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Given at Versailles, the third of September, one thoufand seven hundred and eighty three.



WE, Ambaffador Plenipotentiary of his Imperial and Royal Apoftolick Majefty, having acted as mediator in the work of pacification, declare that the treaty of peace figned this day at Verfailles, between his Britannick Majefty and his Moft Chriftian Majefty, wit the two feparate articles thereto annexed, and of which they form a part, as alfo with all the claufes, conditions and ftipulations which are therein contained, was concluded by the mediation of his Imperial and Royal Apoftolick Majefty. In witness whereof, We have figned thefe prefents with our hand, and have caufed the feal of our arms to be affixed thereto. Done at Verfailles, the third of September, 1783.


(L. S.) Le Comte de MERCY ARGENTEAU.

WE, Minifters Plenipotentiary of her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, having acted as mediators in the work of pacification, declare that the treaty of peace, figned this day at Verfailles, between his, Britannick Majefty and his Moft Criftian Majefty, with the two feparate articles thereto annexed, and of which they form a part, as alfo with all the claufes, conditions and ftipulations which are therein contained, was concluded by the mediation of her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias. In witnefs whereof, We have figned thefe. prefents with our hands, and have caufed the feals of our arms to be affixed thereto. Done at Verfailles the third of September, 1783.

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(L. S.).


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EORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburgh, ArchTreafurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. To all and fingular to whom thefe prefents thall come, greeting. Whereas, for perfecting the peace between us and our good Brother the Moft Chriftian King, which has been happily begun by the preliminary articles already figned at Versailles, on the twentieth day of January laft, and for bringing the fame to the defired conclufion, we have thought proper to invest fome fit perfon with full authority, on our part; and whereas our right trufty and right entirely beloved Coufin and counfellor George, Duke and Earl of Manchester, Viscount Mandeville, Baron of Kimbolton, Lord Lieutenant and Cuftos Rotulorum of the county of Huntingdon, has merited our favour, by his illuftrious defcent, eminent qualities of mind, fingular experience in affairs, and approved fidelity, on whom therefore we have conferred the character of our Ambaffador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to our faid good Brother the Moft Chriftian King, being perfuaded that he will highly dignify the office which we have refolved to entrust to him; know ye, therefore, that we have made, conftituted and appointed, and, by these prefents, do make, conftitute and appoint him, the faid George Duke of Manchefter, our true, certain and undoubted Plenipotentiary, Commiffioner and Procurator, giving and granting to him full and all manner of power and authority, as alfo our general and special command, for us and in our name, the faid Moft Chrifo meet and confer with tian King, and his Minifters, Commiffioners or Procurators, furnished with fufficient authority, as alfo with the Ambafladors, Commffioners, Deputies and Plenipotentiaries of the other Princes and States whom it may concern, being likewife furnished with fufficient autho rity, whether fingly and feparately, or collectively and Pironwoo Hà Thành To 2k17 jointly,




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jointly, and with them to agree, treat, confult and conclude upon the re-establishing, as foon as may be, of a firm and lafting peace, and fincere friendship and concord; and for Us, and in our name, to fign whatever may be so agreed upon and concluded; and also to make, and mutually deliver and receive, a treaty or treaties, or fuch other and fo many inftruments as fhall be requifite, upon the bufinefs concluded, and to tranfact all other matters, which may relate to the happily accomplishing of the aforefaid work, in as ample manner and form, and with equal force and effect, as we, if we were present, could do and perform; engaging and promifing, on our Royal Word, that we will approve, ratify and accept, in every more perfect form, whatever may happen to be tranfacted and concluded by our faid Plenipotentiary; and that we will never fuffer the fame to be violated or infringed by any one, either in the whole or in part. In witnefs, and for the greater validity of all which, we have caufed our Great Seal of Great Britain to be affixed to thefe prefents, figned with our Royal Hand..

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Given at our Court of St. James's, the twentieth day of April, in the Year of our Lord, 1783, and in the twenty-third year of our reign.




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EWIS, by the Grace of God, King of France and Navarre, to all thofe who fhall fee thefe prefents, greeting. The preliminaries figned at Verfailles the twentieth of January, in the prefent year, laid the foundation of the peace re-established between us and our Moft dear and Moft Beloved Good Brother the King of Great Britain. We have nothing more at heart than to confolidate that falutary and important work, by a folemn and Definitive treaty for thefe caufes, and confiderations us thereunto moving, entirely in the capacity and experience, zeal and fidelity in our fervice, of our moft dear and well-beloved the Sieur Count de Vergennes, our Counsellor in all our councils, Com

we, confer good


mander in our Orders, Prefident of our Royal Council of Finances, Counfellor of State Military, Minifter and Secretary of State, and of our Commands and Finances, having the department of Foreign Affairs, we have named, appointed and deputed him, and by these prefents, figned with our hand, do name, appoint and depute him, our Minifter Plenipotentiary, giving him full and abfolute power to act in that quality, and to confer, negociate, treat and agree, jointly with the Minifter Plenipotentiary of our moft dear and most beloved Good Brother the King of Great Britain, invefted with full powers in good form, to agree upon, conclude and fign, fuch articles, conditions, conventions, declarations, definitive treaty, acceffions and other acts whatsoever, that he fhall judge proper for fecuring and confirming the great work of peace, the whole with the fame latitude and authority as we ourfelf might do, if we were there present in perfon, even though there fhould be fomething which might require a more f a more fpecial order than what is contained in thefe prefents; promifing, on the faith and word of a King, to approve, keep firm and ftable for ever, fulfil and execute punctually, every thing that the faid


Sieur Count de Vergennes fhall have ftipulated and figned, in virtue of the prefent full power, without ever infringing or permitting the fame to be infringed, for any caufe or under any pretence whatfoever; as alfo to caufe our letters of ratification thereof to be expedited in good form, and to caufe them to be delivered, in order to their being exchanged in the time which fhall be. agreed upon: for fuch is our pleasure. In witnefs whereof, we have caufed our feal to be put to thefe prefents.


Given at Verfailles, the fourth day of the month of February, in the year of Grace 1783, and in the ninth year of our reign. Signed Louis; and on the fold, byc the King, La Croix Marthal de Caftries; and fealed with the great feal of yellow wax. w 1150200 ni isdi aenabg

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The Emperor's full Power.

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E, Jofeph the fecond, by the Divine Favour,

WE Emperor Elect of the Romans, always auguft,


King of Germany, Jerufalem, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia and Lodomeria; Archduke of Auftria, Duke of Burgundy, Lorrain, Stiria, Carinthia and Carniolia; Great Duke of Tufcany; Great Prince of Tranfilvania; Marquis of Moravia; Duke of Brabant, Limburg, Luxemburg and Gueldres, Wirtemberg, Upper and Lower Silefia, Milan, Mantua, Parma, Pla centia and Guaftalla, Olvecinia and Zatoria, Calabria, Barri, Montferat and Tefchin; Prince of Suevia and Carolopolis; Count of Hafburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Hain ault, Kiburg, Goritia and Gradifca; Marquis of the Holy Roman Empire, of Burgovia, Upper and Lower Lufatia, Muffopont and Nomeny, Count of Namur, Province, Vaudemont, Albimont, Zutphen, Sarwar, Salm and Falkenftein; Lord of Marchpurg, Slavonia and Mechlin

manifect our earnest inclination

By the tenor of thefe prefents, make known and teftify to all and fingular whom it doth or may in any manner concern. During the time that the late extenfiye war overfpread almost the whole world, we, and her Majefty the Emprefs and fole Monarch of all the Ruffias, animated with an equal defire of putting an end as foon as poffible to the calamities of the war, did not omit frequently to that by the interpofition of our refpective and mutual friendly offices, a reconciliation of the belligerant parties might be promoted, and the former peace and fincere concord between them be restored. It was very agreeable to us to understand that our common endeavours had not failed of the defited effect; for a more pacific difpofition afterwards prevailing in the minds of the princes engaged in the war, and the bufinefs being already fo far happily advanced, that previous conditions of peace, or preliminary articles, were. agreed upon between them, on which the general work of pacification might be founded, the aforefaid Moft Serene and Moft Potent Princes defired, in a friendly manner, that, in concert with her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, we would apply our joint attention to this falutary bufinefs, and interpofe our friendly offices for eftablishing the peace, of which the foundations were happily laid by the above mentioned previous conditions,

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