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the Tsar Nicholas I., Napoleon III., the German Emperor, and Prince Henry of Prussia. The Prince of Wales became Commodore in 1882 on the death of Lord Wilton.

The Prince generally takes the chair at the annual dinner of the Squadron held at the old castle at West Cowes, built as a fort by Henry VIII., which became the headquarters of the club in 1858. This festivity is the great event of the year for all well-known

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yachtsmen. There is a great display of plate, including the Queen's Cup, the Nelson Vase, and the beautiful model of the Speranza, which once belonged to Lord Conyngham. His Royal Highness presented a few years ago twenty-one cannon to the club-house at Cowes. They were taken by him from the Royal Adelaide, the toy warship placed by William IV. to guard the artificial ocean of Virginia Water. Now they are used for firing salutes.

It need hardly be said that the Prince is the owner of many splendid prizes won at Cowes and elsewhere. Both he and the

Princess are extremely fond of the sea, and he early made himself acquainted with the less technical side of navigation. The Prince of Wales is very fond of spending a certain number of days each year at Cannes, and when he is there in April he generally takes an active part in the Battle of Flowers; and he entertains large parties of his English and foreign friends on board the Britannia.

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