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THE Editor, in giving the History of the Work of Redemption has followed the fourth Edinburgh Edition, printed in the year 1793. This is according to the form to which the manuscript was reduced by Dr. Erskine, and appears to have been printed with uncommon accuracy, probably under the eye of the Doctor. This is preferred to the London Edition, published in the year '88 by Mr. PITCHER. The Editor of this Edition, though he appears ta have been conscientiously careful to preserve the sentiments of Mr. EDWARDS, has so varied the style, that we cease to rely that what we read is the composition of the original author. The copious notes attached to this Edition were evidently designed to embellish the work, and render it more acceptable among literary men. They are thought to be of no advan. tage to the reputation of the author, and but in very few instances to be of any considerable importance to elucidate his work. Some of our subscribers may have expected to see them inserted; but if it had been expedient, we had absolutely no room for them.


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