the States General of the United Netherlands, or to the United States of America, fhe fhall be reftored to the firft owner, he paying a thirtieth part of the value of the fhip, her cargo, cannons and apparel, if fhe has been recaptured in the interval of twenty-four hours, and the tenth part if the has been recaptured after the twenty-four hours; which

• fums


fums fhall be diftributed in form of gratifications to the crews of the veffels which fhall have retaken her. The valuation of the faid thirtieth parts and tenth parts fhall be regulated according to the tenor of the firft article of the prefent convention.

IV. The reftitution of prizes, whether they may have been retaken by veffels of war or privateers, in the mean time, and until requifite and fufficient proofs can be given of the property of veffels recaptured, fhall be admitted in a reasonable time, under fufficient fureties for the obfervation of the aforefaid articles.


V. The veffels of war and privateers, of one and the other of the two nations, fhall be reciprocally, both in Europe and in the other parts of the world, admitted in the refpective ports of each, with their prizes, wh may be unloaded and fold according to the formalities ufed in the ftate where the prizes fhall have been conducted, as far as may be confiftent with the 22d article of the Treaty of Commerce: provided always, that the legality of prizes, by the veffels of the Low Countries, fhall be decided conforinably to the customs and regulations established in the United Netherlands; as likewife, that of prizes made by American veffels, fhall be judged according to the laws and regulations determined. by the United States of America.

VI. Moreover it shall be free for the States General of the United Netherlands, as well as for the United States of America, to make fuch regulations as they fhall judge neceffary, relative to the conduct which their respective veffels and privateers ought to hold in relation to the veffels which they fhall have taken and conducted into the ports of the two powers.

In faith of which, We, the Deputies and Plenipotentiaries of the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands, and Minifter Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, have in virtue of our refpective authorities, and full powers, figned thefe prefents, and confirmed the fame with the feal of our arms.

Done at the Hague, the 8th of October, 1782.

Now, therefore, to the end that the faid treaty and convention may, with all good faith, be performed and obX 2


ferved on the part of thefe United States, all the citizens and inhabitants thereof, and more efpecially all captains and other officers and feamen belonging to any veffels of war of the United States, or any of them, or of any private armed veffels, commiffioned by Congrefs, are hereby enjoined and required to govern themselves ftrictly in all things, according to the ftipulations above recited.

Done in Congrefs this twenty-third day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand feven hundred and eighty-three, and of our fovereignty and independence the feventh.


Treaty between Ruffia and Portugal.

Article I.


HEIR Majefties, the Emprefs of all the Ruffias, and the Queen of Portugal, convinced of the folidity and forcible evidence of the principles laid down in the declaration bearing date the 28th of February, 1780, concerning the armed neutrality, their abovefaid Majefties do declare, that they not only affent freely and fully to the said principles, but on all accafions will concur, by every efficacious means, to keep them up in their full force, and to take care that they be fcrupulously adhered to.

II. Be it understood, that the prefent convention is not, by any means to be conftrued as tending to annul the treaties now fubfifting between the diftinct powers of Ruffia or Portugal, or any other European Courts whatever; but, on the contrary, fuch treaties, and the stipulations therein made, will as fully bind the faid powers as they did any time previous to the faid convention, which is not to invalidate, much lefs to enforce a violation of the aforefaid treaties.

III. The two high contracting powers wilk continue to obferve the most exact neutrality, and rigorously enforce the preventing of all prohibited trade being carried on by


their respective fubjects with the powers now at war. By prohibited trade is understood all thofe goods and merchandifes, verbatim expreffed in the 10th and 11th articles of the Treaty of commerce concluded between Ruffia and Great Britain, on the 20th of June, 1766.

IV. In cafe, notwithstanding all imaginable care to prevent it, the Ruffian or Portuguese merchantmen should be taken or infulted by fhips belonging to any of the belligerant powers, the complaints of the aggrieved So-vereign fhall be supported and enforced by the other confederates' most serious and urgent remonftrances; and if, contrary to all expectation, juftice fhould be denied, the faid high contracting powers will concert together on the means of obtaining redrefs by reprifals.

V. If it should so happen, that either or both of the faid powers be attacked or molefted, on account and in hatred of the prefent convention, they fhall join together for a mutual defence, in order to procure themselves a full fatisfaction, both for the infult offered to their flag and the damages fuftained by their subjects.

VI. The prefent ftipulation fhall be permanent on both fides, and be adduced as a rule, whenever the right of neutrality shall be called in question.


VII. The two contracting powers will give notice, amicably, to the other Sovereigns now at war, of this present mutual agreement.

VIII. The present convention fhall be ratified by the contracting powers, and the faid ratifications interchanged within four months from the date hereof, or fooner if poffible.

(N. B. They have been ratified fince and exchanged.) In witnefs whereof, we, the Plenipotentiaries, &c. have figned and fealed the prefent.

Given at Petersburgh, February, 1783.



By the United States in Congress assembled,


WHEREAS in purfuance of a Plenipotentiary Commiffion, given on the 28th day of September, 1782, to the Honourable Benjamin Franklin, a treaty of amity. and commerce between his Majefty the King of Sweden and the United States of America, was on the third day. of April, 1783, concluded by the faid Benjamin Frank-, lin, with a Minifter Plenipotentiary, named for that purpose by the faid King: and whereas the faid Treaty hath been duly approved and ratified by the United States in Congrefs affembled, and a tranflation thereof made in the words following, to wit a b

A treaty of amity and commerce concluded between his Majefty the King of Sweden and the United States of North America.




The King of Sweden, of the Goths and Vandals, &c. &c. &c. and the Thirteen United States of North, America, to wit, New Hampshire, Maffachufet's Bay, Rhode Ifland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennfylvania, the counties of Newcastle, Kent and Suffex on Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, defiring to establish in a stable and permanent manner, the rules which ought to be obferved relative to the correfpondence and commerce which the two parties have judged neceffary to eftablish between their respective countries, ftates and fubjects; his Majefty and the faid United States have thought that they could not better accomplish that end than by taking for a bafis of their arrangements the mutual intereft and advantage of both nations, thereby avoiding all those burdenfome preferences which are ufually fources of debate, embarraffment and difcontent, and by leaving each party at liberty to make, refpecting navigation and commerce, thofe interior regulations which fhall be most convenient to itself.


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With this view, his Majefty the King of Sweden has nominated and appointed for his Plenipotentiary, Count Guftavus Philip de Creutz, his Ambaffador Extraordi


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