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and fhall caufe to be paid to them one month's pay for their return, and furnish them, gratis, the neceffary tranf port veffels.

X. In cafe the moft Serene Landgrave fhould be attacked or disturbed in the poffeffion of his ftates; his Britannick Majefty promifes and engages to fend back to him, fpeedily, the faid body of troops, not only paying them a month's pay, but also furnishing them, gratis, the tranfport veffels requifite for their return; and to give, moreover, to his moft Serene Highnefs all the fuccour of troops which the cafe fhall require; which fuccour fhall be continued to him until he fhall have obtained an entire fecurity and juft indemnification. And the moft Serene Landgrave promises, in like manner, on his part, that in cafe his Majefty the King of Great Britain is attacked or disturbed in his dominions, eftates, lands, provinces, or towns, he will alfo yield him all the fuccour that it shall be in his power to give him; which fuccour fhall, in like manner, be continued to him until he fhall have obtained a good and advantageous peace.

XI. In order to render this alliance and union the more perfect, and to leave no doubt with the parties about the certainty of the fuccour which they may expect by virtue of this treaty; it is expreffly agreed, that, to judge for the future, whether the cafe of this alliance and fuc cour exifts or not, it fhall fuffice, that either of the parties are actually attacked by force of arms, without his having firft ufed open force against him who attacks him.

XII. His moft Serene Highness, to give the fuller proof that he is defirous to attach himfelf entirely to the interefts of his Britannick Majefty, and to advance them with all his power, engages, moreover, to augment the faid corps with 4000 men more, viz. 700 horfe or dragoons, and 3300 foot; each regiment of infantry provided with two field pieces; and confequently to raise the faid corps to the number of 12,000 men, as foon as his Majefty the King of Great Britain fhall judge it neceffary or advantageous for his fervice; the whole on the fame conditions, in proportion, as have been ftipulated in the preceding articles of this treaty, for the body of 8000 men and thefe 4000 men fhall be put in a condition, to be

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be delivered, and to join the first body of 8000, within the fpace of fix months after the demand of them, which fhall be made to him: his faid Majefty promifing, on his part, to make good, for thefe 4000 men, not only the remount and recruit money, after the rate of 80 crowns, Banco, for each trooper or dragoon, and of 30 crowns, Banco, for each foot foldier; but also to raise the fubfidy for this body of 12,000 men, from the day, when his moft Serene Highnefs fhall be required to keep them in readiness, to the fum of 450,000 crowns, Banco, per an num, fo long as they fhall be at the charge of the finances of his moft Serene Highness; and to the fum of 225,000 crowns, Banco, annually, fo long as they fhall be in the pay of his Britannick Majefty; the pay and treatment, as well ordinary as extraordinary, as alfo all the emoluments for this corps of 12,000 men, being to be regulated on the fame foot as is fixed, by this treaty, for the corps of the first 8000 men.

XIII. This treaty fhall fubfift for the term of four years, to be reckoned from the day of the fingnature: and if his Britannick Majefty, and the moft Serene Landgrave, fhould think proper to continue, prolong, or change it, they fhall treat thereupon three months before its expiration, according to the exigence of the cafe.

XV. The ratifications of this treaty fhall be exchanged at Hanover, within the space of fix weeks after the fignature, or fooner if it can be done. In witnefs whereof, we the underwritten, furnished with the full powers of his Britannick Majefty, and of the moft Serene Landgrave of Heffe Caffell, have figned the prefent treaty, and have caufed the feals of our arms to be put thereto. Done at Hanover, the 18th of June, 1755(L. S.) Holdernesse.


J. H. Alt.

(L. S.) (L. S.)

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compleat Copy of all our Treaties with the King of Prul fia, the Secret and Separate Articles, the Declaration relative to the Proposal of Great Britain's fending a Fleet into the Baltick in 1758, and other important Objects.


AUTANT que les différents, qui fe font élevés en Amérique entre le Roi de la Grande Bretagne et le Roi Très Chrétien, et dont les fuites deviennent de plus en plus critiques, donnent lieu de craindre pour la tran quillité publique en Europe; fa Majefté le Roi de la Grande Bretagne, Electeur de Brunfvic Lunebourg,&c. et fa Majefté le Roi de Pruffe, Electeur de Brandebourg, &c. attentives à un objet fi intéreffant, et également animés du defir de conferver la paix générale de l'Europe, et celle de l'Allemagne en particulier, ont bien voulu fe concerner fur les mefures, qui puffent contribuer le plus efficacement à une fin fi defirable; et pour cet effet, elles ont authorifé leurs miniftres plénipotentiaires refpectifs ; favoir, au nom et de la part de fa Majesté Britannique, fes confeillers privés Philippe Comte de Hardwicke, fon chancelier de la Grande Bretagne : Jean Comte de Granville, préfident de fon confeil: Thomas Holles Duc de Newcastle, premier commiffaire de fa tréforerie: Robert Comte de Holderneffe, l'un de fes principaux fecretaires d'état; and Henry Fox, un autre de fes principaux fecretaires d'état ; et au nom et de la part de fa Majefté Pruffienne, le Sieur Louis Michell, fon chargé d'affaires à la cour de fa Majesté Britannique; lefquels, après s'être communiqué réciproquement leurs pleins pouvoirs, font convenus des articles fuivans.

Article I. Il y aura entre les dits féréniffimes Rois une paix fincère et une amitié réciproque, nonobftant les troubles qui pourront s'élever en Europe, en conféquence des differents fufmentionnés, en fuite de laquelle aucune des parties contractantes n'attaquera, ni envahira directement ni indirectement le territorie de l'autre : mais au contraire elles feront chacune de fon côté touts leurs efforts pour empêcher leurs alliés refpectifs de rien entreprendre contre fe dit territoire de quelque maniere que ce puifle être.

II. En

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II. En cas que, contre tout attente, et en violation de la tranquillité que les hautes parties contractantes enten dent maintenir par ce traité dans l'Allemagne, quelque puiffance étrangere fit entrer des troupes dans la dite Alle magne fous quelque prétexte que ce puiffe être, les deux hautes parties contractantes uniront leurs forces et pour punir cette infraction de la paix, et pour maintenir la tran quillité en Allemagne, felon l'objèt du préfent traité.

III. Les hautes partiés contractantes renouvellent expreffement touts les traités d'alliance et de garantie, qui fubfiftent actuellement entre elles, et nommément l'alli ance défensive et de garantie réciproque conclue à Weft minster entre leurs Majeftés Britannique et Pruffienne le 18me de Novembre 1742, la convention arrêtée entre leurs dites Majeftés à Hannovre, le 26me Août 1745, et l'acte d'acceptation de fa Majefté Pruffienne, de celui de garantie de fa Majefté Britannique du 13me d'Octobre 1746.

IV. Le préfent traité fera ratifié par fa Majefté le Roi de la Grande Bretagne, et par fa Majefté le Roi de Pruffe, et les lettres de ratification en bonne forme feront délivrées, de part et d'autre dans le tems d'un mois ou plutôt fi faire fe peut, à compter du jour de la fignature du prés fent traité.

En foy de quoi nous fouffignés, munis des pleins pou voirs de leurs Majeftés les Rois de la Grande Bretagne et de Pruffe, avons, en leurs noms, figné le préfént traité, et y avons appofé les cachets de nos armes. Fait à Weftminfter, le feiziéme jour de Janvier, l'an de Grace 1756.



(L.S.) H. FOX.



S the differences which have arifen in America between the King of Great Britain and the most Chriftian King, and the confequences of which become

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every day more alarming, give room to fear for the publick tranquillity of Europe; his Majefty the King of Great Britain, Elector of Brunswick Lunenbourg, &c. and his Majefty the King of Pruffia, Elector of Brandenburgh, attentive to an object fo very interefting, and equally defirous of preferving the peace of Europe in general, and that of Germany in particular, have refolved to enter into fuch measures, as may the most effectually contribute to fo defirable an end; and for this purpose, they have refpectively authorifed their Minifters Plenipotentiary, viz. In the name and on the part of his Britannick Majefty, his Privy Counsellors, Philip Earl of Hardwicke, Chancellor of Great Britain; John Earl of Granville, Prefident of the Council; Thomas Holles Duke of Newcastle, first Commiffioner of the Treafury; Robert Earl of Holderneffe, one of the principal Secretaries of State; and Henry Fox, another of the principal Secretaries of State; and in the name, and on the part of his Pruffian Majefty, the Sieur Lewis Michell, his chargé d'affaires at the court of his Britannick Majefty; who, after having mutually communicated their full powers, have agreed upon the following articles.

I. There fhall be, between the faid moft Serene Kings, a perfect peace and mutual amity, notwithstanding the troubles that may arife in Europe, in confequence of the above-mentioned differences; fo that neither of the contracting parties fhall attack, or invade, directly or indirectly, the territories of the other; but, on the contrary, fhall exert their utmost efforts to prevent their refpective allies from undertaking any thing against the said territories in any manner whatever.

II. If, contrary to all expectation, and in violation of the peace which the high contracting parties propofe to maintain by this treaty in Germany, any foreign power fhould caufe troops to enter into the faid Germany, under any pretext whatfoever; the two high contracting parties fhall unite their forces to punish this infraction of the peace, and maintain the tranquillity of Germany, according to the purport of the prefent treaty.

III. The high contracting parties renew exprefly all the treaties of alliance and guaranty which actually fub


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