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"Ball-Bearing" Bicycle Shoe

"Fits and Feels Like

a Glove"

Pratt Lace-Fastener Secures

Laces Without Tying


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Trade Marks

Sold by Shoe and Sporting Goods Dealers Everywhere. Ask to

see them.

Descriptive booklet free.

C.H.Fargo & Co. (Makers)

The facilities I offer my customers I believe are most exceptional

One of the most important is the City Department, which handles all the "want ads.” collected by the American District Telegraph Company, amounting in a single day to upwards of 4,000 separate advertisements gathered by eighty different offices. All these offices are connected with my headquarters by private telegraph wires.

Pneumatic tubes run between my uptown office and the New York daily newspapers, three miles away, and the advertiser who puts his copy into my hands by noon can see proof a few minutes later and have advertisement appear corrected in the evening papers (the same facilities for morning papers up to 10 o'clock at night). No other agency in the world has these facilities.

Advertising by

Tubes. *



A well-appointed branch in charge of a competent man is maintained for the placing and arrangement of FINANCIAL advertisements. Bankers and brokers will not only receive at this branch the most careful and honest service, but the help of an experienced

authority in financial advertisements.

Reading * * Advertisements and Booklets.

Under the charge of Mr. Frank Presbrey an important department is devoted to writing and illustrating "reading matter" advertisements, the publishing of booklets for railroads, hotels, schools, etc. Mr. Presbrey has recently done specially successful work in this direction for the North German Lloyd Steamship Company, the Southern Railway, and the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, copies of which will be sent on application.

In General.

I claim less for the system we possess than for the spirit in which we handle our customer's interest. We charge a moderate profit. We have no special mediums which cost the customer dear, and we do not insert advertisements in papers simply because the profits are large. We have no "bargain lists," issue no "guide or directory," and our purchasing of space or recommendation of mediums is influenced only by the actual require ments of our clients.

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