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EVA: Why, Maud, your hair has turned gray since I saw you last." MAUD: "And yours has turned black."

Laughing Babies

are loved by everybody. Those raised on the Gail Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Milk are comparatively free from sickness. Infant Health is a valuable pamphlet for mothers. Send your address for a copy to the New York Condensed Milk Company, New York.

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and Rock Razor Hones, Combined, make it possible for a selfshaver to keep his razor in perfect order without trouble or expense -we'll teach you how to use the hone. If you've got a good razor don't ruin it on a poor strop. If you've got a poor razor make the best of it by using the best strop. You will never know the comfort of shaving yourself until you get a Torrey Strop. Made in all sizes. Sold by all dealers. Catalogue Free. Tells how to strop a razor. J. R. Torrey & Co.,

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The composition of Cleveland's Baking
Powder is plainly stated on every label.

Our book of 400 choice recipes mailed free. Send stamp and address.
Cleveland Baking Powder Company, 81 & 83 Fulton Street, New York.


I have frequently asserted that the management of advertising-the planning-was the most important part of it. This I will undertake to do for a few good advertisers. I will prepare plans for the expenditure of their appropriation. I will show them a distinct saving of money, and an increased effectiveness. Upon receipt of full particulars of the business, and of the advertising that has been done, I will formulate a detailed plan, with general advice and specific instructions and suggestions.

My proposition is to show my client how to do better advertising with the money he is spending, or how to do as good advertising with less. I will tell him what to do and what not to do. This is something that I know about. I am in communication with over one thousand of the best and brightest advertisers in the world. Some of them are my clients. Some of them come to me partments in various trade journals. All of them tell me their troubles and their experiences. They tell me what has paid them, and they tell me what has not paid them. That is where I get my information. That is the reason I say I know what is right for another man to do.

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The client for whom I prepare plans will be at liberty to write to me at any time during the year for advice, on any subject that may come up in connection with advertising, and for criticism of his methods and the kind of matter that he is using. If I think it is necessary to have matter prepared, I will say so. If he wants me to prepare it, I will do so. If he wants to have it prepared by somebody else, all right.

I shall charge for my services as adviser and critic. I shall consider myself a salaried employee of the man I am working for, and shall be interested in the success of his business. I propose to give him the best that is in me. I will give honest, earnest work, and thought to his business, and give him the benefit of an experience in advertising that I believe to be absolutely unique. I don't believe another man ever lived who was in as close communication with as many bright advertisers as I have been for the last two years.

I want to hear from advertisers who want to do better advertising-profitable advertising-real advertising.

I don't think it is worth while for any one to write to me, unless he is prepared to pay $10.00 a month for this advisory advice. This is the minimum price. The maximum price is yet to be decided upon. It depends upon the size of the advertising appropriation, and the consequent time and labor involved.


1413, 1414, 1415 Vanderbilt Building, N. Y.




Suppose you have a job of varnishing, the labor on which will cost $100. Fine varnish for that job will cost $20. All told, $120.

Suppose you save (?) $10 by getting cheap varnish the work costs the same. How now? Why, the job will only last one-third as long.

In re-doing it, twice, with cheap varnish, you spend $220; total, $330. But that is not all. Twice you must scrape off the old coat and prepare the wood anew. That will cost, each time, at least $25. All told, $380.

If you wish to shine up something and sell it quick, that is another thing: but if the job is for yourself, this is the thing to consider.

Head Office: Newark, N. J.



Other Offices: Boston, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Chicago.
Factories Newark and Chicago.

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Safely locks
the lady's Boudoir

against paints,
powders and

other cosmetics.
Perfect cleanliness
by means of a

pure soap
(Pears' Soap)
is the best
way to keep

the skin soft

and beautiful.

There's no
cosmetic like


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