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Paris, 1900. Pan-American, 1901.




for over a hundred years have been universally recognized as the standard of excellence. They received the GOLD MEDAL (the highest award) both at the Paris Exposition of 1900 and at the Pan-American, 1901.

-the 103d successive annual edition-contains a more complete assortment and

Gatalogue fuller cultural directions than any other

seed annual published. It is beautifully illustrated, not with highly colored exaggerations, but with the finest half-tones from life photographs. It contains 144 large size pages, and is in every respect and without exception the most complete, most reliable, and most beautiful of American Garden Annuals. We will mail it free on receipt of the postage, 6 cents in stamps, which amount may be deducted from first seed order


are invited to send for our special pricelist of high-class vegetable seeds for

Gardeners truckers and large market growers. It

contains all sorts of approved merit.

J. M. THORBURN & GO., 36 Cortlandt Street, New York.

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