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Secretary of the Interior.-LUCIUS Q. C. LAMAR, The Portland.
First Assistant Secretary.—Henry L. Muldrow, Ebbitt House.
Assistant Secretary.-George A. Jenks, National Hotel.
Chief Clerk.-George M. Lockwood, 734 Seventeenth street, N. W.
Appointment Division.-Chief, John J. S. Hassler, 1337 Corcoran street.
Disbursing Division.-Chief, George W. Evans, 918 Nineteenth street, N. W.
Lands and Railroads Division.Chief, John McMurray, 113 C street, N. E.
Indian Division.-Chief, Robert V. Belt, 1314 Tenth street, N. W.

Board of Pension Appeals.-Chairman, George C. Rogers, 1515 Columbia street, N. W.
Patents and Miscellaneous Division.- Chief, Edward M. Dawson, 1315 Corcoran street, N.W.
Stationery and Printing Division.Chief, Amos Hadley, 1525 Eighth street, N. W.
Document Division.-Šuperintendent, John G. Ames, 1600 Thirteenth street, N. W.
Private Secretary.—Lucius Q. C. Lamar, jr., 945 K street, N. W.
Custodian.-Charles W. Thompson, 1604 Seventh street, N. W.
Captain of the Watch.-Henry Filler, 210 Ninth street, N. W.


Commissioner.-William A. J. Sparks, Ebbitt House.
Assistant Commissioner.-Strother M. Stockslager, 1108 Eighth street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-—William Walker, 1103 G street, N. W.
Law Clerks.-Harry C. St. John, Walsh's Hotel, corner Tenth and F streets, N. W.

John W. Le Barnes, 708 Thirteenth street, N. W.
Recorder.-Seth W. Clark, 1316 Rhode Island avenue.
Principal Clerk of the Public Lands.-Frank J. Parke, Congressional Hotel.
Principal Clerk on Private Land Claims.--William H. Walker, 1840 Vermont avenue.
Principal Clerk of the Surveys.-Frank Gordon, The Portland.
Railroad Division.Chief, Willis J. Drummond, 803 O street, N. W.
Pre-emption Division.Chief, Henry 0. Billings, 921 I street, N. W.
Swamp-Land Division.-Chief, Daniel T. Pierce, 1328 Eleventh street, N. W.
Accounts Division.-Chief, Robert W. Hunter, 1412 N street,
Mineral Division.-Chief, Jacob Frolich, 621 Thirteenth street, N. W.
Special Service Division.Chief, Bennett B. Simmes, 1127 Fourteenth street, N. W.
Draughting Division.Chief, Gustave P. Strum, 1406 E street, N. W.
Receiving Clerk.-Granville N. Whittington, 1811 H street, N. W.


(Second National Bank Building, Seventh street, near E, N. W.)
Commissioner.-J. D. C. Atkins, 507 Fourth street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-— Alexander B. Upshaw, 715 Ninth street, N. W.
Indian School Superintendent.-John H. Oberly, 1228 Fourteenth street, N. W.
Finance Division.-Chief, Edmund S. Woog, 1819 Linden street, Le Droit Park.
Accounts Division.Chief, Samuel M. Yeatman, 944 L street, N. W.
Land Division.-Chief, Charles A. Maxwell, 612 Q street, N. W.
Records and Files Division.Chief, George W. Terfinger, 338 First street, N. E.


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(New Pension Building, Judiciary Square.)
Commissioner.- John C. Black, 1515 Rhode Island avenue, N. W.
First Deputy Commissioner.-William E. McLean, 1503 Vermont avenue.
Second Deputy Commissioner.- Jos. J. Bartlett.
Chief Clerk.-Dominic I. Murphy, 614 M street, N. W.
Assistant Chief Clerk.-William S. Brock, 940 K street, N. W.
Medical Referee.- John Campbell, 8 Grant Place.
Assistant Medical Referee.-Philip H. Barton, 611 M street, N. W.
Law Clerk.-James M. Ward, 1708 F street, N. W.
Board of Review.Chief, J. R. Van Mater, 1707 De Sales street, N. W.
Medical Division.—Medical Referee in charge.
Special Examination Division.-Chief, Aaron S. Coleman, 327 Fifth street, S. E.
Old War and Navy Division.-Chief, W. H. Webster, 750 Fifth street, N. W.
Eastern Division.--Chief, Fred Mack, 624 A street, S. E.

Middle Division.Chief, William P. Davis, 1730 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Western Division.-Chief, Algernon A. Aspinwall

, 1 305 Riggs street.
Southern Division-Chief, L. E. Dickey, 912 P street, N. W.
Record Division.Chief, Chester R. Faulkner, Hillman House.
Certificate and Account Division.-Chief,
Agents Division.Chief, H. Clinton Bell, 820 North Carolina avenue, S. E.
Mail Division.-Chief, David L. Gitt, 514 Fifth street, N. W.
Miscellaneous Division.Chief, Fred C. Peck, 704 Tenth street, N. W.
Superintendent of Buildings.—Walter F. Schuckers, 624 Third street, N. W.


Commissioner.-Martin V. Montgomery, 1315 Massachusetts avenue.
Assistant Commissioner.-Robert B. Vance, 911 Rhode Island avenue, N. W
Chief Clerk.-Schuyler Duryee, Falls Church, Va.
Law Clerk.-Walter Johnson, 918 M street, N. W.
Private Secretary.--William B. Montgomery, 1315 Massachusetts avenue.
Examiners-in-chief.-R. L. B. Clarke, 216 New Jersey avenue, S. E.

H. H. Bates, The Portland.

R. J. Fisher, jr., 1915 Harewood avenue, Le Droit Park. Examiner of Interferences.-Frank MacArthur, 1459 Fourteenth street, N. W.

Examiners: Agricultural Implements.-0. C. Fox, Linden, Md. Agricultural Products.-W. H. Blodgett, Washington Grove, Md. Builders' Hardware and Surgery.—A. G. Wilkinson, 1526 K street, N. W. Civil Engineering.-B. W. Pond, Falls Church, Va. Chemical.Thomas Antisell, 1311 Q street, N. W. Household Furniture.-Oscar Woodward, 3122 West P street. Designs and Sewing-Machines.-P. B. Pierce, 204 E street, N. W. Electricity—Charles J. Kintner, 915 Twelfth street, N. W. Fine Arts, Music, Photography,and Advertising.–William Burke, 1453 Corcoran street, N. W. Fire Arms, Navigation, and Wood Working:-Malcolm Seaton, 1918 F street, N. W. Gas, Metallurgy, Brewing, and Distillation.-B. R. Catlin, 1736 Thirteenth street, N. W. Harvesters.-E. D. Boyd, 1312 Twelfth street, N. W. Lamps, Stoves, and Furnaces.-J. H. Whitaker, 1435 Corcoran street, N. W. Hydraulics.-Frank T. Brown, 1007 H street, N. W. Land Conveyances.-H. P. Sanders, 635 I street, N. W. Leather-working Machinery and Products.-J. P. Chapman, 1520 Corcoran street, N. W. Mechanical Engineering.–A. Schopf, Hyattsville, Md. Metal Working.–J. W. jayne, 1224 New York avenue, N. W. Metal Working and Packing Vessels.-S. W. Stocking, 1114 G street, N. W. Milling and Thrashing and Brakes and Gins.—Robert Mason, 911 French street, N. W. Plastics, Oils, Fats, Sugar, Salt, Glass, etc.-B. S. Hedrick, 3321 N street, Georgetown. Pneumatics.—Daniel B. Gallatin, 719 North Carolina avenue, S. E. Printing, Bookbinding, and Paper Manufactures.-L. M. E. Cooke, 905 Fifth street, N. W. Steam Engineering:- Francis Fowler, 1449 Q street, N. W. Textiles.-William H. Appleton, 2109 K street, N. W. Trade-marks and Instruments of Precision.-F. A. Seely, 905 M street, N. W. Washing, Brushing, and Abrading.-Charles G. Gould, 932 P street, N. W. Assignment Division.Chief, Albert J. Kelley, 1220 O street. Drafting Division.Chief, M. Gardner, 909 T street, N. W. Issue and Gazette Division.Chief, J. W. Babson, 106 Eleventh street, S. E. Financial Clerk.-Levi Bacon, 633 East Capitol street. Librarian.-Leonard D. Sale, 1312 G street, N. W.


(Northeast corner of Eighth and G streets, N. W.) Commissioner.- John Eaton, 712 East Capitol street. Chief Clerk.-William H. Gardiner, 29 Fifth street, N. E.


(Northwest corner of Eighth and G streets, N. W.)
Commissioner.- Joseph E. Johnston, 1023 Connecticut avenue.
Book-keeper.- Thomas Reddington, 810 Twelfth street, N. W.
Railroad Engineer.—Thomas Hassard, 1811 Thirteenth street, N. V.


(Hooe Building, F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, N. W.)
Director.- John W. Powell, 910 M street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-- James C. Pilling, 918 M street, N. W.
Chief Disbursing Clerk.—John D. McChesney, 1611 Thirteenth street, N. W.


(Kellogg Building, 1416 F street, N. W.)

Commissioner.-Carroll D. Wright, 1335 N street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-Oren W. Weaver, 814 Thirteenth street, N. W.


(Room 15, Le Droit Building, F and Eighth streets, Ņ. W.) Pension Agent.—Sidney L. Willson, 517 Fourth street, N. W. Chief Clerk. -Charles A. Frost, 1002 S street, N. W.


Attorney-General.-AUGUSTUS H. GARLAND, 1315 Rhode Island avenue. •
Solicitor-General.- John Goode, 1600 Q street, N. W.
Assistant Attorney-General.-William A. Maury, 1100 Vermont avenue.
Ass't Att. Gen. (Dep. of the Interior).-Zach. Montgomery, 1003 K street, N. W.
Assistant Attorney-General.—Robert A. Howard, 1742 N street, N. W.
Ass't Att. Gen. (Post-Office Department).—Edwin E. Bryant, 1329 M street, N. W.
Solicitor of Internal Revenue (Treasury Department). -Charles Chesley, 641 East Capitol sto
Examiner of Claims (State Department). - Francis Wharton, 1607 I street, N. W.
Law Clerk and Examiner of Titles.-A. J. Bentley, 1116 Ninth street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-Cecil Clay, 911 Twenty-third street, N. W.
General Agent.-Frank Strong, 1514 Thirteenth street, N. W.
Appointment and Disbursing Clerk.- James M. Ewing, 912 H street, N. W.
Clerk of Pardons.-Alexander R. Boteler, Metropolitan Hotel.
Solicitor of the Treasury (Treasury Department). -Alex. McCue, 1021 Vermont'avenue.
Assistant Solicitor (Treasury Department).— Joseph H. Robinson, 1317 Thirteenth st., N. W.
Chief Clerk Solicitor's Office (Treasury Department).-Webster Elmes, 1720 F st., N. W.


Commissioner of Agriculture.—NORMAN J. COLMAN, 2 Iowa Circle.
Chief Clerk.-F. C. Nesbit, 2 Iowa Circle.
Disbursing Clerk.-B. F. Fuller, 506 Maryland avenue, S. W.
Statistician.-J. R. Dodge, 1336 Vermont avenue.
Chief of Bureau of Animal Industı y.-D. E. Salmon, 1337 Fifteenth street.
Entomologist.--C. V. Riley, 1700 Thirteenth street.
Botanist.-George Vasey, 1437 S street.
Chemist.-Harvey W. Wiley, 804 Tenth street, N. W.
Assistant Chemist.–Clifford Richardson, 1827 Jefferson Place.
Microscopist.—Thomas Taylor, 238 Massachusetts avenue, N. E.
Chief of the Forestry Division.-N. H. Egleston, 1744 N street.
Superintendent of Gardens and Grounds. William Saunders, 1605 Third street, N. W.
Corresponding Clerk.-George A. Bacon, 2026 P street, N. W.
Librarian.- Mrs. E. H. Stevens, 2012 Hillyer avenue, N. W.
Superintendent of Seed Division.-William M. King, 2 Iowa Circle.
Superintendent of Seed-Room.-H. R. Branham, 623 E street, N. W.
Private Secretary.–0. D. LaDow, 1444 Q street, N. W.

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(Office, 1410 G street, N. W.)


President.-- JAMES L. CABELL, M. D., LL. D. •
Vice-President.--Stephen Smith, M. D.
Secretary.-W. P. Dunwoody.


Preston H. Bailhache, M. D., U. S. M. H. S., Marine Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
James M. Browne, M. D., Medical Director, U. S. Navy, The Portland.
James L. Cabell, M. D., &c., University of Virginia.
Stanford E. Chaillé, M. D., &c., New Orleans, La.
William P. Dunwoody, 30 Grant Place, Washington, D. C.
John Goode, esq., Solicitor-General, Department of Justice.
Robert W. Mitchell, M. D., Memphis, Tenn.
Charles Smart, Major and Surgeon, U. S. Army, 2017 Hillyer avenue.
Stephen Smith, M. D., &c., 31 W. Forty-second street, New York City.
Tullio Verdi, M. D., &c., 815 Fourteenth street, N. W.
George E. Waring, jr., S. E., &c., Newport, R. I.

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(Offices, Agricultural annex building.) Commissioners, Alfred P. Edgerton, of Indiana, Willard's Hotel.

W. L. Trenholm, of South Carolina, 1913 I street.

Dorman B. Eaton, of New York, Wormley's.
Chief Examiner.-Charles Lyman, of Connecticut, 423 M street, N. W.
Secretary.—Robert D. Graham, North Carolina, 612 Eighteenth street, N. W.
Stenographer.- John T. Doyle.
Clerks.-Chas. Fred. Adams, of New York, 2017 G street, N. W.

William J. Vickery, of Indiana, 707 Twelfth street, N. W.
Messenger.—Matthew F. Halloran, 318 K street, N. E.
Laborer.--Alexander C. Campbell, 423 M street, V. W.


Public Printer.-S. P. ROUNDS, 2001 R street, N. W.
Chief Clerk.-Cadet Taylor, 1624 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Clerk.-John Larcombe, 1817 H street, N. W.
Clerk.-W. H. Collins, 912 Pennsylvania avenue, S. E.
Clerk.-H. W. Rounds, 1202 New Jersey avenue, N. W.
Clerk.- John F. Kelly, 434 M street, S. W.
Clerk.-H. H. Twombly, 103 I street, N. W.


Foreman of Printing:-Henry T. Brian, 34 I street, N. W.
Assistant Foreman of Printing :-). M. A. Spottswood, 66 I street, N. W.
Assistant Foreman.-D. W. Beach, Hyattsville, Md.
Assistant Foreman in charge of Treasury Branch.-P. Louis Rodier, 319 Twenty-second st.
Assistant Foreman in charge of Press-Room.-Albert B. Auer, 716 H street, N. E.
Assistant Foreman in charge of Executive Printing:-A. D. Brock, 929 F street, N. W.
Assistant Foreman in charge of Patent-Office Printing.--Wm. H. Miller, 632 K street, N. E.
Superintendent of Stereotype-Room.—Alexander Elliott, 508 I street, N. W.
Superintendent of Folding-Room.—Thomas B. Penicks, 618 L street, N. W.


In Charge.-Aven Pearson, Globe House, 1201 F street, N. W.
Clerk.-J. A. Powell, 526 Thirteenth street, N. W.


Foreman of Binding.–James W. White, 512 Third street, N. W.
Assistant Foreman.-P. J. Byrne, 819 North Capitol street.
Assistant.-Wm. J. Kingsbury, 1202 New Jersey avenue, N. W.
Assistant.-Charles H. Welsh, Hyattsville, Md.
Assistant.- John Walde, 1112 Seventh street, N. W.

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The Secretary of State is charged, under the direction of the President, with the duties appertaining to correspondence with the public ministers and consuls of the United States, and with the representatives of foreign powers accredited to the United States; and to negotiations of whatever character relating to the foreign affairs of the United States. He is also the medium of correspondence between the President and the chief executive of the several States of the United States; he has the custody of the great seal of the United States, and countersigns and affixes such seal to all executive proclamations, to various commissions, and to warrants for pardon, and the extradition of fugitives from justice. He is regarded as the first in rank among the members of the Cabinet. He is also the custodian of the treaties made with foreign states, and of the laws of the United States. He grants and issues passports, and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States are issued through his office. He publishes the laws and resolutions of Congress, amendments to the Constitution, and proclamations declaring the admission of new States into the Union. He is also charged with certain annual reports to Congress relating to commercial information received from diplomatic and consular officers of the United States.


becomes the Acting Secretary of State in the absence of the Secretary. Under the organization of the Department the Assistant Secretary, Second Assistant Secretary, and Third Assistant Secretary are respectively charged with the immediate supervision of all correspondence with the diplomatic and consular officers in the countries named in Divisions A, B, and C, of those bureaus, and of the miscellaneous correspondence relating thereto, and, in general, they are entrusted with the preparation of the correspondence upon any questions arising in the course of the public business that may be assigned to them by the Secretary.


The Chief Clerk has the general supervision of the clerks and employés and of the business of the Department.


The duty of opening the mails; preparing, registering, and indexing daily all correspondence to and from the Department, both by subjects and persons; the preservation of the archives; answering calls of the Secretary, Assistant Secretaries, Chief Clerk, and chiefs of bureaus for correspondence, &c.


Diplomatic correspondence and miscellaneous correspondence relating thereto.

Division A.-Correspondence with France, Germany, and Great Britain, and miscellaneous correspondence relating to those countries.

Division B.—Correspondence with Argentine Republic, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russia, and Uruguay, and miscellaneous correspondence relating to those countries.

Division C.-Correspondence with Barbary States, Bolivia, Central America, Colombia, China, Ecuador,, Egypt, Fiji Islands, Friendly and Navigator's Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Hayti, Japan, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico, Muscat, San Domingo, Siam, Society Islands, Turkey, Venezuela, and other countries, not assigned, and miscellaneous correspondence relating to those countries.


Correspondence with consulates, and miscellaneous correspondence relating thereto.

There are three divisions, A, B, and C, with certain countries allotted to each, as in the Diplomatic Bureau.


Custody and disbursement of appropriations under direction of the Department; charged with custody of indemnity funds and bonds; care of the building and property of the Depart


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