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BANDONMENT.-(See " Policy of Insurance.")

owner's notice of, of goods to underwriter of policy of insurance, 331.
notice by an agent for a principal abroad of abandonment of ship captured by
American privateer, 331.

notice of, of ship and goods, 331.

protest of, on a loss, and also against underwriters for nonpayment of money
insured, 332.-(See "Protest.")

ADMINISTRATORS.-(See " Executor.")

ADMIRALTY, Proceedings in.

affidavit of owners of misconduct of master, in order to obtain warrant to
arrest ship, 358.

warrant to marshal to seize ship on behalf of part owners, and to cite all per-
sons claiming interest to answer, &c., 358.

to marshal to seize ship, &c. in a suit for seamen's wages, and cite
owners, &c. to answer, &c., 359.

bond on an arrest of ship for salvage, conditioned for putting in bail in ad-
miralty to answer, &c., 359.

recognizance with sureties where owners of two-eighths have arrested ship for
her safe return, 360.

warrant to marshal for sale of ship, &c. upon a decree in a suit in the court.
of admiralty for seamen's wages, 360.

decree against claims as part owners, and supersedeas of warrant of arrest and
bail thereon, 361.


affidavit of due execution of procuration or letter of attorney, 14.

the like in another form, 14.

of truth of a protest, 350.

of owners of misconduct of master, in order to obtain warrant to arrest ship,

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AGREEMENTS in general. (For agreements in particular, as relating to the parties
and subject-matter, see particular heads, and " Indentures")

not under seal.

common form of one between two persons in their own right, 1.
the like with a penalty clause, 2.

the like with a clause as to stipulated damages, 3.

the like in another form, 3.

between partners and a third



between three or more contracting parties in separate right, 3.

AGREEMENTS in general.-(continued.)

not under seal.-(continued.)

to take case out of 4th section of statute of frauds between parties them-
selves, 3.

the like to take case out of 17th section, 4.

under seal.

general form of indenture between two or more persons for any pur-

poses, 5.

general form of articles of agreement, 6.

form of joint and several covenant by three or more, 6.
the like in another form, 6.

covenant by two or more persons for himself, only, 6.

the like in another form, where the parties are numerous, 6.
the like in another form, 7.

covenant by husband for himself and wife, she conseuting, 7.
general form of a bond, 7.

ancient form of single bill for money, 7.

ancient form of penal bill for payment of money, 8.

of record.

warrant of attorney, 8.

defeazance thereto, 9.
statute merchant, 9.
statute staple, 9.


common form of annuity bond, 246.

covenant to pay additional premium on account of going beyond seas, 247.
indenture covenanting for payment of, collaterally secured by bond, in conside-
ration of resigning business as a surgeon and apothecary, 187.

deed of covenant not to sue one of several grantors of annuity so as to release,
him without discharging co-obligor, 356.


of agents, 10 to 14, 15.-(See "Principal and Agent.")

of arbitrators, &c., 370 to 372.

APPRENTICE. (See " Principal and Agent.")

usual form of indenture of apprentice, in trade, between apprentice and father
and master, 74.

articles of agreement, in fuller form, in business of chemist and druggist, 75.
indenture of, for sailor to serve in such ship as master shall appoint, 76.
indenture for parish apprentice, on 43 Eliz. c. 2. s. 1. 5., 77.

form of proviso to be added to covenant for maintenance, 77.

form of assent of two justices to binding apprentice, 78.

warrant to levy 101. for not receiving poor apprentice, on the stat. of 8 & 9 W.,

summons to master for misusing apprentice, on 5 Eliz. c. 4., 78.

apprentice on complaint of master, 5 Eliz. c. 4., 79.

order of discharge by four justices at sessions, 5 Eliz. c. 4. s. 35., 79.
complaint of apprentice to two justices, against master, 20 G. 2. c. 19., 79.
summons of master by two justices, on complaint of apprentice, 20 G. 2. c. 19.
s. 3., 80.

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discharge of apprentice on misusage of him, 20 G. 2. c. 19. s. 3., 80.
complaint of master against apprentice, 20 G. 2. c. 19. s. 3., 80.
warrant for disorderly apprentice, by two justices, on aforesaid complaint,
20 G. 2. c. 19. s. 3., 80.


commitment of, to house of correction, on complaint of master, 20 G. 2.
c. 19. s. 4., 81.

discharge of apprentice on complaint of master, by 20 G. 2. c. 19. s. 4.,


assignment of apprentice, 81.

order of justices directing parish apprentice to continue with the widow (or as
the case may be) of his deceased master, 82.

like order by separate instrument, 82.

assignment of parish apprentice with consent of two justices, by indorsement
on indenture or counterpart, 82.

like assignment by separate instrument, 83.
conviction under 42 G. 3. c. 46., 83.


forms preceding submission to arbitration.

power to refer to arbitration in letter of attorney to receive money from
arbitrators, 26.

in agreement for partnership, clause of reference of differences to arbi.
tration, 86.

in partnership deeds, reference of differences, 97. 106. 128.

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clause of reference to, in deed of partnership, in case of a dissolution,


clause of reference to, in articles of agreement for dissolution at future
period, 144.

proviso in deed of inspectorship that trustees shall have power to require
proof of simple contract creditor's debts, and to submit the proof of
the same to arbitration, &c. as they think fit, 415.

clause in deed of assignment for benefit of creditors, that disputed debts
to be settled by arbitration, 468..

forms of submissions, &c. to arbitration.

submission to arbitration by indenture, 362.

recital of particular differences, 362.

parties agree to refer disputes to arbitration, and covenant to abide
the award, 362.

so that the same may be made within a given time, 362.

powers for arbitrators to enlarge the time, 362.

to appoint umpire, 362.

and on neglect for

son, 362.

days, he may be appointed by a named per-

award of umpire to be final, 363.

if made within one month, 363.

authority of arbitrators or umpire to dismiss suit, 363.

order conveyances, 363.

payment of consideration money, 363.

suit now depending to be suspended, 363.

submission to be made a rule of court, 363.

parties submit to be examined, 363.

if no award made within the time limited, the lord chancellor to,

&c. 112.363.

and such award to be binding, although extra-judicial 364.

nomine pœnæ, 364.

costs to abide the award, 364.

common form of bond of submission to arbitration to two or more arbi-
trators, 364.


forms of submissions, &c. to arbitration.-(continued.)

bond upon the submission of disputes to arbitration where there has
been a deed of reference, 364.

obligation, 364.

condition, 364.

bond of submission to two arbitrators where subject in dispute is recited,

agreement of reference, not under seal, of all matters in difference, 366.
clause when there is to be an umpire, 366.

submission in pursuance of a clause of reference contained in articles of
copartnership or other previous agreement, 367.

bond of reference after dissolution of partnership, 158.

clause to be added when the parties or witnesses are to be examined upon
oath, 367.

clause that the award or umpirage is to be made a rule of court, and no
bill, &c. against arbitrators, 367.

clause if no award made, chancery or exchequer to arbitrate, 112.363.
reference from part owners, and one on behalf of the master of a ship,
respecting damage demanded for breach of charterparty, 367.
reference between masters and part owners and freighters of a ship, 368.
reference between the masters of two ships, for themselves and the rest of
the part owners, about a prize, 368.

reference between part owners and one on the behalf of sailors for wages,

reference between the assignees in a commission of bankruptcy and the
inaster of a ship that belonged to the bankrupt, 369.

reference of all matters in difference, 369.

reference of a particular matter in dispute, 369.

reference of all matters in difference in an action only, 369.

reference of all matters in difference independent of those in an action,

a notice by one copartner to another, requiring disputes to be referred to
arbitration according to clause in deed of copartnership, 369.

agreement to extend, time for making an award where no clause to that
effect in arbitration bonds, 370.

agreement under seal by the parties in difference to enlarge time, 370.
forms of appointment of arbitrators, umpires, &c., and their proceedings.
appointment of a third person as arbitrator, 370.

appointment of an umpire by arbitrators disagreeing upon their award
where submission was by deed poll, 371.

recital of deed of submission to arbitration, 371.
and of power to appoint umpire, 371.

of difference of opinion between arbitrators, 371.
appointment of umpire, 371.

the like where submission bond, 371.

appointment by arbitrator to attend reference, 371.
the like in another form, 372.

appointment of a further day to make an award, 372.
Tidd's forms, 348.372.

the like by deed, 372.

forms of awards.

the form of an award in general, 372.

the introductory words of publication, 372.
recital of the instrument of reference, 372.
the award, 372.


forms of awards.—(continued.)

an award by arbitrators, where suit in equity pending, and submission by
indenture under seal, 372.

recital of deed of submission, 372.

award that all differences shall cease, 373.

dismissal of suit, 373.

payment of a sum of money, 373.
mutual releases, 373.

an award upon mutual bonds of submissions, 374.

award under a submission by mutual bonds after action brought, that
plaintiff had good cause of action to a certain amount; that defendant
pay such sum with costs, to be taxed, &c. in full of all demands up to
a particular day, and adjusting the future rent of certain premises;
that plaintiff accept, &c. and give a receipt, 374.

award under a submission by agreement, that an action was properly
brought, that defendants are liable to pay costs, also to pay certain
bills of exchange, 375.

recital of enlargement of the time for making award, 376.

award, 376.

award under a submission by agreement not under seal, adjudging the
price at which a certain article, the property of one party, shall be
taken by the other, and directing an affidavit that none of it has been
sold since the now seller came to England, that the article be delivered
by the one to the other, and that the former accept certain bills of
exchange in payment, 376.

award under a submission by order of the lord chancellor, adjusting a
balance of accounts, 377.

award where two cross actions were referred by order of judge, the action
being for work and labour, and on written agreement, 378.
another form of award on a judge's order in K. B., 379.

award under a reference by a judge's order of compensation for the short
loading, &c. of a vessel, 380.

award in favour of plaintiff, on a rule of court in K. B., 380,

award on an order of nisi prius in K. B., 381.

award that plaintiff is entitled to a verdict and award of damages, 382.

award generally for defendant on a rule of reference, 383.

award on an order of nisi prius in common pleas, that the plaintiff had
no cause of action, 383.

award (not shewing how the reference was made) that all demands of the
plaintiff upon the defendant have been fully satisfied, that judgment be
entered for the defendant, 384.

award confirming a former award sent back to the arbitrator for his re-
consideration, 385.

an umpirage, or award made by an umpire appointed by arbitrators, 386.
recital of deed of submission, 386.

of appointment of umpire, 387.

award of the umpire, 387.

the like, in another form, 387,

an award of payment of money in full satisfaction of all differences, 387.
an award that a party was not a partner, 387.

statement of enlargement of the time for making the award, under clause
in deed of submission to that effect, 388.

award of mutual releases, 388.

award that action shall cease; that defendant pay a sum of money to
plaintiff; that plaintiff be allowed to collect certain joint debts, making

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