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Reciprocity agreement..


Marriage of the King..


Attempt on life of King and Queen......


Status of non-Catholic religious denominations in.


Arbitration treaty with Honduras.


Commercial treaty with Switzerland...




King Oscar's speech to the Riksdag.


Commercial treaty with Germany


Commercial agreement with Russia..


Passports of American citizens of Swedish birth..


Reorganization of diplomatic and consular service of..




Exclusion of divorced insane wife of American citizen..


Reciprocity with United States......


Status of American widow of a foreign subject.




Equal treatment for American institutions.


Missionaries' right to travel in....


Stamp-tax law....


Increase of storage tax on petroleum..


Petitions for release from personal taxation...


Removal of bodies for burial in......


Authentication of letters of attorney in.


Alleged taxation of property in United States by Government of.......... 1408

Holding of real estate in, by persons of Ottoman birth who have changed

their nationality....


Proposed increase of customs duties.


Restriction on sale of Bible....


Immunity for postal matter mailed by a consul.


Intervention in behalf of the Armenians..


Uruguay and Paraguay..


Visit of Secretary Root to Uruguay....


Annual message of the President of Paraguay.


Government of Uruguay, 1828–1906.




Protection of French interests in Venezuela and Venezuelan interests in



Relations with Colombia-good offices of United States.


Temporary retirement of President Castro..


Immunities of retiring diplomatic officer..


Address by Secretary Root before Trans-Mississippi Congress.


Algeciras Conference...


International Wireless Telegraphy Convention.


Geneva (Red Cross) Conference of 1906......


Third International Conference of American States at Rio de Janeiro..


The Second Peace Conference at The Hague .


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2 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root..... Jan. 6 Licenses to American citizens of Syrian origin in

Haiti. States that licenses have been granted
Syrians of British nationality and that he will
take up the matter relative to the licensing of

American citizens of Syrian origin.
8 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Furniss... Jan. 17 Same subject. Approves action reported in No.2.
6 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root... Feb. 2 Expulsion of foreigners. Reviews cases and re-

quests instructions in the event that any Ameri

can citizens should be similarly dealt with. 7 Same to same

Feb. 3 Licenses to American citizens of Syrian origin in

Haiti. States that licenses to do business will
be issued to Syrians whose naturalization is not
in doubt. States that licenses will be granted
to Abdo Assali and M. Ajamie, but that Michael
J. Kouri has been refused a license. Reports in-
terviews with the President and minister for
foreign affairs and incloses correspondence with

the latter. 8 Same to same.

Feb. 9 Postage charges in Haiti. Incloses decree setting

forth that postal rates will be collected in gold or

its equivalent after Apr. 1, 1906. 9 Same to same.

Feb. 10 Expulsion of foreigners. Reports final disposition

of cases reported in No. 6. 11 Same to same.

Feb. 16 Withdrawal of exequatur. Report withdrawal by

the Haitian Government of exequatur of the
American vice-consul at Cape Haitien on charge
of assisting revolutionists. Incloses note from
minister for foreign affairs and his reply expressing
regret that the legation was not consulted in the
matter. The consul has been instructed to ap-
point a new vice-consul and to make a report on

the subject. 15 Same to same.

Feb. 21 Citizenship of Porto Ricans. Incloses copy of cor

respondence with the nerican co sular agent at
Port de Paix in which the agent is informed that
the settlement of the estate of Dr. J. R. Paradis

should be a matter for the Haitian courts.
11 Mr. Root to Mr. Furniss..... Feb. 24 Expulsion of foreigners. States that is it appears

that the expulsion of an American citizen is
groundless, the legation should call on the Haitian
Government to show cause why the expulsion
should not be set aside or why claim should not

be pressed.
26 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root...... Mar. 2 Withdrawal of exequatur. Incloses copies of cor-

respondence with the American consul at Cape
Haitien, inclosing copy of letter to the vice-consul

and the reply thereto denying the charges.
12 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Furniss... Mar. 5 Same subject. States that the abrupt cancellation

of the representative's exequatur without thecus-
tomary communication to the Government whose
agent he is imports a degree of discourtesy which

requires explanation.
Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root..... Mar. 10 Temporary extension of French-Haitian commer-

cial treaty. Reports that agreement to extend
the treaty for six months, pending further ne-
gotiations, will be signed when authorized by

the French Government.
17 Mr. Root to Mr. Furniss..... Mar. 15 Citizenship of Porto Ricans. Approves action re-

ported in No. 15.
40 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root..... Mar. 26 Withdrawal of exequatur. Incloses copy of cor-

respondence with the foreign office disclaiming
any idea of offending the Government of the

United States. 46 Same to same.

Apr. 2 Temporary extension of French-Haitian commer

cial treaty: Reports signing of the agreement
referred to in No. 33.










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24 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Furniss... Apr. 12 Withdrawal of exequatur. States that the dis-

claimer of the Haitian foreign office is satisfactory
to this Government, and that the consul has been
instructed to nominate a new vice-consul at Cape

27 Mr. Root to Mr. Furniss.... May 4 Claim of Michael J. Kouri. States that as it appears

that Kouri and his associate were acquitted on
the technical ground that the crime of counter-
feiting had not been consummated, the depart-

ment will not present or press the claim.
61 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Root.... May 22 Appointment of Mr. Sannon as secretary for foreign

affairs. Reports the, and gives brief biographical

sketch. 90 Same to same...

Aug. 24

Tariff law and customs duties in Haiti. Incloses

copy of law, and states that in spite of legation's
representations it will go into effect at once, only
vessels arriving on the 23d and 24th of August
being exempt. Incloses letter from E. & F. Mevs,

protesting against the law as unconstitutional. 93 Same to same....

Sept. 1 Same subject. Incloses copy of official notice cor

recting error in law transmitted with No. 90. 94 Same to same.

Sept. 14

Same subject. Incloses copy of law establishing

minimum and maximum tariffs. 95 Same to same.... Exhibits of Haitian products in Haitian consulates.

Incloses copy of law relative to the exhibition of

Haitian products at Haitian consular offices.
42 Mr. Adee to Mr. Furniss.... Sept. 22 Tariff law and customs duties in Haiti. Approves

action reported in Nos. 90 and 93, states that he
may use his personal offices in behalf of the Ameri-
can protestants. Informs him that the depart-
ment does not see that there is ground for any legal

claim against the Haitian Government.
99 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Same subject. Incloses decree reestablishing old

duty on soap, which is about 75 per cent less than

the present one. 101 Same to same....

Sept. 26 Provision by law for payment of interest on Haitian

bonds. Incloses copy of law providing for pay

ment of interest on internal bonds. 105 Same to same.

4 Tariff law and customs duties in Haiti. Reports

circumstances in regard to the detention of mer-
chandise on which duties were paid by Mr.Nakhle
Boutros, according to law, before arrival of goods.
Incloses correspondence with foreign office, and

gives reasons for diplomatic action. 108 Same to same....

Oct. 10 Opening of Port Mole St. Nicholas. Incloses copy of

decree. 109 Same to same... Temporary extension of French-Haitian commercial

treaty: Incloses protocol extending the treaty

until Jan. 31, 1907. 111 Same to same...

Oct. 16 Naturalization treaty between Great Britain and

Haiti. Reports exchange of ratifications. 115 Samo to same...

Oct. 20 Tariff law and customs duties in Haiti. Incloses

note from foreign office reporting decision of the
Haitian Government to release goods referred to

in No. 105, without payment of further duties. 46 Mr. Root to Mr. Furniss..... Oct. 23 Same subject. Approves course reported in No. 105

and directs, if no fraud is apparent, continuance

of good offices.
119 Mr, Furniss to Mr. Root..... Oct. 25 Law for the establishment of a petroleum refinery.

Incloses copy of law sanctioning a contract for the
establishment and operation of a petroleum re-
finery. Recites advantages conferred by the law
which will probablyresult in a practical monopoly

of the kerosene trade. 121 Same to same.

Nov. 1 Naturalization treaty between Great Britain and

Haiti. Transmits text. 122 Same to same...

Nov. 8 Tariff law and customs duties in Haiti. Acknowl

edges No. 146 and states that the case referred to
therein was settled agreeable to his contention, as
stated in his No. 115.











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Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root.. Dec. 30 | International institute of agriculture. Referring

to previous interviews and correspondence, urges
the appointment of plenipotentiaries empowered
to sign the convention drafted at the conference

of Rome.

96 Mr. White to Mr. Root...... Jan, 2 Same subject. States that the great desire of the

Italian Government that the United States sign
the convention was expressed to him by the
director-general of the foreign office during recent
conversation. Incloses memorandum setting
forth status of convention as regards its signing

by other powers.
Same to same.....

Jan. 11 Amendment to the extradition treaty between

Greece and Italy. Reports his repeated but un-
successful efforts to obtain a response from the
Italian Government in regard to amendment to

Mr. Root to Mr. White (tele- Jan. 20 International institute of agriculture. Instructs

him to sign convention, subject to the advice and
consent of the Senate and enactment of legislation
by Congress to give it effect, so far as concerns the

United States.
64 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Hitt. Jan. 26 Issuance of passports. Lays down rule applicable

in issuing passports to naturalized Americans
whose names have been incorrectly written or

distorted in their naturalization certificates. 66 Mr Root to Mr. Hitt..

Jan. 29 International institute of agriculture. Incloses full

power authorizing Mr. White to sign the conven-
tion, subject to the advice and consent of the Sen-
ate and the enactment of legislation to give it ef-

fect, so far as concerns the United States.
119 Mr. Hitt to Mr. Root..... Jan. 30 Amendment to the extradition treaty between

Greece and Italy. Incloses memorandum from
foreign office setting forth that the Italian Gov-
ernment has no objection to an amendment to the
treaty, but remarks that in the treaty between
Italy and Greece the extension referred to only
applies to the time between the receipt of the

papers and the surrender of the fugitive.
Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root.. Feb. 27 Regulations regarding certificate of origin of im-

portations into Italy. Communicates list of
articles for which certificates must be produced

upon their importation into Italy.
77 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Hitt...... Mar. 3 Amendment to the extradition treaty between

Greece and Italy. States that in view of the ex-
planation of Italian Government this Govern-
ment does not think it needful to propose any

amendment to the extradition treaty with Italy. Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root..Mar. 7 Regulations regarding certificate of origin of impor

tations into Italy. Incloses communication
from minister of foreign affairs relative to new

measures taken in Italy.
Mr. Bacon to Mr. Seamen deserting from foreign vessels in the Phil-

ippines. Incloses copy of enactment of the Phil

ippine Commission. 140 Mr. Hitt to Mr. Root...... Mar. 10 Commercial treaty between Austria-Hungary and

Italy. Reports treaty signed on the 11th ultimo

and proclaimed on the 28th ultimo.
Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root.. Mar. 11 Reciprocal protection of trade marks in China.

States that Italian consuls in China have been
furnished with instructions similar to those issued
to the legation at Tangier and submitted to the

department Dec. 19, 1903. Samne to same.....

Mar. 23 Prohibition of food products. Requests use of

good offices with the executive department of
Ohio to obtain the withdrawal of an order, issued
by the food commissioner of that State, prohibit-
ing the sale of paste colored with saffron. States
that the order is not justified by the provision of
law on which it is based nor by the nature of the

coloring matter. Same to same.

Mar. 27 International institute of agriculture. Incloses

decree organizing a royal commission to carry the

of Rome into effect, and states that
the king has turned over to the commission royal
Tevenues in the amount of 300,000 lire per annum

for the erection of a building.
348 Mr. Bacon to Mr. Montagna.. Mar. 31 Prohibition of food products. Informs him that

the department has communicated with the gov-
ernor of Ohio.










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Mr. Bacon to Mr. Hitt (tele- | Apr. 6 Function in honor of Professor Baccelli. “In re-

sponse to invitation just received from Italian
embassy you are authorized to be present at
royal function in honor of Prof. Guido Baccelli,
Policlinico Humberto I, Apr. 8, to represent the

department of education of this Government."
Mr. Bacon to Mr. Montagna.. Apr. 9 Prohibition of food products. Informs him that the

governor of Ohio has replied that domestic manu-
facturers have complied with the statutes, and
that he sees no hardship in requiring a similar
compliance with the law on the part of foreign

President Roosevelt to the Apr. 10 The Mount Vesuvius eruption. “My countrymen
King of Italy (telegram).

are deeply impressed with awe and sorrow by the
great calamity that afflicts the Italian people in
the disastrous eruption of Vesuvius. In their
name, and in my own, I tender to your Majesty

and the sufferers heartfelt sympathy."
Mr. White to Mr. Root...... Apr. 11 Issuance of passports. Quotes telegrams exchanged

with the department in regard to the granting of a

passport to infant. Same to same..

Apr. 12

International institute of agriculture. Reports

signing of convention and incloses copy of “Pro
Memoria" handed to the minister for foreign

Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root.. Apr. 24 Prohibition of food products. Incloses petition of

New York importers for delay in putting into
effect the decision regarding coloring matter in

Italian pastes.
Mr. White to Mr. Root...... May 2 Issuance of passports. Recites the case of Giovanni

Caprio, who returned to and remained in Italy
for a period of nearly three years of the five that
preceded his naturalization. Submits the ques-

tion for the department's consideration,
Mr. Bacon to Mr. Montagna.. May 15 Prohibition of food products. Informs him that

the Secretary of Agriculture regrets that his de-
partment is unable to grant delay requested in

his note of the 24th ultimo.
Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root. May 19 Death of Italians in United States. Complaints

that the authorities of the States of Pennsylvania,
Virginia, and West Virginia fail to comply with
the provisions of the consular convention between
Italy and the United States notwithstanding
assurances given in department's note of June 30,

Same to same..

May 20 Regulations regarding certificate of origin of impor

tations into Italy. Gives list of articles for which

certificates are no longer required.
Mr. Bacon to Mr. White..... May 25 Issuance of passports. Instructs him to obtain cer-

tain evidence and Caprio's certificate of naturali-
zation for submission to the court at which the

naturalization proceedings were held.
Mr. Root to Mr. Montagna.. May 26 Death of Italians in United States. Acknowledges

note of the 19th instant and states that on July 14,
1893, this department in a circular letter called
the matter to the attention of the governors of the
States and Territories, and that another circular
of the same character will now be addressed to

Mr. White to Mr. Root. June 2 The Mount Vesuvius eruption. Incloses receipt for

$6,300 contributed by the citizens of Boston, Mas

sachusetts, to relief of sufferers. Same to same...

June 13 Counterfeiting the American consular seal. Re

cites case at Palermo, and states that under a re-
cent decision of the court the offense was held not
to be a criminal one, the law only contemplating
seals that are valid in Italy. Incloses correspond-
ence with the consul; states that the matter has
been laid before the Italian Government and in-
quires what protection there may be in the

United States against such counterfeiting.
Mr. Montagna to Mr. Root.. June 20 Harsh treatment of Italian laborers. Incloses

memorandum in regard to ill treatment of Italian
laborers employed by the Spruce Pine Carolina
Co. Asks that matter be investigated and meas-
ures taken to insure the safety and protection of

his fellow-countrymen.
Mr. White to Mr. Root... the American consular seal. In-

closes copy of judgment rendered in the case and reports conversation with minister for foreign affairs urging prosecution of counterfeiters under other provisions of law.




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