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not omit frequently to manifeft our earneft inclination that by the interpofition of our refpective and mutual friendly offices, a reconciliation of the belligerant parties might be promoted, and the former peace and fincere concord between them be restored. It was very agreeable to us to understand that our common endeayours had not failed of the defired effect; for a more pacific difpofition afterwards prevailing in the minds of the Princes engaged in the war, and the bufinefs being already fo far happily advanced, that previous condi tions of peace, or preliminary articles, were agreed upon between them, on which the general work of pacification might be founded, the aforefaid Moft Serene and Most Potent Princes defired, in a friendly manner, that, in concert with her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, we would apply our joint attention to this falutary bufinefs, and interpofe our friendly offices for eftablishing the peace, of which the foundations were happily laid by the above-mentioned previous conditions, in order that by the united efforts of the mediators, the great work of peace might, on every fide, be the more certainly accomplished. We, ever intent upon that object, perceived with the greater fatisfaction the fentiments of the above-mentioned Princes, and having previously concerted measures with her Majefty the Emprefs of all the Ruffias, did not hesitate to confirm the expectations they had conceived on our part, by accepting, with a willing and chearful mind, the truft committed to us. For which end, we have made choice of the illuftrious and noble, our faithful and beloved Florimond Count de Mercy-Argenteau, Knight of the Golden Fleece, our actual Privy Counsellor, and our Ambassador refiding at the Court of the Moft Serene and Moft Potent King of France and Navarre, a perfon of fingular fidelity, integrity and experience in the proper conduct of affairs, and have appointed, and hereby given him full power to take upon him, in our name, the office of mediator, conjointly with fuch perfon or perfons who fhall be appointed, and furnished with equal full power, as well on the part of her Majefty the Emprefs of all the Ruffias, as co-mediatrix, as on the part of the other Princes VOL. III. Dd


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who may be interested therein, and to contribute his counfel and affiftance for concluding, by the interpofltion of friendly offices and united efforts, fuch treaties, conventions, or regulations whatfoever, as may appear to be neceffary for completing the work of peace; all which he fhall fubfcribe and fign, and fhall alfo deliver fuch inftrument or inftruments, on his part, as may be proper and required of him for perfecting the bufinefs Promifing on our Imperial, Royal, and Archducal word, that we will ratify, accept, and faithfully fulfil all fuck things as our faid Ambaffador fhall have concluded, promifed, and figned, by virtue of these prefents, and that we will order letters of ratification to be expedited at the time agreed upon. In witnefs, and for the greater validity whereof, we have figned this inftrument of full power with our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed with our Imperial, Royal, and Archiducal feal affixed thereto. Given in our city of Vienna, the fixteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand feven hundred and eighty-three, in the twentieth of our Roman-Germanic reign, and the third of our hereditary reign,


W. Kaunitz Rietberg.

By his Sacred, Imperial, and Royal Apoftolick
Majefty's fpecial Command,

Ant. Spielmann.

The Emprefs of Ruffia's full Power.


Y the Grace of God, we Catherine the Second, Emprefs and fole Monarch of All the Ruffias, of Mufcovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novogorod, Czarina of Cafan, Czarina of Aftracan, Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Plefcau, and Great Dutchefs of Smolensko, Dutchefs of Estonia, of Livonia, Carelia, Twer, Ingoria, Germia, Viatkia, Bulgaria, and other countries; Lady and Great Dutchess of Lower Novogorod, of Czernigovia, Refan, Roftow, Jaroflow, Bela-Oforia, Udoria, Obdo


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fia, Condinia, Ruler of all the Side of the North, Lady of Iveria, and Hereditary Princefs and Sovereign of the Czars of Cartalinia and Georgia, as alfo of Cabardinia, of the Princes of Circaffia, of Gorfki, &c. Being intent, during all the courfe of the late war, which had extended over every part of the earth, to teftify how much we had it at heart to fee the calamities thereof terminated, we were inclined, in conjunction with his Majefty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to employ our good offices, in order to find means of conciliation proper for re-eftablishing peace and good underftanding between the Belligerant Powers. We have had the fatisfaction to obferve that our common endeavours were not fruitlefs; and the pacific fentiments with which the faid Powers were happily animated, heving ripened and ftrengthened fo far, that they proceeded to conclude preliminary articles, ferving as a bafis to the definitive treaties, they invited us, conjointly with his Majefty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to carry our united mediation into full execution, and to interpofe our good offices in this falutary work, by concurring to confolidate and fully establish the peace, the foundations of which were laid by the aforefaid preliminary articles, and thus to accomplish the bufinefs of pacification fo happily begun. We, equally induced by the fentiments above expreffed, as by a just acknowledgement of those which were manifefted to us on the part of the said Powers, did not hefitate, in concert with his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, to confirm their expecta tion, and to charge ourfelf with the important employment which was tendered to us. For this end, we have made choice of, named and deputed, and, by these prefents, do make choice of, name and depute, our Minifters Plenipotentiary to his Moft Chriftian Majefty, our beloved and trufty Prince Iwan Bariatinfkoy, Lieutenant General of our Forces, Knight of the Order of St. Anne, and the Sieur Arcadius de Marcoff, our Coun fellor of Chancery, giving them full power, in our name, and on our behalf, in quality of mediators, jointly with him or them who fhall be named for this purpofe, and

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likewife furnished with full powers, on the part of his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, co-mediator, as well as on the part of the other Powers interested therein, to act or interpofe, and affift with our mediation and good offices, in the arrangement and completion of all fuch treaties, conventions, or other inftruments, as fhall be judged neceffary for the confolidation and entire confirmation of the work begun; and alfo to fign and deliver, on their part, fuch act or acts as may be required and deemed conducive to the attainment of that end: Promifing, on our faith and Imperial word, to approve and faithfully perform every thing which fhall have been done, concluded, promifed, and figned, in virtue of the prefent full power, by the faid Prince Bariatinfkoy and Sieur Marcoff, as alfo to caufe our ratifications thereof to be expedited in the time agreed upon. In witnefs whereof, we have figned thefe prefents with our own hand, and have caused the great feal of the Empire to be fixed thereto. Given at our refidence of St. Petersburg, the twelfth of March, in the year of Grace, one thoufand seven hundred and eighty-three, and in the twenty-first year of our reign.


Count John D'Oftermann.

The definitive Treaty of Peace and Friendship between bis Britannick Majefty, and the United States of America; fined at Paris, the 3d of September, 1783.

In the name of the Moft Holy and Undivided Trinity.

T having pleased the Divine Providence to difpofe the hearts of the Moft Serene and Moft Potent Prince, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Arch-Treafurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. and of the


United States of America, to forget all paft mifunderftandings and differences that have unhappily interrupted the good correspondence, and friendship which they mutually wish to reftore; and to eftablish fuch a beneficial and fatisfactory intercourfe between the two countries, upon the ground of reciprocal advantages and mutual convenience, as may promote and fecure to both perpetual peace and harmony; and having for this defirable end already laid the foundation of peace and reconciliation, by the provifional articles figned at Paris, on the 30th of November, 1782, by the Commiffioners empowered on each part; which articles were agreed to be inferted in, and to conftitute the treaty of peace propofed to be concluded between the Crown of Great Britain and the faid United States, but which treaty was not to be concluded until terms of peace fhould be agreed upon between Great Britain and France, and his Britannick Majefty fhould be ready to conclude fuch treaty accordingly; and the treaty between Great Britain and France having fince been concluded, his Britannick Majefty and the United States of America, in order to carry into full effect the provifional articles above mentioned, according to the tenor thereof, have conftituted and appointed, that is to fay, his Britannick Majefty, on his part, David Hartley, Efq., Member of the Parliament of Great Britain and the faid United States, on their part, John Adams, Efq., late a Commiffioner of the United States of America at the Court of Verfailles, late Delegate in Congrefs from the State of Maffachufets, and Chief Juftice of the faid State, and Minifter Plenipotentiary of the faid United States to their High Mightineffes the States General of the United Netherlands; Benjamin Franklin, Efq., late Delegate in Congrefs from the State of Pennsylvania, Prefident of the Convention of the faid State, and Minifter Plenipotentiary from the United States of America at the Court of Versailles; John Jay, Efq., late Prefident of Congrefs, and Chief Juitice of the State of New York, and Minifter Plenipotentiary from the faid United States at the Court of Madrid; to be the Plenipotentiaries for the concluding and figning the prefent definitive treaty: who, after having recipro

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