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Abatement of Suits and of Process.

There shall be no reversal of a judgment
in the Supreme or Circuit Courts for
error in ruling a plea in abatement,
other than a plea to the jurisdiction of
the Court; or such plea to a petition
or bill in equity, in the nature of a de-
murrer; or for any error in fact. Act
of September 24, 1789, sec. 24, Vol. I.
No abatement of any suit in case of the
death of either of the parties, where
the cause of action survives. Execu-
tors or administrators may prosecute
or defend. Act of September 24, 1789,
sec. 31,

Writs shall not abate for want of form,
but the Courts may amend imperfec-
tions in the writ, declaration, and plead-
ings, notice of process, judgment, or
course of proceedings; other than
these the party may set down as the
cause of demurrer, on such terms as
the Courts may deem proper. Act of
September 24, 1789, sec. 32,
Notes of the decisions of the courts of
the United States, on proceedings by
executors and administrators, in suits
instituted by the testator or intestate,

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I. 90

I. 90
Abduction of free Negroes from the District
of Columbia.

Punishment for taking, by fraud or vio-
lence, any free person of color from
any part of the District of Columbia,
to any other part of the District, or
elsewhere, with design or intention to
detain or cause him to be detained as
IV. 450
a slave,
Academy, Military-See Military Academy.
Access to Persons charged with Crimes.

The counsel of persons charged with
crimes and offences shall always be
I. 118

I. 91

Accessories to Crimes or Offences.
Accessories to murder, felony, piracy,
&c., before the fact, to suffer death, I. 114

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Settlement of accounts between the
United States and the states of the
I. 178
Board of three commissioners appointed
for the settlement of accounts,
I. 178
Duties and rules of proceeding of the

I. 178

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Adjustment of balances, -
Balances found due to the states to be

I. 179
Transfer of the funded stock for balances,
to be made with the consent of the
I. 409
Debtor states, assuming to pay balances
found due by them, by building forti-
fications, &c., equal to their debts, to
be discharged,
I. 616
Additional evidence in support of the
claims of Massachusetts and other
states, on the United States, to be re-
ceived, although not conforming to
existing rules,
V. 132
Proceedings for the adjustment of ac-
counts between the United States and
individuals, -
I. 441

I. 179


Further regulations for the settlement of accounts with receivers of public money,

I. 512

V. 764

Accounts adjusted at the Treasury, not to be re-opened v. ithout authority of law, V. 764 Accounts not presented at the Treasury within six years, not to be acted upon by the accounting officers, Acts for the establishment of the Treasury Department amended, and departments organized for the settlement of accounts, The Comptroller of the Treasury to lay before Congress annual statements of the accounts in the Treasury, War, and Navy departments, and of ba. lances due to the United States, II. 536 Notes of the decisions of the courts of

II. 535

the United States on Treasury statements, transcripts, and documents, I. 513 Settlement of accounts for army sup


III. 366

plies, II. 816 An act to provide for the prompt settlement of public accounts, Duties of the auditors, comptrollers, and pursers, for the adjustment of accounts in the Navy and War departments,

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III. 367

Accounts relating to Indian affairs to be settled by the second auditor, - III. 487 An act in addition to the several acts for

III. 567

III. 592

the establishment and regulation of the Treasury, War, and Navy departments, Proceedings against receivers of public money failing to account, Notes of the decisions of the courts of the United States on the provisions of this act which authorize the issuing of process of execution, &c., for ba lances stated to be due the United States, III. 593 No advance of public money to be made unless by the order of the President,


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III. 723

Officers and agents to render quarterly accounts, III. 723 Prompt proceedings against defaulting officers, III. 723 Accounting officers of the Treasury to admit expenditures in certain cases,

III. 770 Differences referred to the Secretary of War, III. 771 No money appropriated to be paid to persons in arrears to the United States, Act of January 28, 1828, IV. 246 The provision of the act of January 25, 1828, chap. 2, vol. 4, 246, not to apply to pensioners, V. 31 Accounts of emoluments of the officers

of the customs to be rendered by the collector, naval officer, and surveyor, III. 695 District attorneys, clerks, and marshals in prize causes, III. 287 District attorneys, clerks of the Circuit

and District Courts to render semi

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annual accounts of the fees received by them-amount of the fees to be V. 483 retained by them regulated, Accounts of officers of the mint, - IV. 774 Accounts of the operations of the mint to be furnished quarter yearly, V. 136 Accounts of the post-office to be rendered quarterly by the postmastergeneral, IV. 102 Neglect of postmasters to render accounts, IV. 112 The accounts of the United States, public offices and courts to be kept in dollars, or units; dimes, or tenths; cents, or hundredths; and mills, or thousandths, I. 250 All accounts of public debtors and public agents to be settled at the Treasury after March 3, 1818, . . III. 366 Revolutionary accounts for services in the military or naval departments shall be presented within two years from March 27, 1792, Limitation extended to March 1, 1799, 1. 580

I. 245


Accounts of the navy pension fund to be laid before Congress annually, I. 716, II. 53 Accounts of the navy pension fund to be rendered quarterly by the treasurer of the fund to the accounting officers of the Treasury, II. 293, III. 288, IV. 572 Accounts of the army or navy, and receivers of public money to be rendered distinctly, Accounts of army agents, Accounts of manufacturing establishments to be taken, and to be classified under the direction of the Secretary of State, III. 719 Accounts-see Index to the volume of Private Laws, Vol. VI. 943.

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To be authenticated under the seal of the State, I. 122 Notes of decisions of the Courts of the United States on the introduction in evidence of the acts, records, and judicial proceedings of States,I. 122

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Adjournment of the Courts of the United States. Provisions in the act of 1789, relative to the adjournment of the Supreme, the Circuit, and District Courts, 1. The Supreme Court may be adjourned by one or more of the justices of the court until a quorum be assembled,



The Circuit Courts may be adjourned by one of the judges, or by the marshal, in case of the want of a quorum, The District Courts, if the judge do not attend, may be adjourned by the marshal,

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I. 76

If the justice of the Supreme Court do not attend, the district judge may adjourn the Circuit Court, The Supreme Court, in case of a contagious disease, may be adjourned by the chief justice, or, in case of his death or absence, by an associate

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I. 76

I. 76

If the district judge do not attend, the
court may be adjourned by a general
order from him,-
Authority to the Supreme Court to
adjourn from day to day, in case of
the non-attendance of a quorum, ex-

IV. 332 After a quorum of the court assembles, authority given to the court to adjourn from day to day, if less than a quorum do not subsequently assemble, and when expedient or proper may adjourn without day, Adjutant-General of the Army. Adjutant-General of the See Army of the United States. Adjutant-General of the Militia,

IV. 332

To be appointed in each state, Administrator.

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I. 369

I. 621

II. 291


I. 559

I. 273


Administrators and executors may prosecute and defend suits in the Courts of the United States, when the parties to such suits die before final judgment, if the cause of action survive; and judgment may be rendered for or against executors or administrators, as the case may require, Consuls of the United States in foreign countries shall take possession of the property and effects of citizens of the United States dying abroad, shall collect and pay the debts due by and owing to such persons, and shall remit the balance to the Treasury of the United States, in trust for the legal claimants,


I. 255


The District Court shall have exclusive
cognisance of all causes of admiralty
and maritime jurisdiction, in cases of
seizure of vessels of ten tons burden
or upwards, under the laws of im-
posts, navigation, and trade, and on
waters navigable from the sea, I. 77
Proceedings in admiralty to be accord-

ing to the civil law,

I. 77

Appeals to the Circuit Court, I. 79 Appeals from the District Courts in admiralty causes, I. 83 In appeals to the Circuit Court in admiralty causes, the facts on which the decision is made shall fully appear on the record. (Altered by act of March 3, 1803, vol. 2, 244), I. 83 Appeals to the Supreme Court in admiralty causes, I. 84 Notes of cases on the jurisdiction of the District Courts in cases of admiralty seizures,

I. 77 Fees in admiralty cases. Act of March 1, 1793,

I. 332

Attorneys' fees,
Clerks' fees, -
Marshals' fees,

Jurisdiction of the District Courts in
cases of capture, -

I. 384


Appeals from the District Court to the Circuit Court in cases of admiralty jurisdiction, II. 244 Appeals in admiralty cases to the Supreme Court, II. 244 District Court to take cognisance of captures made within the waters of the United States, or within a marine league of the shores, III. 449 The District Courts and District Judges in prize causes to examine accounts, and summarily to hear, decide, and decree according to justice, III. 288 The judges in any case depending in the Courts of the United States in a cause of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction shall have power to order the delivery of any vessel, cargo, or property to the claimants, upon bail or bond under the statute, IV. 503 In matters of contract or torts, the District Courts of the United States shall have the same jurisdiction on the lakes as on the high seas, under the act of September 24, 1789, chap. 20, V. 726 The maritime law, as far as applicable to the case, to be the rule of decision, V. 726

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Shall be estimated by the collector and naval officer; and if no naval officer, by the collector,

I. 661 Ad valorem duties imposed by the act of April 27, 1816, (obsolete,) III. 310 Ad valorem duties to be estimated on the real cost of the articles at the place of export. Act of March 3, 1817, (obsolete,) III. 310 Actual value of goods, &c., in certain cases to be appraised, estimated, and ascertained by collector and appraiser. Act of July 14, 1832, chap. 227, IV. 591 Proceedings of the appraisers under the

act of July 14, 1832, IV. 592 Ad valorem duties, how to be estimated under the act of July 14, 1832, IV. 593 Amount of the market value of goods in the country from whence exported, to be ascertained,

V. 563

I. 332

I. 332

I. 333

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Affirmations allowed as well as oaths,
I. 289, 306, 554, 562
Whenever an oath is required by the act
of March 2, 1798, entitled "An act to
regulate duties on imposts and ton-
nage," persons conscientiously scru-
pulous of taking an oath, shall be per-
mitted to affirm, -
False affirmations punished as perjury
under the act of 1799, chap. 22, for
the collection of the revenue,
I. 695
False affirmations punished as perjury,
I. 116, 298, 316, 554, 562, 695. III.
345, 509, 570, 771

I. 699



Priority of the United States, in claims
on public agents and debtors, I. 263
Notes of cases in the Courts of the United
States, as to the right of the United
States to priority of payment, out of the
effects of public agents and debtors, I. 263
Settlement of accounts with public
agents, receivers of public money,
I. 512. II. 535, 816. III. 366, 487,

567, 689, 695, 723, 770. IV. 246
Revenue officers not paying over money
received by them, to forfeit their com-
missions on such money,
I. 512
Transcripts from the Treasury to be evi-

dence in suits against the agents of
the United States and public debtors, I. 512
Notes of decisions of the Courts of the
United States, on the admission of
Treasury transcripts in evidence in
suits against public agents and debtors,

I. 513
Judgments in suits against public debtors
to be rendered the first term,
I. 514
No credits to be admitted in suits against
public agents, unless previously sub-
mitted to the accounting officers of
the Treasury department,
Agents of the army and navy to give
II. 135, 536

I. 515

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Aiken's Volunteers.

Rifles to be presented to them, for their
gallant conduct at Plattsburg, IV. 195
Alabama Courts.


A purchaser of land in the Territory of
Alabama competent to hold any office
in the Territory. Act of April 9,
III. 417
Judicial power of the judges in Alabama
extended to all the counties in the
territory. April 20, 1818,
III. 468
Superior Courts to be holden in all the
counties, -
III. 468
Powers of General Court to extend to all
cases of admiralty jurisdiction, subject
to appeals to the Supreme Court, III. 468
Legislature may regulate the sessions of
the Superior Courts, &c.,
III. 468
Officers to take an oath to support the
Constitution of the United States, III. 468
Alabama to be one district, to be called
the Alabama District. Organization
of the district,
III. 564
Causes in the general territorial Court
to be transferred to the District Court,
III. 564

Compensation of the district judge fifteen
hundred dollars per annum,
III. 565
Notes of the acts which have been passed,
relating to the District Court in Ala-


III. 564
The terms of the District Court of Ala-
bama altered, and the first session to
be holden at Mobile, on the 3d Monday
of February, 1821. Nov. 27, 1820,
III. 610

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Stated sessions at Mobile and Cahawba,
III. 610

Process returnable accordingly, and but
one clerk and one set of records, III. 610
The state of Alabama divided into two
districts. The courts of the southern

Alabama Courts.

district to be holden at Mobile twice,
and at Cahawba once; and that of
the northern district at Huntsville
once a year. March 10, 1824, - IV.
Suits depending to be transferred to the
respective districts,

All suits not of a local nature, to be
brought in the district where the de-
fendant resides,

A clerk for the northern district to be

IV. 10
A district attorney for the northern dis-

IV. 10
Adjournment of the court in case of the
non-attendance of the judge, - IV. 10
District Courts in Alabama to be holden
hereafter at Huntsville, for the northern
district, on the first Monday in March,
and the first Monday in October; and
for the southern district, at Mobile, on
the first Monday in May, and second
Monday in October. May 22, 1826, IV. 192
District Court for the southern district

IV. 226

of Alabama, to be holden on the second
Monday in December, in addition to
the first Monday in May, . IV. 226
Records of the District Court at Cahawba
to be transferred to the District Court
at Mobile,
Causes of a criminal nature to be pro-
ceeded in to a final judgment in that
The District Court for the northern dis-
trict of Alabama to be holden on the
second Mondays in March and October.
January 27, 1831,

IV. 227

IV. 434
The country in the district of Alabama,
occupied by the Cherokees and Chicka-
saws, to be a part of the northern
judicial district of Alabama, - IV. 501
So much of the acts of Congress as vest
the power of Circuit Courts in the
District Courts of Alabama, repealed,

V. 177

Alabama, State of.


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Circuit Court to be holden at Huntsville,
in Alabama. Act of March 3,
V. 177



Cases in the District Courts of Alabama,
which might have been brought in the
Circuit Court, transferred to the Cir-
cuit Courts established by the act of
March 3, 1837, -
V. 178
Reorganization of the District Courts of

V. 315
Three districts established; northern,
middle, and southern,
V. 315
Regulation of proceedings and officers
of the courts,
V. 315, 316
V. 316
All laws contravening this act repealed,

V. 316

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IV. 10

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Laws of the United States extended to

III. 564
Resolution declaring the admission of
Alabama into the Union. Dec. 14,
III. 608
Representation in Congress according to
the fourth census,

III. 651

Alabama, State of.


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Alexandria, District of Columbia,

V. 506

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V. 606

V. 606


Part of Mississippi Territory, formed into
a territory, to be called the Territory
of Alabama,
III. 371
Laws in force to continue until other-
wise provided, .
III. 372
Organization of courts in the territory,

V. 727

III. 372, 373
Organization of the legislature, III. 372
A delegate to be sent to Congress, III. 373
Persons in office to continue, III. 373
Balance in the treasury of Mississippi
to be divided between Mississippi and
III. 373
Persons who purchase a quarter-section
or more of land in Alabama, and have
paid one-fourth of the purchase-money,
competent to hold office in the terri-
tory, (obsolete,)
III. 417
The people of the territory of Alabama
enabled to form a constitution and
state government, for admission into
the Union,
III. 489
Organization of the convention, - III. 491
Propositions offered to the convention,
III. 491

Not to be imported in casks containing
less than 40 gallons, or in packages of
less than four dozen,

I. 701

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