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the wisdom, loyalty, diligence, and circumfpection of our trusty and well-beloved David Hartley, Efq., (on whom we have, therefore, conferred the rank of our Minifter Plenipotentiary) have nominated, conftituted, and appointed, and by thefe prefents do nominate, constitute, and appoint him our true, certain, and undoubted Com, miffioner, Procurator, and Plenipotentiary; giving and granting to him all and all manner of faculty, power, and aus thority, together with general as well as fpecial order (fo as the general do not derogate from the fpecial, nor on the contrary) for us, and in our name, to meet, confer, treat, and conclude with the Minifter or Minifters furnished with fufficient powers, on the part of our faid good friends the United States of America, of and concerning all fuch matters and things as may be requifite and neceffary for accomplishing and completing the feveral ends and purposes herein before mentioned; and alfo for us, and in our name, to fign fuch treaty or treaties, convention, or conventions, or other inftruments, whatfoever, as may be agreed upon in the premises, and mutually to deliver and receive the fame in exchange; and to do and perform all fuch other acts, matters, and things, as may be any ways proper and conducive to the purposes above mentioned, in as full and ample form and manner, and with the like validity and effect as we ourself, if we were prefent, could do and perform the fame: engaging and promifing, on our Royal Word, that we will accept, ras tify, and confirm, in the moft effectual manner, all fuch acts, matters, and things, as fhall be fo, tranfacted and concluded by our aforefaid Commiffioner, Procurator, and Plenipotentiary; and that we will never fuffer any perfon to violate the fame, in the whole or in part, or to act contrary thereto.

In teftimony and confirmation of all which, we have caufed our Great Seal of Great Britain to be affixed to thefe prefents, figned with our Royal Hand.

Given at our Palace at St. James's, the fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand fevem hundred and eighty-three, and, in the twenty-third year of our Reign.


Full Power of the United States of America.


HE United States of America, in Congrefs affembled, To all to whom thefe prefents fhall come, fend greeting: Whereas thefe United States, from a fincere defire of putting an end to the hoftilities between his Moft Chriftian Majefty and thefe United States on the one part, and his Britannick Majefty on the other, and of terininating the fame by a peace, founded on fuch folid and equitable principles as reasonably to promife a permanency of the bleffings of tranquillity, did heretofore appoint the Honourable John Adams, late a Commiffioner of the United States of America at the Court of Verfailles, late Delegate in Congress from the ftate of Maffachufets, and Chief Juftice of the faid ftate, their Minifter Plenipotentiary, with full powers, general and fpecial, to act in that quality, to confer, treat, agree, and conclude with the Ambaffadors or Plenipotentiaries of his Moft Chriftian Majefty, and of his Britannick Majefty, and thofe of any other Princes or ftates whom it might concern, relating to the re-establishment of peace and friendship: and whereas the flames of war have fince that time been extended, and other nations and states are involved therein: Now know ye, that we ftill continuing earnestly defirous, as far as depends upon us, to put a ftop to the effufion of blood, and to convince the powers of Europe, that we with for nothing more ardently than to terminate the war by a fafe and honourable peace, have thought proper to renew the powers formerly given to the faid John Adams, and to join four other perfons in commiffion with him; and having full confidence in the integrity, prudence, and ability of the Honourable Benjamin Franklin, our Minifter Plenipotentiary at the Court of Verfailles, and the Honourable John Jay, late Prefident of Congrefs, and Chief Juftice of the ftate of New York, and our Minifter Plenipotentiary at the Court of Madrid; and the Honourable Henry Laurens, formerly Prefident of Congrefs, and commiffionated and fent as our agent to the United Provinces of the Low Countries; and the Honourable Thomas Jefferfon, Go


vernor of the Commonwealth of Virginia; have nominated, conftituted, and appointed, and by thefe prefents do nominate, conftitute, and appoint the faid Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferfon, in addition to the faid John Adams, giving and granting to them the faid John Adams, Benjamin Frank lin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferson, or the majority of them, or of fuch of them as may af◄ femble; or, in cafe of the death, abfence, indifpofition, or other impediment of the others, to any one of them, full power and authority, general and fpecial, conjunctly and feparately, and general and fpecial command, to repair to fuch place as may be fixed upon for opening negociations for peace; and there for us, and in our name, to confer, treat, agree, and conclude with the Ambafladors, Commiffioners and Plenipotentiaries of the Princes and States whom it may concern,, vefted with equal pow ers, relating to the establishment of peace; and whatsoever fhall be agreed and concluded for us, and in our name, to fign, and thereupon make a treaty or treaties and to tranfact every thing that may be neceffary for completing, fecuring, and ftrengthening the great work of pacification in as ample form, and with the fame effect as if we were perfonally prefent, and acted therein; hereby promifing, in good faith, that we will accept, ratify, fulfil, and execute whatever fhall be agreed, concluded, and figned by our faid Minifters Plenipoten tiary, or a majority of them, or of fuch of them as may affemble; or, in cafe of the death, abfence, indifpofition, or other impediment of the others, by any one of them;. and that we will never act, nor fuffer any perfon to act, contrary to the fame, in whole, or in any part.

In witness whereof we have caufed thefe prefents to be figned by our Prefident, and fealed with his feal.

Done at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eightyone, and in the fifth year of our Independence, by the United States in Congress affembled.

(Signed) SAM. HUNTINGTON, Prefident, Atteft

(Signed) CHARLES THOMSON, Secretary.


The definitive Treaty of Peace and Friendship, between bis Majefty the King of Great Britain, and their High Mightineffes the States General of the United Provinces of the Low Countries.

Au Nom de la Très Sainte et Indivifible Trinité, Pere, Fils, et Saint Efprit. Ainfi foit-il.

OIT notoire à tous ceux qu'il appartiendra, ou peut


et Très Puiffant Prince et Seigneur George Trois, par la grace de Dieu, Roi de la Grande Bretagne, de France et d'Irlande, Duc de Brunfvic et de Lunenbourg, ArchiTréforier et Electeur du Saint Empire Romain, &c. et les Hauts et Puiffants Seigneurs les Etats Généraux des Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas, ayant pofé les fondemens de la paix par les préliminaires fignés à Paris le fecond Septembre dernier; et fa dite Majefté, et les dits Etats Généraux, voulant confommer un fi grand et falutaire ouvrage, ont nommé et authorifé; favoir, de la part de fa Majefté Britannique, Daniel Hailes, Ecuyer, Miniftre Plénipotentiaire de fa dite Majefté près de fa Majesté Très Chrétienne; et de la part de leurs hautes puiffances les dits Etats Généraux, les très Nobles et très Excellents Seigneurs Matheus Leftevenon, Seigneur de Berkenroode et Stryen, Député à l'Affemblée des Etats Généraux des Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas de la part de la province de Hollande, et leur Ambaffadeur Ordinaire auprès de fa Majefté le Roi Très Chrétien, et Gerard Brantfen, Bourguemaître et Sénateur de la ville d'Arnhem, Confeitter et Grand Maître des Monnoyes de la République, Député aux Etats Généraux des Provinces Unies, et leur Ambaffadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire près fa Majefté Très Chrétienne: Lefquels, après s'être duement communiqué leurs plein-pouvoirs en bonne forme, font convenus des articles fuivans.

Article I. Il y aura une paix chrétienne, univerfelle et perpetuelle, tant par mer que par terre, et une amitié fincère et conftante fera rétablic, entre fa Majefté Britannique, fes héritiers et fucceffeurs, royaumes, états, et fujets,


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et leurs Hautes Puiffances les dits Etats Généraux, et leurs états et fujets, de quelque qualité et condition qu'ils foyent, fans exception de lieux ni de perfonnes; en forte que les hautes parties, contractantes apporteront la plus grande attention à maintenir entre elles, et leurs dits états, et fujets, cette amitié et correspondance réciproque, fans permettre dorénavant que, de part ni d'autre, on commette aucunes fortes d'hoftilités, par mer ou par terre,' pour quelque caufe ou fous quelque prétexte que ce puiffe être; et on évitera foigneufement tout ce qui pourroit altérer, à l'avenir, l'union heureufement retablie, s'atta chant, au contraire, à fe procurer réciproquement, en toute occafion, tout ce qui pourroit contribuer à leur gloire, intérêts et avantages mutuels, fans donner aucun fecours ou protection, directement ou indirectement, à ceux qui voudroient porter quelque préjudice à l'une ou à l'autre des dites hautes parties contractantes. Il y aura un oubli général de tout ce qui a pu être fait ou commis, avant ou depuis le commencement de la guerre qui vient de finir.

II. A l'égard des honneurs du pavillon, et du falut en mer, par les vaiffeaux de la République vis-à vis de ceux de fa Majefté Britannique, il en fera ufé refpectivement de la même manière qui a été pratiquée avant le commencement de la guerre qui vient de finir.

III. Tous les prifonniers faits de part et d'autre, tant par terre que par mer, et les otages enlevés ou donnés, pendant la guerre, et qui ne font pas encore reftitués conformément au traité préliminaire, feront reftitués au plutôt fans rançon; chaque puiffance foldant refpectivement les avances qui auront été faites, pour fa fubfiftance er l'entretien des fes prifonniers, par le Souverain du pays où ils auront été détenus, conformément aux reçus et états conftatés, et autres titres authentiques, qui feront fournis de part et d'autre et il fera donné réciproquement des fûretés pour le payement des dettes que les prifonniers auroient pu contracter, dans les états où ils auront été détenus, jufqu'à leur entière liberté. Et tout les vaiffeaux, tant de guerre que marchands, qui auroient été pris depuis l'expiration des termes convenus pour la ceffation des hoftilités par mer, feront pareillement rendus, de bonne

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