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in order that by the united efforts of the mediators, the great work of peace might, on every fide, be the more certainly accomplished. We, ever intent upon that object, perceived with the greater fatisfaction, the fentiments of the abovementioned Princes, and having previously concerted meafures with her Majesty the Emprefs of all the Ruffias, did not hefitate to confirm the expectations they had conceived on our part, by accepting, with a willing and chearful mind, the truft committed to us. For which end we have made choice of the illuftrious and noble, our faithful and beloved Florimond Count de Mercy-Argenteau, Knight of the Golden Fleece, our actual Privy Counsellor, and our Ambaffador refiding at the Court of the Moft Serene and Moft Potent King of France and Navarre, a perfon of fingular fidelity, in tegrity and experience in the proper conduct of affairs, and have appointed, and hereby given him full power to take upon him, in our name, the office of mediator, conjointly with fuch perfon or perfons who fhall be appointed and furnished with equal full power, as well on the part of her Majesty the Empress of all the Ruffias, as co-mediatrix, as on the part of the other Princes who may be interested therein, and to contribute his counsel and affiftance for concluding, by the interpofition of friendly offices and united efforts, fuch, treaties, conventions or regulations whatfoever, as may appear to be ne ceffary for compleating the work of peace; all which he fhall fubfcribe and fign, and fhall alfo deliver fuch inftrument or inftruments, on his part, as may be proper and required of him for perfecting the business promif ing on our Imperial, Royal and Archducal Word, that we will ratify, accept and faithfully fulfil all fuch things as our faid Ambaffador fhall have concluded, promifed and figned, by virtue of thefe prefents; and that we will order letters of ratification to be expedited at the time agreed upon. In witnefs, and for the greater validity whereof, we have figned this inftrument of full power with our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed with our Imperial, Royal and Archducal feal affixed thereto. Given in our city of Vienna, the 16th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1783, in the twentieth of our Roman




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Roman-Germanick reign, and the third of our hereditary yun 95tog to drow testre Price wat jou saJOSEPH. Deftigiosos plaier viniers. 20 piron in al 18 noibeterni 15. Kaunitz Rietbergsuca Viper ama gaive (bas „35a1 bone train9zods By his Sacred, Imperial and Royal Apoftolick Majefty's special command, or a maid PELAA VN VÀ THU

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BY the Grace of God, we, Catherine the Second, Emprefs and fole Monarch of all the Ruffias, of Muscovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novogorod, Czarina of Cafan, Czarina of Astracan, Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Plefcau, and Great Dutchefs of Smolensko, Dutchess of Eftonia, of Livonia, Carelia, Twer, Ingoria, Germia, Viatkia, Bulgaria, and other countries 3 Lady and Great Dutchefs of Lower Novogorod, of Czernigovia, Refan, Roftow, Jaroflow, Belo Oforia, Udoria, Obdoria, Condinia, Ruler of all the fide of the North, Lady of Iveria, and Hereditary Princess and Sovereign of the Czars of Cartalinia and Georgia, as also of Cabardinia, of the Princes of Cireaffia, of Gorki,&c. Being intent, during all the course of the late war, which had extend ed over every part of the earth, to teftify how much we had it at heart to fee the calamities thereof termis nated, we were inclined, in conjunction with his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bos hemia, to employ our good offices in order to find means of concilliation proper for re establishing peace andi good understanding between the belligerant powers. We have had the fatisfaction to obferve, that our com moii endeavours were not fruitless; and the pacific fentiments with which the faid powers were happily Lani mated, having ripened and ftrengthened fo far that they proceeded to conclude preliminary articles, ferving as a bafis to the definitive treaties, they invited us, conjointly with his Majelly the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to carry our united mediation



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mediation into full execution, and to interpose our good offices in this falutary work, by concurring to confolidate and fully establish the peace, the foundations of which were laid by the aforefaid preliminary articles, and thus to accomplish the bufinefs of pacification fo happily begun. We, equally induced by the fentiments above expreffed, as by a just acknowledgment of those which were manifefted to us on the part of the faid powers, did not hesitate, in concert with his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, to confirm their expectations, and to charge ourselves with the important employment which was tendered to us. For this end, we have made choice of, named and deputed, and, by these prefents, do make choice of, name and depute, our Minifters Plenipotentiary to his Moft Chriftian Majefty, our beloved and trufty Prince Iwan Bariatinskoy, Lieutenant General of our forces, Knight of the order of St. Anne, and the Sieur Arcadius de Marcoff, our Counfellor of Chancery, giving them full power, in our name, and on our behalf, in quality of mediators, jointly with him or them who fhall be named for this purpose, and likewise furnished with full powers, on the part of his Majefty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, co-mediator, as well as on the part of the other powers interested therein, to act or interpofe, and affift with our mediation and good offices, in the arrangement and completion of all fuch treaties, conventions, or other inftruments, as shall be judged neceffary for the consoli dation and entire cofirmation of the work begun; and allo to fign and deliver, on their part, fuch act or acts as may be required, and deemed conducive to the attain ment of that end: promifing, on our Faith and Imperial Word, to approve and faithfully perfom every thing which hall have been done, concluded, promised and figned, in virtue of the prefent full power, by the faid Prince Bariatinfkoy and Sieur Marcoff, as alfo to caufe our ratifications thereof to be expedited in the time agreed upon. In witnefs whereof, we have figned thefe prefents with our own hand, and have caufed the great feal of the Empire to be fixed thereto. Given at our tefidence of St. Petersburgh, the twelfth of March, in the


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-year of Grace 1783, and in the twenty-first year of our reign.

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CATHERINE. Count John D'Oftermann.

The Definitive Treaty of Peace and Friendship between his Britannick Majefty, and the King of Spain. Signed at Versailles, the third of September, 1783.

Au nom de la Très Sainte et Indivifible Trinité, Pere,
Fils, et Saint Efprit. Ainfi foit-il.


OIT notoire à tous ceux qu'il appartiendra, ou peut appartenir, en manière quelconque. Le Séréniffime et Tres Puiffant Prince George Trois, par le Grace de Dieu, Roi de la Grande Bretagne, de France et d'Irlande, Duc de Brunfvic et de Lunebourg, Archi-Tréforier et Electeur du Saint Empire Romain; et le Séréniffime et très puiffant Prince Charles Trois, par la Grace de Dieu, Roi d'Espagne et des Indies, &c. defirant également de faire ceffer la guerre qui affligeoit depuis plufieurs années leurs états refpectifs, avoient agréé l'offre que leurs Majeftés l'Empereur des Romains, et l'Impératrice de toutes les Ruffies, leur avoient faite de leur entremise et de leur médiation: mais leurs Majeftés Britannique et Catholique, animées d'un defir mutuel d'accélérer le rétabliffement de la paix, fe font communiqué leur louable intention, & le Ciel l'a tellement benie, qu'elles font parvennues à pofer les fondemens de la paix, en fignant des articles préliminaires à Verfailles, le vingt Janvier de la préfente année. Leurs dites Majeftés le Roi de la Grande Bretagne, et le Roi Catholique, se faifant un devoir de donner à leurs Majeftés Impériales une marque éclatante de leur reconnoiffance de l'offre généreufe de leur mediation, les ont invitées de concert à concourir à la confommation du grand et falutaire ouvrage de la paix, en prenant part, comme médiateures, au traité définitif à conclurre entre leurs dites Majeftés Britannique et Catholique. Leurs dites Majeftés ImpéVOL. III.



riales ayant bien voulu agréer cette invitation, elles ont nommé pour les repréfenter; fçavoir, fa Majefté l'Empereur des Romans, le très illuftre et très excellent Seigneur Florimond Comte de Mercy-Argenteau, Vicomte de Loo, Baron de Crichegnée, Chevalier de la Toifon d'Or, Chambellan, Counfeiller d'Etat intime actuel de fa Majefté Impériale et Royale Apoftolique, et fon Ambaffadeur auprès de fa Majefté Très Chrêtienne; et fa Majefté l'Impératrice de toutes les Ruffies, le très Illuftre et très Excellen: Seigneur Prince Iwan Bariatinfkoy, Lieutenant-Général des armées de fa Majefté Imperiale de toutes les Ruffies, Chevalier des Ordres de Ste. Anne et de l'Epée de Suede, et fon Miniftre Plénipotentiaire pres fa Majefté Très Chrétienne, et le Seigneur Arcadi de Marcoff, Confeiller d'Etat de fa Majefté Impériale de toutes les Ruffies, et fon Miniftre Plénipotentiaire près fa Majefté Tres Chrétienne. En confequence, leurs dites Majeftés le Roi de la Grande Bretagne et le Roi Catholique ont nommé et conftitué pour leurs Plénipotentiaires, chargés de conclurre et figner le Traité de Paix Définitif; fçavoir, le Roi de la Grande Bretagne, le très Illuftre et très Excellent Seigneur George Duc et Comte de Manchester, Voicomte Mandeville, Baron de Kimbolton, Lord Lieutenant et Cuftos Rotulorum de la Comté de Huntingdon, Confeiller Privé actuel de fa Majefté Bri-tannique, et fon Ambaffadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire près fa Majefté tres Chrétienne; et le Roi Ĉatholique, le très Illuftre et très Excellent Seigneur Pierre Paul Abarca de Bolea Ximenez d'Urrea, &c. Comte d'Aranda et Caftel Florido Marquis de Torres, de Villanan et Rupit, Vicomte de Rueda et Yoch, Baron des Baronnies de Gravin, Sietamo, Clamofa, Eripol Trazmoz, la Mata de Caftil-Viejo, Antillon, la Almolda, Cortès, Jorva, St. Genis, Rabovillet, Arcau, et Ste. Colome de Farnès, Seigneur de la Tenance et Honneur d'Alcalatem, Vallée de Rodellar, Chateaux et Bourgs de Maella, Mefones, Tiurana, et Villa Plana, Taradel et Viladrau, &c. Riche-Homme par Naiffance en Aragon, Grand d'Efpagne de la Premiere Claffe, Chevalier de l'Ordre de la Toifon d'Or, et de celui du Saint Efprit, Gentilhomme de la Chambre du Roi en Exercice, Ca



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