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In cafe it should fo happen, that any place or territory belonging to Great Britain, or to the United States, fhould be conquered by the arms of either from the other, before the arrival of these Articles in America; it is agreed, that the fame fhall be reftored without difficulty, and without requiring any compenfation.

DONE at Paris, the Thirtieth day of November, in the year one thousand feven hundred and eighty


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Witnefs, CALEB WHITEFOORD, Secretary to the
British Commiffion.

W. S. FRANKLIN, Secretary to the
American Commiffion.

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EYTON RANDOLPH, Efq. of Virginia, 1774 and 1775, died in his prefidency. Henry Middleton, Efq. of South Carolina, 1775J. Hancock, Efq. of Meffachusetts, 1776 and 1777H. Laurens, Efq. of South Carolina, 1777 and 1778. John Jay, Efq. of New York, 1779.

S. Huntingdon, Efq. of Connecticut, 1779 and 1780. Tho. M'Kean, Efq. of Delaware, 1780 and part of 1781.

John Hanfon, Efq. of New York, 1781.


Corrected to May 6, 1783,


TOCKDALE's NEW COMPANION to the LONDON KALENDAR, and COURT and CITY REGISTER, for the Year 1783; being a Lift of all the CHANGES in ADMINISTRATION, from the Acceffion of the prefent King, in October 1760, to the prefent Time. To which is prefixed, a Lift of the late and prefent HOUSE of COMMONS, fhewing the Changes made in the Members of Parliament by the General Election in September 1780, with the Names of the Candidates where the Elections were contefted, the Numbers polled, and the Decifions fince made by the Select Committees. Alfo the Dates when each City and Borough first fent Reprefentatives to Parliament, the Right of Election in each Place, and the fuppofed Number of Voters. To which is added, a complete INDEX of NAMES. Price 18.

**Be careful to ask for STOCKDALE'S NEW COMPANION, which may be bad feparate, or bound with the London Kalendar.

Corrected to May 6, 1783,


T REGISTER, for 1783; including all the new Peers

lately created; new Members; Alterations in all the different Departments under Government, in Great-Britain, Ireland, and America; with a complete Lift of the Sovereigns of Europe; the Presidents of the Congrefs, from 1774; Prefidents and Governors of the American States; and a Number of other new Lifts; not to be found in any other Publication. Containing complete Lifts of British and Irish Houses of Parliament; Eftablishments of England, Scotland, Ireland, America, &c. correct Lifts of the Peereffes, Baronets, Univerfities, Seminaries, Hofpitals, Charities, Governors, Public Offices; Army, Navy, Collectors at the different Ports, &c.

This London Kalendar is upon a Plan much more extenfive and useful than any other Book of the Kind yet published.

Price 25.

Be careful to ask for THE LONDON KALENDAR, printed for J. STOCKDALE, &c. which may be had bound in the three following different Ways.

I. With The New Companion to the London Kalendar ; II. With the Arms of all the Peers of England, Scotland, and Ireland;

III. With Rider's Sheet Almanack or Book Almanack.


The Propriety of Retaining GIBRALTAR, impartially confi dered. Price IS.


STATE of the PUBLIC DEBTS, and of the Annual Interest and Benefits paid for them; as they will ftand on the 5th of January, 1783. Likewife as they will stand (if the War continues) on the 5th of January, 1784. To which the Attention of the Public is humbly requested, before they decide as to Peace or War. Together with fome Thoughts on the Extent to which the State may be benefited by Oeconomy; and alfo Reflections on the Conduct and Merit of the Parties contending for Power. By JOHN Earl of STAIR. Seventh Edition, Price is.

FACTS and their CONSQUENCES: fubmitted to the Confideration of the Public at large; but more particularly to that of the FINANCE MINISTER, and those who are, or mean to become, Creditors of the State. To which is added, a Poftfcript, containing Thoughts on the Alteration faid to be intended of the Land Tax. By JOHN Earl of STAIR. Fourth Edition, Price is.

A LETTER addreffed to the Abbe RAYNAL on the Affairs of North America. In which the Miftakes in the Abbe's Account of the Revolution of America are corrected and cleared up. By THOMAS PAINE, M. A. of the University of Pennfylvania, and Author of the Pamphlet, and other Publications, entitled, "Common Senfe." 3d Edition, Price 1s. 6d.

Be careful to ask for that printed for STOCKDALE.

REFLECTIONS upon the Prefent State of England, and the Independence of America. By THOMAS DAY, Efq. Third Edition, Price 2s. 6d.

A LETTER on PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATION, in which the Propriety of Triennial and Septennial Parliaments is confidered. Infcribed to J. SINCLAIR, Eíq. M. P.

"In pride, in reafoning pride, our error lies,

All quit their (pheres, and rufh into the skies; "Pride fill is aiming at the blefs'd abodes; "Men would be angels, angels would be gods."Ceafe then; nor order imperfection name, "Our proper blifs depends on what we blaine." Second Edition, Price Is.

An ADDRESS to the COMMITTEE of the COUNTY of YORK on the State of PUBLIC AFFAIRS. By DAVID HARTLEY, Efq. To which is added, The Addrefs of the Committee of Affociation for the County of York, to the Electors of the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs within the Kingdom of Great Britain, agreed upon at their Meetings held on the 3d and 4th of January, 1781, at York. Second Edition, Price is.


Infcribed to the SOCIETY for promoting CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION.

The NATURE and EXTENT of SUPREME POWER, in a Letter to the Rev. DAVID WILLIAMS, (Author of Letters on Political Liberty) fhewing the ultimate end of Human Power, and a free Government, under God; and in which Mr. Locke's Theory of Government is examined and explained, contrary to the general conftruction of that great Writer's particular fentiments on the fupremacy of the People. By M. DAWES, Esq. Price 15.

A REPORT of the Proceedings of the Committee of Affociation, appointed at the Adjourned General Meeting of the County of York, held on the 28th Day of March, 1780, prefented to the General Meeting of the County of York, held on the 19th Day of December, 1782; with an Appendix, containing the Circular Letter of November the 1ft, 1782, &c. Proceedings at the General Meeting at the County of York, on the.. 19th of December: Account of the Debate, &c. at that Meeting, and Proceedings of the Committee of Affociation, on the 17, 18th, 20th, and 21ft Days of December 1782. Price 1s. 6d.

The CANDIDATE, a FARCE, in Two Acts, as it was per formed with univerfal applaufe at the Theatre Royal in the Hay market. By Mr. JOHN DENT. Second Edition, Price Is.

DEFORMITIES of Dr. SAMUEL JOHNSON, felected from his Works. Second Editon, Price 1s. 6d.

OBSERVATIONS and REFLECTIONS on an ACT, paffed in the Year 1774, for the Settlement of the Province of QUEBEC. Intended to have been then printed for the Ufe of the ELECTORS of GREAT BRITAIN, but now first published. By a Country Gentleman. Price 6d.

A SERIES of FACTS, fhewing the prefent Political State of INDIA, as far as concerns the Powers at War; and the proba ble Confequences of a general Pacification in Europe, before we fhall have decided our Contests in the Carnatic. Addreffed (for Form Sake) to the EARL of SHELBURNE, but recommended to the serious Confideration of all his Majefty's Minifters, and the Members of both Houfes of Parlia ment. Price Is.

A LETTER to the EARL of SHELBURNE, on his SPEECH, July 10, 1782, refpecting the acknowledgment of American Independence. By Thomas Paine, M. A.

AUTHENTIC Copies of the Provifical and Preliminary Articles of Peace figned between Great Britain, France, Spain, and the United States of America.

Dedicated (by permiffion) to the Right Honourable CHARLES JAMES Fox, the Farce of TOO CIVIL BY HALF; as it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, with univerfal applaufe. By JOHN DENT. Price Is.

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