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OUR friends are already apprized of the society's removal from Hartford to Boston; a step rendered necessary by the death of our lamented coadjutor, WILLIAM WATSON, and desirable on account of the greater facilities which our present location will furnish for prosecuting the work to which we are devoted.

Mr. Watson, one of the most ardent and indefatigable laborers in the cause of peace that we have ever known, was the mainspring of our operations in Hartford. He had started the Advocate of Peace on his own responsibility a year before we selected that place for the seat of our movements; and, finding him disposed to make great efforts and sacrifices for its continuance, and the work itself executed with much taste, and edited with uncommon ability, we adopted it as our organ, and merged in it our former periodical, the Calumet. The bureau of the society must necessarily be where its organ is published; and as the zeal of Mr. Watson had rallied around him in Connecticut a large number of able and effective coadjutors, there was little difficulty in selecting on the spot a

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