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title of the U. S. thereto upon consummation of the contemplated purchase by the U. S. from the New Panama Canal Company, shall be absolute, so far as concerns the Rep. of P., excepting always the rights of the Rep. specifically secured under this treaty.


If it should become necessary at any time to employ armed forces for the safety or protection of the Canal, or of the ships that make use of the same, or the railways and auxiliary works, the U. S. shall have the right, at all times and in its discretion, to use its police and its land and naval forces or to establish fortifications for this purpose.

Art. XXIV.

No change either in the Government or in the laws and treaties of the Rep. of P. shall, without the consent of the U. S., affect any right of the U. S. under the convention, or under any treaty stipulation between the two countries that now exists or may hereafter exist touching the subject matter of this convention.

If the Rep. of P. shall hereafter enter as a constituent into any other Government or into any union or confederation of states, so as to merge her sovereignty or independence in such Government, union or confederation, the rights of the U. S. under this convention shall not be in any respect lessened or impaired.

Art. XXV.

For the better performance of the engagements of this convention and to the end of the efficient protection of the Canal and the preservation of its neutrality, the Government of the Rep. of P. will sell or lease to the U. S. lands adequate and necessary for naval or coaling stations on the Pacific coast and on the western Carribean coast of the Republic at certain points to be agreed upon with the President of the U. S. .

Art. XXVI.

This convention when signed by the Plenipotentiaries of the Contracting Parties shall be ratified by the respective Governments and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington at the earliest date possible.

In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the present convention in duplicate and have hereunto affixed their respective seals.

Done at the City of Washington the 18th day of November in the year of the Lord nineteen hundred and three.

John Hay.

P. Bunau-Varilla.

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