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made to him, on her part, and to acknowledge, by the present separate article, her quality of Emprefs, for her and her fucceffors in the Imperial throne of Ruffia, and to give them the title thereof; on this exprefs condition, nevertheless, that her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias and her fucceffors, fhall never, on account of this quality, and of this title, claim any prerogative or pre-eminence, in any manner whatever, and that this acknowledgment fhall not, at any time, caufe any fort of change in the ceremo-nial which has been obferved hitherto with regard to the rank of the Ministers of their said Imperial and Britannick Majefties, or in any other manner whatsoever, either in their own courts, or in thofe, where they may, refpectively, have Minifters. The prefent feparate article fhall have the fame force and vigour, as if it had been inferted in the treaty figned this day; and shall be approved and ratified in like manner; and the letters of ratification thereof fhall be exchanged at the fame time, and in the fame place, as those of the treaty. In witness whereof the Plenipotentiary Minifters of the high contracting parties have figned the prefent feparate article, and have thereto put the feals of their arms.

Done at Mofcow, the 11th of December, 1742.

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Treaty between bis Britannick Majefty, and the Landgrave of Heffe-Caffell, Signed at Hanover, June 18, 1755


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E it known to all whom it may concern, That his

tene Highness the Landgrave of Heffe-Caffell, having called to mind the ftrict ties which unite the interefts of their refpective houses; and having judged, that, in the prefent fituation of affairs, it would contribute to the reciprocal benefit of Great Britain, and the States of Heffe, to strengthen and confirm, by a new treaty of defenfive alliance, the union which fubfifts between them; his Britannick Majefty, and his moft Serene Highnefs the faid Landgrave, have thought proper to direct for this pur


pofe, their refpective ministers; that is to fay, his faid Majefty, Robert Earl of Holderneffe, one of his principal Secretaries of ftate, and the moft Serene Landgrave, his Major General, General of the artillery, and Governor of the refidence of Caffell, Commander of the Teutonick order, the Sieur Diedric Diede, de Furftenftein, and the Sieur Juftus Henry Alt, his Privy Counsellor of legation, and Minifter charged with his affairs, to enter into conferrence thereupon; who, after the exchange of their refpective full powers, have agreed upon the points and articles following.


Article I.

There fhall be, between his Majesty the King of Great Britain, and his moft Serene Highness the Landgrave of Heffe-Caffell, their fucceffors and heirs, a ftrict friendship, and a fincere, firm, and lasting union; infomuch that the one fhall confider the interests of the other, as his own; and shall apply himself fincerely to advance them to the utmoft, and to prevent, and to avert, mutually, all trou ble and damage.

II. To this end it is agreed, that all former treaties, principally of guaranty, be deemed to be renewed and confirmed by the prefent treaty, in all their points, articles and clauses, and fhall be of the fame force as if they were inferted in this word for word, so far as is not derogated from them by the prefent treaty,

III. His Majefty the King of Great Britain having de, fired to fecure, for his fervice, a body of the troops of the moft Serene Landgrave, in cafe the good of his kingdoms and ftates fhould require this fuccour; his most Serene Highnefs has willingly complied with thefe views; promifing and engaging, by virtue of this article, to hold in readiness for this fervice, during the space of four fucceffive years, to be reckoned from the day of the figning of the prefent treaty, a body of eight thousand men; to wit, eight battalions of infantry, each of eight hundred men, including the officers; and three regiments of dragoons, or cavalry, making in all fourteen hundred horfe; which corps fhall be provided with the neceffary, general, and fubaltern officers: The Infantry fhall be held in a condi


tion to march, for the fervice of his Britannick Majefty, two months after the requifition fhall have been made for that purpose, or fooner if poffible, efpecially if it fhould be for the immediate defence of the kingdoms, or electoral dominions, of his Majefty, or of the Low Countries; in which cafe the faid infantry fhall march immediately after requifition made; which requifition, however, is not to be made feparately for the infantry, but for the whole corps together; and as the moft Serene Landgrave fhall not be obliged to remount the cavalry or dragoons: before this requifition fhall have been made to him, the term of fix months has been agreed upon, at the end of which, the faid cavalry or dragoons fhall be in a condition to march likewife, and fhall then forthwith join the infantry, which compofe this corps; which faid corps fhall not be feparated, unless reasons of war require it, but fhall always remain together, under the orders of the Heffian General, who fhall command it; and the faid troops fhall take the oath of fidelity to his Britannick Majefty, immediately upon their being firft mustered by an English commiffary, without prejudice, nevertheless, to the oath which they have taken to his most Serene Highnefs the Landgrave: His faid Highness reserving, befides, the difpofal of all employments which fhall come to be vacant therein; the adminiftration of justice being also reserved to him.

- IV. Each battalion of infantry of this corps fhall be provided with two pieces of field artillery; with the officers, gunners, and other perfons, and the train thereunto belonging.

V. Towards defraying the expences, to which the most Serene Landgrave will be engaged, to remount and equip the faid corps of 8000 men, his Majefty the King of Great Britain promifes to pay to his moft Serene Highnefs for every trooper or dragoon duly armed and mount ed, 80 crowns; and for every foot foldier 30 crowns, Banco, in manner following; that is to fay, the moiety of the levy money, for the infantry, and artillery, amounting to ninety-nine thousand crowns, Banco, fhall be paid at the exchange of the ratifications; and the remainder for the infantry and artillery, when they shall march: And

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with regard to the cavalry, one moiety of the remount money fhall be paid, when the requifition fhall be made to put the faid corps of 8000 men in a condition to march ; and the other moiety, when the faid cavalry shall actually march.

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VI. Befides what is ftipulated in the preceding article, his Majesty the King of Great Britain engages to pay to the most Serene Landgrave, during the time that this treaty fhall laft, an annual fubfidy, in the manner and proportion following; that is to fay, this fubfidy fhall commence from the day of the figning of this treaty; and for the time, which fhall elapfe from that day, to the time of the requifition to put them in a condition to march, shall be paid at the rate of 150,000 crowns, Banco, per annum, the crown reckoned at 53 fols of Holland, or at four fhillings and 9d. 4 English money; from the faid time of making the requifition, to the day, when the whole body, as well cavalry as infantry, fhall be in the pay of the Crown of Great Britain, the fubfidy shall be augmented and paid at the rate of 300,000 crowns aforefaid; and during the whole time that the faid corps fhall be actually in the pay of his Majefty, the moft Serene Landgrave fhall enjoy an annual fubfidy of 150,000 crowns aforefaid. When the faid troops fhall be sent back by his Britannick Majefty; from the day of their return into the territories of his moft Serene Highness, until the expiration of the Treaty, the fubfidy fhall be again raised and continued on the foot of 300,000 crowns aforefaid per annum; and the payment of this refpective fubfidy fhall be made regularly, without diminution, and quarterly, in the city of Caffell, into the military cheft of the moft Serene Landgrave, authorised for the receipt thereof.

VII. With regard to the pay, and treatment, as well ordinary as extraordinary, of the faid troops whilft they fhall be actually in the pay of Great Britain: It is agreed, that, as long as they ferve in the empire, they fhall enjoy the fame advantages and emoluments, in every thing, as his Majefty allows to his German troops, according to the effective ftate in which the faid body of troops fhall be delivered; which fhall be afcertained by a Tabelle figned by

by the refpective minifters of the high-contracting parties, which fhall have the fame force, as if it was inferted, word for word, in the present treaty. Whilft they fhall be employed in the Low Countries, they fhall be treated in the faid refpect, on the foot of the Dutch troops: And if it fhould happen that they were to be employed in Great Britain or Ireland, from the time of the notification which fhall be thereof made, in that cafe, to the most Serene Lvndgrave, they fhall be put on the fame foot, in all respects, with the national British troops; which feveral pays and treatments fhall be paid into the military cheft of his moft Serene Highnefs, without any deduction or diminution, in order to the making a distribution: thereof.



VIII. If it should happen unfortunately, that any regi-. ments or companies of the above-mentioned corps fhould be ruined and deftroyed, in the whole or in part; or that.. the pieces of cannon with which they fhall be furnished fhould be taken by the enemy; his Majesty the King of Great Britain fhall cause to be paid the expences of the neceffary recruiting and remounting them, as alfo the value of the faid field pieces; in order forthwith to reinftate the artillery, and the faid regiments and companies: And. the faid recruiting and remounting fhall be regulated, likewife, on the foot of what was furnished to the Heffian officers by virtue of the treaty of 1702, article V.: to the end that this corps may be always preferved and fent back, one day, in as good a ftate as it was delivered in.


IX. His Britannick Majefty fhall be at liberty to keep this body of troops, in his fervice the whole time of the: duration of this treaty, and to employ it wherefoever he shall have occafion for it, provided it be not on board the fleet, or beyond the fea, when once it has departed out of the territories of the moft Serene Landgrave; excepting, always, for the defence of Great Britain and Ireland; in which cafe, these troops fhall enjoy, fully, and without any restriction whatfoever, the fame pay and emoluments: as the English troops enjoy, as has been faid above. And 1 when his Majefty, the King of Great Britain fhall think fit to fend back the faid troops, he shall give notice thereof to his moft Serene Highness three months beforehand,



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