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The refining and elevating influence of music is admitted the world over. But there must be the right kind of music, and the right kind of instrument. Ho mistake can be made in selecting




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Tts exquisite and accurate voicing insures lasting tone quality, while its perfect construction makes it certain to remain long in tune. For information address

The John Church Company,

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In Holland every family of importance has a collection of Silver Toys, which, being indestructible, are preserved and used by many generations.


Many other patterns, and all finished as well as the best Silverware.
Prices from two to six dollars each-a few higher.

To obtain illustrated Price List showing exact sizes, simply mail us
your visiting card with address and marked "SCRIBNER'S."

The finest Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Sapphires.
Silverware of excellent style and quality.

Genuine old English Silver - Novelties in fine Jewelry.


#4y E. Under

ess give me de trun down wid spellin words she couldn't talk in a tousand years-not on her life!

on de typewriter ceptin little Miss Fannie and
de bull pup.

AY, when it comes t'
talkin de Merican lang-
wudge I can trot
Chauncey De-
pew a heat

and lose him
in a walk.
But let

me tell
you bout
de way
de Duch-

"You know Mr. Burton, what's Miss Fannie's husband? Well, he's what dey calls a mugwump, and he's up against de political gang down where our country place is. He gets so many letters from odder dudes in politics, and reformers and committees, dat he didn't uster do a ting but sit up all day and all night a writin of answers, till His Whiskers says, ' Hal,' says he, why dont you get a typewriter, and a young woman to op'rate it? Den you will have time t' get quainted wid de misses and de kid.' "Say, dat's what he done. We gets de typewriter, and a young woman comes t' de house

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from de village every mornin and she didn't do a ting but rattle off dose letters in a hour a day. "Well, de Duchess she jollied de young woman till she teached de Duchess how t' run de machine, and den de Duchess began puttin on style over me, so I jollies de op'rater and gets teached, and His Whiskers, he got stuck on de machine, and next Miss Fannie, and den Mr. Paul, and even Maggie de housemaid sneaked a lesson. Holy gee! before a week dere wasn't no body bout de place what wasn't writin pieces


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"Well, one day Mr. Paul he catched de Duchess and me in de library, where de machine was, and we was havin a scrap bout which of us was de boss op'rater.

Copyright, 1895, by

"Say, Mr. Paul is a peach. Stid of tellin us t' get t'ell out of dere he says, solem like, 'Dis is only t' be settled,' says he, by a damstration,' usin dose dude words. "Now,' says he, I'll dictate a sentence to each of you in turn, and de one what typewrites it nearest correct has my blessin and de champeen belt.'

"So dis is what he dictates, and you can see for yourself on dese sheets of paper how we writ Dis foist one is de dam-no-demon-stration -made by de Duchess :

'Eef a mortale meet a boatale,

En zat mortale's drai;

'Shood ze mortale drinke ze botale?

Not unless eets rai.'

"Here's de way I turned it loose-read it yourself:

'Effa mortul meets a botul

And de mortul's dri,

'Chud de mortul drink de botul?

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What the public wants to know is-
Which Typewriter "wins out"?

Not unless ets ri.'


The REMINGTON of course.


327 Broadway, New York.


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Lehigh Valley Railroad

Comfort and luxury unsurpassed.

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Generally believed to have been the first fully equipped passenger train in this country, carrying ery few passengers, and those at a rate not even as swift as a modern horse-car on a down Tade. Not many conveniences then were afforded for traveling around and seeing this country f ours: a journey then to Philadelphia or Niagara Falls from New York meant many days.

And then on this


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The Lehigh Valley Railroad, running over a double-tracked stone-ballasted line, operates solid estibule trains (heated by steam and lighted by Pintsch gas), from New York and Philadelphia o Chicago, via Niagara Falls, with dining-room cars on the à la carte plan. The route takes ne through a picturesque country, the scenery of which is unsurpassed for grandeur and


Printed matter and full particulars may be obtained at the following ticket offices:

PHILADELPHIA-Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Offices: N. E.

Cor. Broad and Chestnut Streets; 833 Chestnut Street; No. 362
Market Street. Depots: Reading Terminal, Twelfth and Market
Streets, Ninth and Columbia Avenue, and Third and Berks
ROCHESTER, N. Y.-No. 13 East Main Street, and Depot, South
St. Paul Street.
BROOKLYN, N. Y.-Penna. R.R. Annex, Foot of Fulton Street;
344 Fulton Street.
please! CHICAGO, ILL.-204 South Clark Street.

NEW YORK-General Eastern Passenger Agent's Office. 235
Broadway: 273 Broadway. Depots: Foot of Cortlandt or Des-
brosses Streets (P R.R. Ferries, and N. Y. Transfer Company's
NEWARK-Market Street Station; Pennsylvania R.R. City
Office, 789 Broad Street.
BUFFALO-Cor. Main and Seneca Streets, No. 377 Main Street
Depot, Scott and Washington Streets.
WILKES-BARRE, PA.-City Ticket Office, No. 115 Public S
SCRANTON, PA.-City Ticket Office, No. 309 Lackawanna 1
ITHACA, N. Y.-City Ticket Office, Cor. State and Aurora Stree

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