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the Perfect Liquid Dentifrice, wishes you the compliments of the season, and trusts you may accept through its daily use one of the best of gifts


white, clean teeth, preserved

and beautified, a

breath sweet as

fragrant roses,

and then it may
be truly said

"Those cherries fairly do enclose
Of orient pearl a double row;

Which, when her lovely laughter shows,

They look like rosebuds filled with snow."

Rubifoam Booklet, containing many valuable suggestions on the care of the teeth, mailed free. Address









COR several years past the Hamburg-American Line has arranged excursions at certain seasons, placing at the
disposal of travelers one of its floating palaces, and affording them all the comforts and luxuries of modera
life. These cruises have become so popular with the American traveling public that the Company has made them
a permanent feature of its service.


THE FIRST CRUISE will be by the Twin Screw Express Steamer FÜRST BIS

MARCK, Capt. Albers, sailing from New York, Jan. 28, 1896, to MADEIRA, the MEDITERRANEAN, and the ORIENT.

Touching at Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, Genoa, Villefranche (Nice), Tunis, Alexandria (Cairo and Pyramids), Jaffa (Jerusalem), Smyrna, Constantinople, Athens, Malta, Messina, Palermo, Naples, Genoa, and return to New York.

The cruise from New York to the Orient and return to New York will occupy about ten weeks. Passengers desiring to prolong their stay in Europe before returning to America may leave the excursion upon touching at Genoa the second time and take any one of the Hamburg-American Line's Express Steamers from Hamburg, Southampton, or Cherbourg, to New York, up to August, 1, 1896.

Ever since the childhood of the human race the Mediterranean coasts have played the most important part in the history of advancing civilization. Greece has bequeathed to us her precious legacy of art and poetry, Rome has given us her grand representatives of patriotism and statecraft, Egypt has filled our souls with thrills of awe and wonderment, the Holy Land has inspired us with lofty sentiments and religious fervor. All along the blue Mediterranean Sea we find the indelible imprints of man's past, the glorious monuments of antiquity. The whole scenery of ancient history unrolls before our eyes, not in artistic reproduction, but in all its realistic grandeur and glory. The memories of such a trip, the sights of the scenery of the most remarkable events of man's history, will remain for a life-time in the soul of every beholder.

THE SECOND CRUISE will be by the Twin Screw Express Steamer COLUMBIA, Capt. Vogelgesang, sailing from New York, Jan. 25, 1896, to the WEST INDIES and the SPANISH MAIN.

The Itinerary will include the following ports: Port au Prince (Hayti), Mayaguez (Porto Rico), St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, La Guayra (for Caracas) and Puerto Cabello (Venezuela), Kingston (Jamaica), Havana, New York.

This tour lasts about four and a half weeks and offers American tourists a most attractive and comfortable means of escaping the bitter blasts of our rigorous Northern winters.

A glance at the itinerary suggests at once tales of romance and adventure, recalling many a famous exploit of dead and gone worthies. But it also presents to the mind a vista of smooth seas and lovely palm-covered beaches, of beautiful scenery and strange peoples, offering an ever varying and inexhaustible fund of novelty to divert the mind and charm the senses. In cruising from port to port in these enchanted seas, among verdant and flowerclothed islands, nature is seen in her brightest and most beautiful mood, and life in the tropics at its best. It would be difficult, indeed, to imagine any attribute of an ideal winter resort not found among these "Fortunate Isles."

For further particulars, descriptive pamphlet, rates, etc., address




New York, 37 Broadway. Chicago, 125 La Salle Street. San Francisco, 401 California Street. Boston, 70 State Street. Philadelphia, 337 Walnut Street,

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4 Days to California

From New York and Boston.

3 Days from Chicago.

New Fast Daily Passenger Service.
The "California Limited,"


Santa Fé Route,

leaves Chicago, every day at 6.00 p. m., reaching

Los Angeles at 6.05 p. m., and San Diego at 10.10 p. m., the

third day following.

A Strictly First-Class Limited Train.

Dining Cars

and Superb Vestibuled Pullman Equipment with



Compartment Sleepers

run through from Chicago to Los Angeles.
All Fast trains from the East
connect with this train.

George T. Nicholson,

General Passenger Agent,

Monadnock Building,

Chicago, III.

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