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A Treaty of Peace and Friendship, between the King of Great Britain, and the Emperor of Morocco: concluded at Fez, between William Petticrew, Efq; his Britannick Majefty's Conful General, and the Alcaide Habeb, Lohab Ben Hamed Limury, the Emperor of Morocco's Prime Minifter, and figned the 15th of Rabbei the First, in the year 1164, which is in English Stile, the 15th of January, 1750, O. S. As alfo the additional articles of Peace and Commerce, concluded and figned between the faid two Minifters, on the 1ft of February, 1751, N. S.


EORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Arch Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire, and Prince Elector, &c. To all to whom these presents fhall come, greeting. Whereas a treaty for establishing peace and friendship was concluded and figned on the 15th of December, 1734, and copied the 15th of Rabbei the first, in the year 1164, which is in English ftile, the 15th day of January, 1750, O. S. and the additional articles of peace and commerce, concluded and figned at the court of Fez, on the ift of February, 1751, N. S. between Us and the High, Glorious, Potent, and most Noble Prince Mulay Abedela, Ben Mulay Ifmael, Ben Mulay Seriph, Ben Mulay Aly, King and Emperor of the kingdoms of Fez, Morocco, Taffilete, Sus and the whole Algarbe, and the territories thereof, by William Petticrew, Efq; our Conful General on our part, and by the Alcaide Habeb Lohab Ben Hamed Limury, firft Minifter on the behalf VOL. III.



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and by order of the faid King of Fez and Morocco, in the words and form following.


HE treaty of peace between his Majefty George the Second, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, and Mulay Abedela Ben Ifmael, King and Emperor of Fez, Mequinez, Morocco, and all the Weft of Africa, God bless him; and the following articles were concluded by Alcaide Habeb Lohab, First Minister, and William Petticrew, Efq; his Britannick Majesty's Conful General.

1. For establishing peace and friendship, it is agreed and concluded for firm and valid, both by land and fea, in all the dominions of both powers, that the English in general fhall and may now, and at all times hereafter, enjoy and continue in peace and friendship with the Emperor and his fubjects, and be well used and refpected by the Emperor's fubjects, agreeable to the order and commands of the emperor.

II. That fuch number or quantity of paffports, as may be neceffary, be tranfmitted to the Emperor, indented in fuch manner as fhall tally with the paffports that fhall be received by the English merchants in England; and if an English man of war meets with any merchant fhips belonging to the Emperor, fuch merchant fhips fhall be obliged to produce and fhew their paffports given to them by the English Conful.

III. If any difpute fhall happen between the English and the Emperor's fubjects, the fame not to be determined by a Judge, but ended and adjusted by the English Conful and the Coyed, (that is) the Mayor of the town, where fuch difpute fhall happen.


IV. That none of the Emperor's fubjects fhall, at any time, forcibly enter the houses of the English, or any place belonging to them, or take and carry away any of their goods and effects, unless they have leave and authority from the Emperor fo to do: That if any of the Emperor's fubjects fhall hire any Englifh fhip to carry and convey goods from one part of the Emperor's dominions to another, and fhall happen by ftrefs of weather, or any other occafion, to touch at any place or places in the voyage, fuch fhip or fhips fhall not be obliged to pay any thing


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