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the defired conclufion, we have thought fit to inveft fome proper perfon with full power on our part; Know ye, that we, confiding entirely in the fidelity, diligence, ability, penetration and experience in affairs, of our trusty and well-beloved Daniel Hailes, Efq., our Minifter Plenipotentiary to our good brother the Moft Chriftian King, have named, made, and conftituted, and by thefe prefents do name, make, and conftitute him our true, certain, and undoubted Commiffioner, Procurator, and Pled nipotentiary; giving and granting to him all and att manner of power, faculty, and authority as also our general and special command (fosthat the general shall not derogate from the special, nor contrary wife at the Court of our faid good brother the Moft Chriftian King, for us, and in our name, to meet and confer with the Ambafladors, Commiffioners, Deputies, and Plenipoten tiaries of the aforefaid: Lords the Stares General of the United Netherlands, being furnished with fufficient au thority, and with them to agree, treat, confult, and conclude upon the re-establishing, as foon as may be, of a firm and lasting peace, and fincere friendship and concord; and for us, and in our name, to fign whatever may be fo agreed upon and concluded; and alfo to make, and mutually deliver and receive, a treaty or treaties, or fuch other, and fo many inftruments as fhall be requifite, upon the bufinefs concluded, and to tranfact all other matters, which may relate to the happily accomplishing the aforefaid work in as ample manner and form, and with equal force and effect as we, if we were prefent, could do and perform engaging and promifing, on our Royal Word, that we will approve, ratify, and accept, in every more perfect form, whatever may happen to be tranfacted and concluded by our faid Plenipotentiary, and that we will never fuffer the fame to be violated or infringed by any one, either in the whole or in part.


In witness, and for the greater validity of all which, we have caufed our Great Seal of Great Britain to be af fixed to these prefents, figned with our Royal Hand.

Given at our Court at St. James's, the twenty-feventh day April, in the year of our Lord one thousand feven hundred and eighty-four, and in the twenty-fourth year of our Reign,


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The full Power of the States General.




HE States General of the United Netherlands: To all who, fhall fee thefe prefents, greeting. Whereas there is nothing we have more earnestly at heart, than that the war, in which we, together with other Powers, are involved, against Great Britain, may be terminated by a general, folid, and lafting peace, and that, in order to accomplish fo defirable and falutary a purpose, negociations may be forthwith begun; wherefore, moved by a defire of contributing whatever lies in our power to promote the negociation for a general peace, and trufting that we fhall find the Moft Serene King of Great Britain animated with the like fentiments, we, knowing the prudence, experience in affairs, and fidelity of the Lords Leftevenon de Berkenroode, our Ambaffador to his Moft Chriftian Majefty, and Gerard Brantfen, Conful of the city of Arnheim, Counsellor and Master General of the Mint of the Republick, Deputy in Ordinary from the Province of Gueldres to our Af fembly, and our Plenipotentiary, have authorised, appointed, commiffioned, and deputed, as, by these prefents, we do authorife, appoint, commiffion and depute them, granting full power, as well as general and fpecial command, to both of them conjointly, or to either of them in the abfence of the other, whether on account of illness or of any other impediment whatsoever, to treat with him or them who fhall have been likewife invefted by his Britannick Majefty with the neceffary authority for that purpofe, concerning all things which fhall be judged expedient and requifite for concluding a general, lafting, and advantageous peace, to endeavour to remove all obftacles which may occur, to act, agree, and stipulate thereupon in fuch manner as they fhall think proper, and generally to do all things relative thereto, which we ourselves being prefent might do; promifing fincerely and bonâ fide, that we will accept, perform, and } WI Towowi si bun "put Bratify is % to 10

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ratify every thing which the faid Lords our Ambaffador and Plenipotentiary fhall have ftipulated, promifed, or granted, and that we will iffue our letters of ratification in due form. Given at the Hague under our great feal, figned by the Prefident of our Affembly, and counterfigned by our Greffier, the nineteenth day of Auguft, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two.



By order of the aforefaid Lords the States General,


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Edition. Price 75. in Boards.

§§ This Work includes the important Question relative to the opening the PORTS of GREAT BRITAIN to the MANUFACTURES of IRELAND, and also to the COLONIAL and FOREIGN Produce from that Kingdom. OBSERVATIONS on the COMMERCE of the AMERICAN SŤATES, with an Appendix, containing Remarks on the Trade and Navigation of BRITAIN, and on the late Proclamations. The Sixth Edition, with confiderable Additions, and several interefting Tables. By JOHN LORD shefFIELD. Price Six Shillings in Boards.


*To this Edition is prefixed an Introduction, in Reply to the Remarks and Objections which have been published against this Work.


The NEW FOUNDLING HOSPITAL FOR WIT: Being a Collection of fugitive Pieces in Profe and Verfe, not in any other Collection. A new Edition, confiderably improved and enlarged; in which are inferted feveral curious Pieces, by Lady Craven, the Marquis of Carmarthen, the Earls of Carlifle, Buchan, Nugent; the Lords Palmerston, Mulgrave, Holland; Sir J. Moore, Right Hon. C. J. Fox, Right Hon. R. Fitzpatrick, Sir W. Jones, Dr. B. Franklin, J. Wilkes, D. Garrick, R. B. Sheridan, and C. Whitefoord, Efqrs. Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Mr. Gray, Mr. Mafon, G. Ellis, R. Cumberland, B. Edwards, Capt. E. Thompson, &c. &c. which were not in the former Edition; together with feveral Pieces, now first printed from the Authors' Manufcripts. The Whole carefully revifed, arranged, and corrected, in Six Volumes. Price 18s. fewed.

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An ASYLUM for FUGITIVE PIECES, in Profe and Verfe'; not in any other Collection. With feveral Pieces never before published containing, befides a Variety of original Pieces not in the former Edition; all the late Probationary Odes upon the Lanreat Election, afcribed to Sir Sir Cecil Wray, Lord Mulgrave, Sir Jofeph Mawbey, Mr. Mason, Mr. Macpherfon, the Attorney General, Mr. Wraxall, Mr. M. A. Taylor, and Major Scott; the Ode for the New Year, abfcribed to Sir G. P. Turner,; an Irregular Ode, abfcribed to Mr. H. Dundas; the Rolliad, parts I. and II. complete to the prefent Time. Together with a great Number of other additional and original Pieces, in Verse and Profe, written by Perfons of Fashion on feveral late Topics; the whole revised and corrected. Price 3s. 6d. fewed, and intended as a Supplement to the above Work.

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TRAVELLING ANECDOTES through various Parts of EUROPE, a new Edition, by JAMES DOGLAS, illuftrated with eight Engravings. Price 6s. in Boards.

A Collection of the moft efteemed

AST-INDIA TRACTS, which were printed during the Years 1780, 1781, 7782, 1783, and 1784; in five Volumes. Price 11. 16s. half bound and lettered.

+++ In this Collection are contained, among other valuable Tracts, Mr. Haftings' Letter; Major Scott's Conduct of the Minifter; All in the Wrong; Retrospective View of the Mahratta War; State of the Eaft-India Company; Mr. Francis' Speech; Minutes on Sir Elijah Impey's Appointment; Genuine Memoirs of Afiaticus; Tanjore Papers, Major Scott's Speech; Mr. Cotsford's Letters; Detector's Letters; Popular Topics, &c. &c. &c.

A COLLECTION of the most esteemed POLITICAL TRACTS that wêre printed during the Years 1764, 1765, 1766, 1767, 1968, 1769, 1770, 17714 1772, and 1973; including the much-admired Letters on Libels and Warrants; &c. In Eight Volumes. Price Two Guineas, half bound and lettered.

A COLLECTION of interesting TRACTS on the Subject of the American Difputes. In Four Volumes, half bound and lettered. Price rl. 45:

The NEW PEERAGE; or, the Ancient and Prefent State of the Nobility of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND; containing a genealogical Account of the Peers, whether by Summons or Creation; their Defcents and collateral Branches; their Births, Marriages, and Iffuer together with their paternal Coats of Arms, Crefts, Supporters, and Mottoes, engraved. To which is added, The Extin& Peerage, comprchending an authentic Account of the Peers who have ever exifted from the earliest Times. A new Edition: In three Volumes Octavo. Price 158. in Boards.


The Editors profefs to have given in thefe Volumes the clearest, moft authentic, and the best digested Account of the noble Families of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND, hitherto published; and, by omitting unneceffary Digreffions, and oftentatious Quotations from Histories and biographical Memoirs, which only ferve to increase the Price, have exhibited their Genealogies clear and explicit, fo that every collateral Branch is feen with great Facility and Exaftness, and few even of the Gentry of England, Scotland, and Ireland, who have intermarried with the Nobility of those Kingdoms, but may here discover by what Degree of Confanguinity they are allied.



The NARRATIVE of Lieutenant-General SIR HENRY CLINTON, K. B. relative to his Conduct during Part of his Command of the King's Troops in North America; particularly to that which refpects the unfortunate Iffue of the Campaign in 1781. Sixth Edition. Price 28.6.


An ANSWER to that Part of the NARRATIVE of Lieutenant-General SIR HENRY CLINTON, K. B. which relates to the Conduct of LieutenantGeneral EARL CORNWALLIS, during the Campaign in North America in the Year 1781. By EARL CORNWALLIS. Price 35, fewed.

va OBSERVATIONS upon fome Parts of Lieutenant-General EARL CORNWALLIS's ANSWER to SIR HENRY CLINTON's NARRATIVE. By Lieutenant-General SIR HENRY CLINTON, K. B. Price 2s. 6d.


+++ The above Three authentic Publications comprehend the Whole of this very interesting Controversy; and being all uniformly printed, may be had complere in one Volume. Price 8s. half bound and lettered.


A÷LETTER from SIR HENRY CLINTON, K. B. to the COMMIS SIONERS of PUBLIC ACCOUNTS, which he finds neceffary to lay before the Public. Price 19.

- GENERAL BURGOYNE's STATE of his EXPEDITION from CANADA, with all the authentic Documents, and many Circumstances not made public before. Written by Himself. Illustrated with fix Plans of the Action, the Country, &c. finely engraved and coloured. A new Edition, in octavo. Price 68. in Boards.



· SIR WILLIAM HOWE's NARRATIVE, relative to his Conduct during his late Command of the King's Troops in North America. Third Edition.

Price 3s.

A Candid and Impartial NARRATIVE of the Transactions of the Fleet under the Command of LORD VISCOUNT HOWE, from the Arrival of the Toulon Squadron on the Coaft of America, to the Time of his Lordship's Departure for England. Second Edition. Price 18. 6d,

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