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1. Committees on Pacific Railroads, and Pensions,
2. Committee on Elections.
3. Committee on Railways and Canals

Committee on Patents.
4. Committee on the District of Columbia.
5. Committee on Banking and Currency.
6. Lobby.
7. Correspondents and Journalists' Withdrawing-Room.

10. Ladies' Retiring-Room.
11. Committee on Public Lands.

Committee on Civil Service and Retrenchment.
12. Committee on Commerce.
13. Committee on Foreign Affairs,

Committee on Tenth Census.
14. Committee on the Judiciary.

[blocks in formation]




Papers represented.



Allison, James W. New Orleans Times-Demo. 1343 F street, N. W... 1424 Pennsylvania av.

crat. Austin, O. P

Cincinnati Times-Star, Louis. Fourteenth st. & Pa.av. 1620 Massachusetts av.

ville Post, Mem. Avalanch. Ayres, E. W

Kansas City Times and Alta 1420 New York av .... 1418 I street, N. W.

California. Bain, George T

Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, 610 Fourteenth street .

New York World. Barrett, William E. Boston Daily Advertiser, Bos- 511 Fourteenth street . 1341 L street, N. W.

ton Evening Record. Brace, Edson C...... New York Star, Louisville 1343 F street, N. W... 807 Tenth street, N. W.

Barry, David S
Detroit News, Cleveland

1224 Thirteenth street. Penny Press. Bowsfield, C. C. Troy Times, Buffalo Times

515 Fourteenth street. . 516 Twelfth st., N.W. Boynton, Chas. A. Western Associated Press.. Corcoran Building..

1113 Seventeenth st. Boynton, H. V.

Cincinnati Commercial-Ga- 511 Fourteenth street . 1321 R street, N. W.

zette. Bickford, F.T Associated Press ..

Corcoran Building

1912 Fifteenth street. Burhans, w. W United Press.


Fourteenth street.. 1414 T street, N. W. Brennan, Jos. T. Associated Press

Corcoran Building 1813 Twelfth st., N. W. Burton, A. C Brooklyn Eagle

1424 New York av 815 Fifteenth street Carpenter, Frank G Cleveland Leader

1427 F street, N. W

1528 Q street, N. W. Carson, John M. Philadelphia Ledger, Chicago 513 Fourteenth street.. 1708 Inter-Ocean.

street, N. W. Corwin, John A. Chicago Times.

Fourteenth st.& Pa.av. Willard's Hotel. Clark, S. N New York Tribune

1322 F street, N. W.

918 H street, N. W. Crawford, T. C

New York World, Saint Louis 610 Fourteenth street.. 610 Fourteenth street.

Curtis, W.E.
Chicago Inter-Ocean.

513 Fourteenth street.. 1424 O street, N. W. Davis, Eugene. Associated Press

Corcoran Building

802 Eleventh street. De Graw, P. V The United Press

515 Fourteenth street . 9 Fifth street, S. E. Dunnington, Geo. A Wheeling Intelligencer

1203 Eleventh street. De Puy, Frank A New York Times

515 Fourteenth street. 1457 S street, N. W. Dobson, Wm. B Toledo Evening Post, Bowl- 1239 G street, N. W...

1239 G street, N. W. ing Green Democrat. Dunnell, E. G..

The New York Times... 515 Fourteenth street 1332 Riggs street. Durham, Jay F Indianapolis Sentinel.

1118 New York av Ebbitt House. De Witte, Henry National Republican

Tenth and Dstreets.

227 D street, N. W. Earlie, George E Omaha Herald

1427 F street, N. W

1514 K street, N. W Elliot, H.R...

New York Commercial Ad- 507 Fourteenth street, 1100 Eighth st., N. W.

vertiser, Phila. Telegraph. Fields, William A Galveston News

Clerk's office, H. R

939 H street, N. W. Ferris, F. P

Washington Evening Star. Eleveuth s. & Pa.ay.. 515 Eleventh st., N.W. Flynn, S. R. Baltimore Sun.

1314 F street, N. W

1227 L street, N. W. Gaines, B. P Philadelphia Times

515 Fourteenth street . Gibson, Edgar J New York Tribune

1322 F street..

1341 L street. Gilliland, George E. Cincinnati Enquirer

Fourteenth st. & Pa.av. 921 I street, N. W. Glavis, George

State Gazette, Trenton, N.S. 515 Fourteenth street. The Woodmont. Guthridge, Jules.. Chicago Daily News

1420 New York av

1420 New York av. Hannum, Tom C... Pittsburgh Post.

Fourteenth st. & Pa.av. 13 Myrtle street. Handy, Fred A. G. Chicago Times.

Fourteenth st. & Pa.av. 1314 G street, N.W. Harris, Cicero W Charlotte Observer..

1507 Vermont av .... 1507 Vermont av. Habercom, L. W. Milwaukee Herald and Saint 515 Fourteenth street.. 1012 N. C. avenue.

Louis Westlicher ost.
Hamilton, Charles A... Minneapolis Tribune, Buffalo 1420 Pennsylvania av . 500 Maple avenue, Le
Express, Brooklyn Times.

Droit Park.
Hayes, Chas. J.
Associated Press.

Corcoran Building 110 C street, N. W. Heath, P.S

Indianapolis Journal, Ohio 513 Fourteenth street. Ebbitt House.

State Journal.
Heazelton, G
San Francisco Chronicle

1405 F street.

1405 F street. Hinman, W F.

Brooklyn Standard, Atlanta 1405 G street, N. W.... 1826 Sixteenth street.

Hood Edwin M.. Associated Press

Corcoran Bui'ding, 221 Twelfth st., S. W. Hopkins, Sherburne G. Portland Argus, Bangor Com- 736 Eighth st., N. W..736 Eighth st., N. W.

mercial. Howe, Franklin T Baltimore Herald

515 Fourteenth street . 1438 Corcoran street. Hudson, Edmund. Boston Herald

1420 Pennsylvania av. 134 Pa, av., S. E. Judkins, T. C.... The Oregonian.

430 Third street, N. W. Keim, De B. Randolph Telegraph (Harrisburg)

607 M street, N. W. Kincaid, Charles E.. Louisville Tines.

F street.

623 Thirteenth street. Kirby, Thomas B. N. Y. Journal of Commerce Fourteenth st.& Pa.av. 81 E street, N. W. Knapp, Charles W. Missouri Republican.

F street

1701 Massachusetts av. Lampton, W.J Herald, Steubenviile, Ohio.

601 Thirteenth street. Larner, Robert M Charleston News and Courier, 1314 F street, N. W. 1224 Eleventh street.

Savannah Times. Larner, W.S

The Washington Post.. Tenth and D streets... 608 I street, N. W. Leupp, Francis E Boston Post

515 Fourteenth street. 1518 P street, N. W. Lewsley, David. Washington Post

Tenth and D streets 503 Twelfth st., N. W. Lyman, A. W.. New York Sun...

507 Fourteenth street. 1530 Fifteenth st.,N.W. McCarthy, Helena. Baltimore Times

915 Fifteenih st., N.W. 915 Fifteenth st., N.W.

Members of the Press who are entitled to admission to the Reporters' Galleries—Continued.


Papers represented.



McCarthy, John B..... Hartford Times
McDonald, J. W

248 Third street, N.W. New York World.

610 Fourteenth, N. W. National Hotel. MacBride, William C Cincinnati Enquirer.

Fourteenth st. & Pa.av. 1504 Q street. Macfarland, H. B. F... Boston Herald, Philadelphia 1420 Pennsylvania av . 1727 street, N. W.

Record, Savannah News.
McKee, David R Agent of Associated Press. Corcoran Building ..

1753 Rhode Island av Macpherson, L. C.... Cleveland Plaindealer, Co- Fourteenth street

and 913 G street.
lumbus Times.

Pennsylvania av
Markle, Frank.
Milwaukee Sentinel.

1220 H street, N. W. Martin, George

Pittsburgh Chronicle-Tele- 515 Fourteenth street. 623 Pennsylvania av.

graph. Miller, John P Washington Star

1101 Pennsylvania av. Milton, L. B. Sioux City Journal...

471 New York av

471 New York av. Mitchell, J. Walter Jersey City Daily Argus,

11 D street, S. W. Newark (N. J.), Evening

Merrill, C. E.
Nashville American.

717 Ninth street. Moore, F. A

Telegraph, Nashua, N. H. 317 East Capitol street. 319 East Capitol street. Morgan, Frank P. Brooklyn Union,

1424 New York av 805 D street, S. E. M urray, Chas. T.

Philadelphia Times, Pitts- 515 Fourteenth street. 1343 Fifteenth street.

burgh Dispatch.... Mussey, F. D.

Cincinnati Commercial Ga- 511 Fourteenth street.. 1017 M street, N. W.

zette. Noah, Jacob J.

Chicago Herald, Denver Tri- 1420 New York av ... 1415 Q street, N. W.

bune, Republican. Nordhoff, Charles... New York Herald..

Fifteenth and G sts 1731 K street, N. W. Ogden, C. M

Philadelphia Press, Boston 515 Fourteenth street. Woodmont Flats,

Globe, California A. Press. Painter, U. H.

Philadelphia Enquirer.. 900 Fourteenth street. 900 Fourteenth street. Pagaud, Joseph S Portsmouth Daily Times

76 Harlem av., Balt. Pepper, Charles M Chicago Tribune

R’m 5 Corcoran Build'g 1214 New York av. Poore, Ben: Perley... Boston Budget, Newburyport | Ebbitt House... Ebbitt House.

Herald, Albany Ev. Journal. Powers, Fred. Perry. Chicago Times..

Fourteenth st.& Pa.av. 1641 Thirteenth street. Preston, Herbert A.. New York Herald.

701 Fifteenth st., N.W. 1908 Fifteenth street. Randall, James R Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle

412 Sixth street, N. W. Reade, John L. Lewiston Journal, Portland

Tremont House.
Richardson, F. A. Baltimore Sun..

1314 F street, N. W. 1308 Vermont av. Richardson, F. H. Atlanta Constitution

Metropolitan Hotel.. Metropolitan Hotel. Riley, C. C. National Republican

Tenth and D streets .. Harris House. Ringwalt, William E N. Y. Commercial Bulletin, / 515 Fourteenth street. 1327 F street, N. W.

W. Critic, United Press. Robertson, George A.. Saginaw (Mich.) Courier, 1323 G street, N. W... 1323 G street, N. W.

Canton (Ohio) Democrat. Russell, Ernest E.. Detroit Tribune....

1427 F street, N. W. 1608 Fifteenth street. Seckendorff, M.G. New York Tribune..

1322 F street, N. W

411 Fourth st., N. W. Seibold, Louis National Republican

Cor. Tenth and D sts, 1217 Thirtieth street. Shaw, W. B. Boston Transcript

1406 G st., Riggs Annex Riggs Annex. Shriver, John S Baltimore American.

1420 Pennsylvania av. 1420 Pennsylvania av. Smith, W. Scott. Philadelphia Evening Bulletin 1427 F street, N. W.. 507 Le Droit Park. Snowden, Harold. Alexandria Gazette.

Alexandria, Va.. Alexandria, Va. Stealey, O.O

Louisville Courier-Journal, 1343 F street, N. W... 2134 L street, N. W.

New York Star.
Stevens, Walter B Saint Louis Globe-Democrat 511 Fourteenth st

607 Thirteenth street. Stofer, Alfred J., jr Richmond (Va.) State

930 I street. Towle, Charles F Boston Traveller, New York 1424 New York av.

1330 I street, N. W. Telegram. Truesdell, J. K

Saint Paul Pioneer Press 515 Fourteenth st.. 1310 Twenty-second st. Trusdell, Frank H. New York Morning Journal, 515 Fourteenth street. Woodmont Flats, Iowa Chicago Mail.

Circle. Turpen, William J. Indianapolis Times.

Hillman House

Hillman House. Walker, George H. Cleveland Leader

1427 F street, N. W.

1426 N street, N. W. Washington, L. Q.. New Orleans Picayune.

1407 F street, N. W.

1105 Ninth st., N. W. Weightman, Richard New Orleans Times-Democrat 1343 F street, N. W. 1906 Sunderland Place. Wells, Travis D Chicago Tribune.

R’m 5 Corcoran Build'g 1331G street, N. W. Wight, E. B. Boston Journal, New York 1312 F street, N. W..

1312 F street, N. W. Evening Post. Wolft, Paul

New York Staats-Zeitung: 1351 Pennsylvania av. Belvedere Hotel. Wynne, Robert J. Cincinnati Commercial Ga- 511 Fourteenth street.. 1004 S street, N. W.

zette, Young, James R.. The Philadelphia Evening Star 1506 Q street, N. W 1506 Q street, N. W.

S. V. Noyes, Doorkeeper Senate Press Gallery, residence, 721 First street.
C. H. Mann, Doorkeeper House Press Gallery, residence, 614 C street, S. E.


[See page 187.)

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President of the United States.—GROVER CLEVELAND, Executive Mansion.
Private Secretary.-Daniel S. Lamont, 2024 G street, N. W.
Assistant Secretary.-0. L. Pruden, 317 Eleventh street, S. W.
Executive Clerks. James C. Saunders, 1327 M street, N. W.

William H. Crook, 2024 G street, N. W.

Charles M. Hendley, 1223 Tenth street, N. W.
U. S. District Marshal.-Albert A. Wilson, 2000 G street, N. W.
Commissioner of Public Buildings.—Col. John M. Wilson, 1141 Connecticut avenue.

Secretary of State.THOMAS F. BAYARD, 1413 Massachusetts avenue.
Assistant Secretary.-James D. Porter, Riggs House.
Second Assistant Secretary.-William Hunter, 3327 N street, West Washington.
Third Assistant Secretary.—Alvey A. Adee, 1019 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-Sevellon A. Brown, 1500 Thirteenth street, Iowa Circle.
Chief of the Diplomatic Bureau.-H. Sidney Everett, 2003 I street.
Chief of the Consular Bureau.-F. O. St. Clair, 1428 Rhode Island avenue.
Chief of the Bureau of Archives and Indexes.--John H. Haswell, 1219 O street.
Chief of the Bureau of Accounts.-Francis J. Kieckhoefer, 1505 Vermont avenue.
Chief of the Bureau of Statistics.—Worthington C. Ford, 1725 H street.
Chief of the Bureau of Rolls and Library.— Theodore F. Dwight.
Stenographer to the Secretary.—Henry L. Bryan, 604 East Capitol street. -
Passport Clerk.-N. Benedict, 1623 ( street.

Secretary of the Treasury.--DANIEL MANNING, 1501 Eighteenth street, N. W.
Assistant Secretary.—William E. Smith, 1715 H street, N. W.
Assistant Secretary.-Charles S. Fairchild, 1347 Connecticut avenue.
Chief Clerk.-E. B. Youmans, 1520 Connecticut avenue.
Appointment Division.Chief, Eugene Higgins, Metropolitan Hotel.
Warrant Division.-Chief, W. F. Maclennan, 1211 S street, N. W.
Public Moneys.Chief, Eugene B. Daskam, 1425 R street, N. W.
Customs Division.-Chief, J. G. Macgregor, 1902 H street, N. W.
Mercantile Marine and Internal Revenue Division.Chief, Darius Lyman, 1 Grant Place.
Revenue Marine Division.Chief, E. W. Clark, Woodley Road, N. W. of city.
Stationery Division.-Chief, A L. Sturtevant, Howard avenue, Mount Pleasant.
Loans and Currency Division.Chief, William Fletcher, 515 M street, N. W.
Mail and Files Division.Chief,
Captured Property, Claims and Lands Division.-Chief,
Supervising Special Agent of the Treasury Department.-L. G. Martin, Baltimore, Md.
Government Actuary.-E. B. Elliott, 1210 G street, N. W.
Disbursing Clerk.-George A. Bartlett, Park street, Mount Pleasant.
Disbursing Clerk.—Thomas J. Hobbs, 1622 H street.
Private Secretary to Secretary of the Treasury. Thomas J. Brennan, 913 French street.

Supervising Architect.-M. E. Bell, 1338 Vermont avenue.
Chief Clerk.-R. H. Thayer (Acting Chief Clerk), 1010 Eleventh street, N. W.


Chief of Bureau.--Edward O. Graves, 1700 Fourteenth street, N. W.
Assistant Chief.- Thomas J. Sullivan, 1530 Ninth street, N. W.
Accountant.-Edwin Lamasure, 216 Twelfth street, S. W.
Engraving Division.-Superintendent, John A. O'Neill, 1 164 Rhode Island avenue, N. W.

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