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Vol. I. Ch. II.

1. From the moment of signing the present Treaty, every act of hostility between England and Turkey shall cease; and in furtherance of this happy peace, the prisoners on both sides shall be exchanged without distinction, in thirty-one days from the signature of this treaty, cr sooner if possible.

2. Should any fortresses belonging to the Sublime Porte be in the possession of Great Britain, they shall be restored to the Sublime Porte, and given up, with all the cannons, warlike stores, and other effects, in the condition in which they were found at the time of their being occupied by England, and this restitution shall be made in the space of thirty-one days from the signature of the present Treaty.

3. Should there be any effects and property belonging to English mer chants under sequestration, within the jurisdiction of the Sublime Porte, the same shall be entirely given up, and restored to the proprietors; and in like manner should there be any effects, property, and vessels, belonging to merchants, subjects of the Sublime Porte, under sequestration at Malta, or in any other islands and possessions of His Britannic Majesty, they also shall be entirely given up and restored to their proprietors.

4. The Treaty of Capitulations agreed upon in the Turkish year 1086, (A.D. 1675) in the middle of the month Gemmaziel Akir, as also the Act relating to the Commerce of the Black Sea, and the other privileges (Imtiazat) equally established by Acts at subsequent periods, shall continue to be observed and maintained as if they had suffered no interruption.

5. In return for the indulgence and good treatment afforded by the Sublime Porte to English merchants, with respect to their goods and pro perty, as well as in all matters tending to facilitate their commerce, England shall reciprocally extend every indulgence and friendly treatment to the flag, subjects, and merchants of the Sublime Porte, which may hereafter frequent the Dominions of His Britannic Majesty for the purposes of com


6. The last custom-house tarif established at Constantinople, at the ancient rate of 3 per cent. and particularly the Article relating to the interior commerce, shall continue to be observed, as they are at present regulated, and to which England promises to conform.

7. Ambassadors from His Majesty the King of Great Britain shall enjoy all the honours enjoyed by Ambassadors to the Sublime Porte from other nations; and Ambassadors from the Sublime Porte at the Court of London shall reciprocally enjoy all the honours granted to the Ambassadors from Great Britain.


8. Consuls (Shahbenders) may be appointed at Malta, and in the Dominions of His Britannic Majesty where it shall be necessary to manage superintend the affairs and interests of merchants of the Sublime Porte, and similar privileges and immunities to those granted to English Consuls resident in the Ottoman Dominions shall be duly afforded to the “Shahbenders"

of the Sublime Porte.

9. English Ambassadors and Consuls may supply themselves, according to custom, with such Dragomen as they shall stand in need of, but as it has already been mutually agreed upon, that the Sublime Porte shall not grant the "Barat" of Dragoman in favour of individuals who do not execute that duty in the place of their destination, it is settled, in conformity with this principle, that in future, the " Barat" shall not be granted to any person of



the class of tradesmen or bankers, nor to any shopkeeper or manufacturer in Vol. I. Ch. II. the public markets, or to one who is engaged in any matters of this description; nor shall English Consuls be named from among the subjects of the Sublime Porte.

10. English patents of protection shall not be granted to dependants, or merchants who are subjects of the Sublime Porte, nor shall any passport be delivered to such persons, on the part of Ambassadors or Consuls, without permission previously obtained from the Sublime Porte.

11. As ships of war have at all times been prohibited from entering the canal of Constantinople, viz. in the straits of the Dardanelles and of the Black Sea; and as this ancient regulation of the Ottoman Empire is in future to be observed by every Power in time of peace, the Court of Great Britain promises on its part to conform to this principle.

12. The ratifications of the present Treaty of Peace between the high Contracting Parties shall be exchanged at Constantinople in the space of ninetyone days from the date of this Treaty, or sooner if possible. In faith of which, and in order that the ratification of the twelve Articles of this Treaty (which has been happily concluded, by the assistance of God, and in the sincerity and good faith of the Two Parties) may be exchanged; I, Plenipotentiary of the Sublime Porte, have, in virtue of my full Powers, signed and sealed this Instrument, which I have delivered to the Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty, in exchange for another Instrument exactly conformable thereto, written in the French language, with a translation thereof, which has been delivered to me on his part, agreeably to his full Powers.

Done near the Castles of the Dardanelles, the 5th of January 1809, which corresponds with the year of the Hegira 1223, the 19th day of the Moon Zilkaade.





Consuls, Forms relating to.

British Appoint

ment of Consul to act at Alicant in Spain. (1)

GEORGE the Fourth, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Vol. I. Ch. III. Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. to all and singular to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Whereas it hath been found expedient that some person of known probity be appointed to act as Consul in the town of Alicant, in the Kingdom of Spain, and to take care of the commerce of our subjects who reside or commonly go there to trade : Know ye therefore, that we, entirely confiding in the probity, affection, prudence, and experience, especially in mercantile affairs, of our trusty and faithful subject Samuel Tucker gentleman, have nominated and appointed, and by these presents do nominate and appoint him our Consul in the said town of Alicant, together with all its members and appurtenances; giving and granting unto him full power and commission to aid and protect all our subjects that inhabit or frequent the said town, its territories, and jurisdiction, or who do or who shall carry on a trade or transact business in those ports, harbour, and coasts; advising and assisting them, agreeable to the

(1) As to the Appointment of a Consul, see 1 vol. 53, and the Treaties in last chapter.

Vol. I. Ch. III. articles and treaties of peace and alliance relating to trade, and firmly concluded between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, and their respecttive dominions, and to defend our subjects in case of need in their trade, goods, and whatever else shall appertain unto them, before all judges and magistrates, and to take cognizance of, determine, and compose all differences, controversies, and litigations which do or may happen between them, and to defend and preserve them in every thing relative to their right, liberty, and freedom of mutual trade and commerce; and further, to substitute as he shall think fit, one or more Deputies or Vice Consuls to act for him in all and every one of the aforesaid places, and to do all and every thing which may promote the good of our subjects, the increase of mutual friendship between the two kingdoms and people, and the freedom and security of commerce; and further, that he use and enjoy all and every the rights, honors, immunities, liberties, and emoluments which any other Consul in the aforesaid town did or could of right enjoy. And we earnestly intreat the most serene and potent Catholic King our brother, and we desire all others whom it may in any wise concern, in a friendly manner, what we strictly enjoin all our subjects by these presents, that they acknowledge and admit the said Samuel Tucker as our Consul in the aforesaid town. In witness whereof, we have caused these our letters to be made patent, and signed and sealed with our own hand. Given in our palace at St. James's, the eleventh day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one. By His Majesty's Command.

British Appointment of Consul

in A.D. 1761. to act as such at Ostend, Nieuport, and Bruges, in Flanders. (1)

American Ap-
pointment of

Consul to act in
London. (2)


GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. to our trusty and well-beloved Michael Hatton Esq., greeting. Whereas we have thought fit for the advancement of trade and commerce in the several ports of Ostend, Nieuport, and Bruges, in the province of Flanders, to constitute a proper person to be our Consul in those ports, who may, as there shall be occasion, countenance and protect our subjects being merchants there. We, in consideration of the good testimony we have received of your loyalty to us, and of your ability to serve the said merchants in the execution of the Office of Consul in those ports, do by these presents constitute and appoint you the said Michael Hatton to be our Consul in the said ports of Ostend, Nieuport, and Bruges, together with all their members and dependencies in the said province of Flanders, and over all our subjects who inhabit, frequent, or trade to the said ports, their members or territories; to have, hold, exercise, and enjoy the said office of our Consul, by yourself or your sufficient deputy or deputies, for and during our pleasure, with all and singular the rights, profits, privileges, and immunities which you yourself have, or any other Consul heretofore hath enjoyed, or which any of our Consuls do or ought to have and enjoy in any of the dominions of any princes or states where Consuls usually reside, and we do hereby enjoin and require all our subjects dwelling in, frequenting, or trading to the said places or ports, to pay that respect which is due to you as our Consul and to your deputy. Given at our court at St. James's, the 20th day of February 1761, in the first year of our reign.

By His Majesty's Command. The President of the United States of America, to all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the abilities and integrity of Thomas Aspinwall of Massachusetts, I do appoint him Consul

(1) As to the Appointment of Consuls, ante, vol. 53. and the Treaties in last chapter.

(2) As to the Appointment of Consuls in general, ante 1 vol. 53,, &c. and the Treaties in last chapter.

of the United States of America, for the port of London in the United King- Vol. I. Ch. III, dom of Great Britain and Ireland, and such other parts as shall be nearer thereto, than to the residence of any Consul or Vice Consul of the United States, within the same allegiance; and do authorize and empower him to have and to hold the said office, and to exercise and enjoy all the rights, pre-eminences, privileges, and authorities, to the same of right appertaining, during the pleasure of the President of the United States for the time being, and until the next session of the Senate of the United States, and no longer, he demanding and receiving no fees or perquisites of office whatever, which shall not be expressly established by some law of the United States. And I do hereby enjoin all captains, masters, and commanders of ships and other vessels, armed or unarmed, sailing under the flag of the said States, as well as all other of their citizens, to acknowledge and consider him, the said Thomas Aspinwall, accordingly. And I do hereby pray and request His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Great Britain, his governors and officers, to permit the said Thomas Aspinwall fully and peaceably to enjoy and exercise the said office, without giving, or suffering to be given unto him, auy molestation or trouble; but on the contrary, to afford him all proper countenance and assistance, I offering to do the same for all those who shall in like manner be recommended to me by his said Royal Highness.

In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and of the independence of the United States of America the thirty-ninth.


By the President,



JAS. MONROE, Secretary of State.

Approval of the above Appointment by the


In the name and on the behalf of His Majesty. (Signed) GEORGE P. R. GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great British GovernBritain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, King of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, &c. To all our loving subjects whom it may concern, greeting. Whereas the President of the United States of America has, by a commission bearing date the ninth day of May last, constituted Thomas Aspinwall of Massachusetts, to be Consul from the said United States for our port of London, and for such other ports of our United Kingdom as shall be nearer to the said port than the residence of any other Consul or Vice Consul of the said United States in our said kingdom, to assist their subjects and people in their commerce and traffic there. And we, having thereupon approved of the said Thomas Aspinwall as Consul for the said United States of America, according to the commission before mentioned; our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby require you to receive, countenance, and as there may be occasion, favorably to assist him the said Thomas Aspinwall in the exercise of his place, giving and allowing unto him all privileges, immunities, and advantages thereunto belonging.

Given at our court at Carlton House, the eleventh day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, in the fifty-sixth year of His Majesty's reign.


By the command of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent,
in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty.

Vol. I. Ch. III. We, Alexander the First, by the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrator of all the Russias, &c. &c. &c.

Russian Appoint-
ment of a
Consul to act in
England. (1)

Dutch Appointment of a Consul by the Prince of Orange, to act at Ramsgate and Deal. (2)

To all those whom this may concern, our greeting. We have judged proper to appoint Andrew Dubatchefsky, our Counsellor of State, and Knight, to the vacancy of our Consul General in England, in the dominion of His Majesty the King of Great Britain, in order that our subjects, who will go there for the affairs of commerce and other traffics, might find necessary assistance and protection; for which reason we request of His Majesty the King of Great Britain, and require of his lords lieutenants, his governors of provinces, and other public officers, to grant the said our Consul General Dubatchefsky in the above mentioned kingdom, a free cxercise of his functions, and a full and entire power of all the privileges, rights, and liberties, which may belong to the post we confer upon him, and which the Consuls General of other states and nations enjoy in the dominion of His Majesty the King of Great Britain; in return whereof, we promise on similar occasions to do the same whenever we shall be requested of it. In testimony of it, we have ordered our high chancellor and minister for foreign affairs, to sign this our patent, and to set to it the seal of our empire. Given at St. Petersburg, the 31st of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand and thirteen, and in the thirteenth year of our reign.


50 Cents.

By the supreme command, and in the absence of his Imperial


50 Cents.

We, William, by the Grace of God, Prince of Orange Nassau, Sovereign Prince of the United Netherlands, &c. &c! To all persons who may see or hear these presents read, greeting.

Be it known, that whereas we have deemed it necessary for the merchants
and ship masters of the United Netherlands, trading and navigating to the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to have a proper and expe-
rienced person established as Consul at Ramsgate and Deal in the county of
Kent, for the purpose of rendering aid and assistance to the merchants and
ship masters aforesaid, on all occasions and under all circumstances that may
occur. It is for these reasons that we, upon the good testimony to us given,
of the fidelity, ability, and diligence of the person of
have ap-

pointed, commissioned, and authorized, and by these presents do appoint,
commission, and authorize him as our Consul at Ramsgate and Deal aforesaid,
giving him full authority, power, and especial command, to aid and assist
the aforesaid merchants, their factors and ship masters, within the said ports
and other places where such may be requisite and necessary, in all their just
and reasonable affairs, wherein they may require and stand in need of his
assistance, and likewise, that he the said Consul shall be obliged to give in-
formation of all occurrences to our Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs;
and in order that he shall conduct himself properly, and with all due zeal and
fidelity, the before named
shall take the proper oath in our hands,
or in the hands of those who may be thereto commissioned on our behalf,
which having done, we order all and every one to acknowledge and respect
the said
as our consul as aforesaid, requesting likewise all others
who may be required to assist him in the fulfilment of this his charge and

(1) As to the Appointment of a Consul, see ante, 1 vol. 53. and the Treaties in last chapter.

(2) As to the Appointment of a Consul in general, see 1 vol. 53. and the Treaties in last chapter.

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