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ed all FALLING STATES The kingdonis of Judah and Israel, which are the types of all the rest, were thus infatuated. And CHRISTENDOM IN GENERAL seems ready to assume to itself the place and lot of the Jews, after they had REJECTED THEIR MESSIAH. Let no one deceive himself or others The PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE WORLD ARE EXTRAORDINARY AND


Both the writers here cited, were men of singular sagacity: and the events that have lately taken place respecting NATIONAL MORALS and RELIGION, in countries which used to be called Christendom, prove, that strong reason, assisted by experience and observation, becomes in such men almost PROPHETIC.

That the present calamities of the world are derived from the neglect and contempt of the Christian religion, is an opinion perfectly consistent with Scripture. That greater

greater than have yet been experienced may be dreaded, from the REJECTION OF THE MESSIAH, (whether practical or speculative,) there is every reason to think, on the supposition that Christianity is true.

In this book I have endeavoured to maintain a due sense of the real dignity and importance of the most solemn act of our worship, and the most sacred rite of our religion. I have been particularly careful to confirm my opinions by the authority of Scripture, and the sanction of pious and learned defenders of the faith, from the earliest ages, to the times in which we live. I have certainly given long and great attention to the subject; and am not without hope that I shall afford some information to those who, for want of leisure, or opportunity, or inclination, have hitherto little considered or understood the nature and efficacy of the Eucharist. If I should be so successful, I shall be reward



ed with the satisfaction of knowing that I shall have contributed to the permanent happiness of my fellow creatures, and the real welfare of my country.

That many persons who pretend to a superior share of the rational faculty, and of, what they call, LIBERALITY OF SENTIMENT, will be displeased with, or disposed to despise, both the Subject and Doctrine of my book, I foresee and lament; but I have not so learned Christ, as to be deterred from preaching and teaching what I conceive to be his Gospel, by obloquy, misrepresentation, or any other evil. I wish those who oppose salutary truth a better mind; and rest with cheerfulness under the satisfaction arising from a heart, in every doctrine and opinion advanced by me, conscious of universal benevolence.

I must not, in Justice to my book, omit to insert here a testimony in its favour from a Charge of SAMUEL HORSLEY, LL.D.

LL.D. late BISHOP OF ROCHESTER; a prelate, who is acknowledged by all parties to have been one of the ablest and most learned Theologists of the times, and to have done honour, by his SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE, to his See, and to Episcopacy. The following recommendation of this treatise he delivered to his Clergy, from the altar of Tunbridge Church, as well as from those of the other Churches in his Diocese, at which he held his second General Visitation; and he afterwards published it at their desire *.



"It is with much satisfaction that I recommend to your perusal, a Work not long since published upon this SUBLIME SUBJECT by a learned Divine of this Diocese, under the title of "Consider"ations on the Nature and Efficacy of the


Lord's Supper." I have requested the "reverend Author to reduce it to a form

* Vide page 28, 29. Quarto Edit. printed for James Robfon, New Bond street, London.


I apologize for the introduction of a

passage so highly laudatory; but it is ad-
mitted with less reluctance, as it gives
me an opportunity of mentioning, with
respect and gratitude, the name of a most
distinguished Divine, a KIND, FRANK,
in consequence of this book, honoured me
with his unsolicited friendship and vo-
luntary correspondence.


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