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SELDEN. Opinion on Episcopal rious questions in Divinity, 152. of the Indians-How Sermons
ordination, 63.

Marriage Punishment sure in a language which we do not
Sempringham, privileges of the though slow, 162. The Heart, understand may nevertheless
Order of, 150.

edify-Ranters — Place where
Sensitive Trees, 294.

Smoking, earlier than generally the Quakers suffered at Boston,
Sepia, great, 281.

supposed in England, 326. Story's feelings there, 170. Fear
Serindib, mourning on the death Snail-water, 390.

of the Indians still remaining in
of the king of, 292.
Snuff-boxes, curious, 398,

Story's time-Maintenance for
Sermons, change of taste in com. Soap-business, in Charles I.'s time, the clergy in New England
position of, 222. Inspiration of, 376.

could not be without compulsory
51. Rage for, in Bishop An Soldier's temptations, 247. Sol- laws-Sinless Perfection, 171.
drews' days, 240.

dier-adventurers, 57. Natural Roman Catholic trick practised
Servant, good, character and value desire for playing at, 277. First in Maryland-Story's complaint

of, 216, 220. A king's best serv. act for relief of wounded ones, against forward Speakers in the
ants, 294.

Quaker Meetings, 172. Preach-
Sewers, ancient, of Merida, 302. Souls, images of, 287.

ing of Immortality to the Indians,
SHAFTESBURY, Characteristics, South. Loyalists, how used at 175. Character of true and false

153–156. Vulgar ideas of com- the Reformation-Remark on Ministers, 194. Account of his
position, 291.

the Quaker principle of non- recovery from Illness-Morali-
SHARPE, Archbishop, his persua- resistance, 48. Little things of sation upon the earthquake at

sive power of delivery, 233. the Church-Assurance-Arbi- Jamaica-Visit to William Penn
Shawm, and Bandore, instruments trary power under Cromwell- -Peter the Great's deportment

of music, temp. Charles II., 389. Conscience often to be set right to bis subjects, 195. Decline
Sheep, Glamorganshire, curious by the physician - King and of the Quaker ministry- His
fact of, 284. Rot in, brought country-Hypocrisy of Puritan Church of England Relatives,
from Spain, 323. Wbence Ed- asts, 49.

196. Account of an Ignis Fa
ward IV. bad sent sheep, 327, Spanish Gentlemen serving as tuus, 197.
329. Leicestershire, rank pease- foot soldiers, 193.

fed, 389.

Spectacles, mentioned by Hoc- illustrative of English Manners
SHERLOCK, DEAN. Argument for cleve, 330.

and Literature.
virtue from the esteem in which Speeches, Elizabeth cautioned Strar-hals and baskets where
those are held who practise it

members not to make long ones, first invented, 356.
-Brutes give no indication of 349. In Charles II.'s time, 392. Stringed Instruments, invention
immortality — Happiness and Spiders, none in Westminster of, 118.
prosperity compatible with sal- Hall, 102. Sensibility to Music Strouters or Dandies of Henry
vation, 63. Burial Service, 83. in, 201.

Smith's days, 152.
Effect of the speculative intol Spirit, testimony of our lives to, STRYPE's Life of Archbishop Park.
erance of Popery.-Intermedi. 16. Empties its vessels, 21. er, 16. Life of Cranmer, 333, &c.
ate State, 84.

Spirituous Liquors, bill against, Stuarts, increase of prices since
Shere Thursday, i. e. Holy Thurs. 401.

Hume wrote his History of the
day, why so called, 332. Sports, holiday, 14. Whipping House of, 402.
Sherwood, wasted, 150.

the blind bear, 360. In Burton's Style, 236.
Shillings, Edward VI. kept for days, 366. In North's, 371. Stylites in India, 159.
shovel board, 398.
Spur-money, what, 365.

Subscription, 50.
Shipping early, 251.

Stage, the York stopped upon the SUCKLING, SIR John, his and Bar-
Silk-worms, introduced by James Sunday, on the road, 398.

CLAY's new Play, 380.
I., 355. Raw silk imported in Stalactites, 245.

Suicides, 113. Maniac through
exchange for wrought woollen, Stamford, introduction of weavers Religious melancholy, 179.

there, in Elizabeth's reign, 340. Superstitions, 85. Always ac
Silence, sublimity of, 267. Star, the Morning, of Bergea, cording to the number of those
Silver, proof of its abundance in i.e. the mace of our forefathers, who practice upon it, 154. Su.
Charles I.'s time, 374.

253. Used at the siege of New- perstition or no Saperstition,
Sin-caters, who? 372.

castle, 1644, 368.

256. Power of, 269. Sin-eaters,
Singing, against loudness in Starch, saffron used in, 366. Yel. 372.
Church, 201. Against confusion low, 375.

Supper-hour, eight, temp. Charles
in — Country Church singing. State, character of an insular and II., 390.
masters, 203. Erasmus against, warlike, 175.

Sure, It is good to be sure," the

Statue of King Charles I. Wim- Worldling's Motto, 293.
Sir, term as applied to Clergy-

bledon's Letter about, 378. SUTTON, SIR WILLIAM, Epitaph,
men, 257.

Skeps, of Bees, 329.

-Disappointment in marriage, Swallows, resurrection of, 230.
Sketches, primitive, 277.

193. Inordinate presumption Swearers, profane and cursers,
Skiddaw, Mrs. Radcliffe's roman- of the Church of Rome, 194. fined, and an office erected in
tic account of, 129.

Love of novelty, and evils of each parish to receive the fines,
Slaughter houses, nuisance of, in travel, 251.

temp. Charles I., 370. Gentle
towns, act against, Rich. II., Stones, useful in fields, 164. A men swearers in Charles II.'s
329. Proposals relative to in stone-eater, 375.

time, 386.
Elizabeth's reign, 347.

Stools, common seat in James I's Swines' dung taken for the Dys-
Sledges, ice, of the Finlanders, time, 360.

entery in Ireland, 103.

STORY THOMAS, Quakers' Jour- SYLVESTER's Do Bartas, Praise
Sleeves, huge, called puff-wings, nal. Presbyterian Sermon in of Night, 264. Confusion of

Charles II.'s time - Paralytic Tongues, 265.
Slippers, medicated, remedy for clergymen in Virginia, how
gout, 348.
treated by their Parishioners-

SMYTH'S, HENRY, Sermons. Ser. How carefully he omitted all

mon-hearers classed, 147. Ser- interesting matter, 167. Re- Tansiene, the Orpbeus of Hindos.
mon-studiers — Soldiers and joicings at the birth of James tan, 259.
preachers-Clergy despised - II.'s son–Northern Feelings— Tautology, legal, 233.
Simple preachers, 148. Luxury His enlightenment, 168. De- TAYLOR, THE WATER Poet. Sow
in dress, 149. The Devil's do- fence of the naked exhibitions hempseed, 110. The footman-
ings at Bermon-time, 151. Liv. of the Quakers-Glasgow Col. ship--His entertainment in the
ings given to children, or to the legians - Presentiments- Sto- Highlands—Puddings,111. Gar-
wholly unlearned l-Itch for ca. ry's Theory, 169. Conversion dens at Wilton - Ruffs, 112.


Upstarts who crowded London, Trunk-hose, common in Eliza- troversy, 147. Visit to Magdalen
113. Diatribe against coaches, beth's days, 351, 354.

House, 208. Whitfield and Lady
115. Extracts from, 361, 362. Tuesday, Shrove, saturnalia on, Huntingdon's watch–Descrip.
Illustrative of James I.'s time, 361.

tion of Wesley, &c., 209. Upon

Tunbridge Wells, 387. Smoking Whitfield's popularity-On the
TAYLOR JEREMY, Toleration, 9. places at-Partridges, swans, Hutchinsonians English re

Christianity, 10. Toleration of and peacocks, sold in the mar- pugnance to the classic school
Reformed Churches, 11. Weak ket there, temp. Car. II., 390. of poetry-Unpoetic taste of the
consciences, Liberty of proph- Turkey, a new bird in Tansillo's last century, 227. English ec-
esying, 12. Testimony of our time, 161. Turkey carpets, 364. centricity, 229. The earthquake
own lives to the Spirit-Presby Turkish feast, 277.

at Lisbon - Inconvenience of
terian influence over women, Turk, slack wire walking, and having a show house-Preva-
16. Absurd scruples - Man's balancing straws introduced by, lence of inhumanity, 232. Char-
free will circumscribed by God's 401, about 1760.

acter of the Portuguese-Why
providence, 29. Faith makes Turnpikes and roads, in George preaching is ineffectual-Sen.
no heresies, 30. Popularity of, IL's time, 400.

timental in Irish-The Green-

Turtles, lepers cured by eating in dale Oak-Poisonous cosmetics,
Theatres, called by South in his the Cape de Verd Islands, 270. 233. Political impostors—Cath-

day, spiritual "pest houses," TUSSER, garden fruits and walks olic religion consumptive-The

Increase of immorality Gardens Rent-corn, hus- last infirmity – Readiness of
in, after the Restoration-Some bandry-fare, 125. Cows' disease

some Anglicans to fraternise
plays presented at, altogether in tail-Tasser's advice-Corn with Rome - Weightiness of
by women, 393.

harvest divided, 126. Extracts Antiquarian Reports - Fanati-
Tea, a woman's beverage, temp. from, 347.

cism, 237. English taste and
Car. II., 390, 401.

Twiss's verbal index to Shake. climate - Training of trees -
Taxation, danger of tempting

speare, 279.

His scepticism, 238. Account
men by unwise, 46. Descend.

of first pineapple presented to
ing too low in its direct form,


Charles II. by Rose, the royal

gardener, 392
Temperature, changes of, 278. Umbrellas, fans, and parasols, 101, Want, deaths from, in London, 159.
Temper, cultivation of, 153. Red Fashion of carrying French, 400. War, declaration against, 15. Evil
haired temper, 303.

Union.flag, in Charles I.'s time, effects of bad, to peace, 18. Ne-
Tenses, power of, in the Turkish i. e., St. George's Cross and St. glect of, sometimes dangerous,
language, 298.

Andrews joined together, 369. 114.
Thames Water, 130.

Unity and concord, profit of, 264. WARBURTON, BISHOP, 17.
“The Lord God OMNIPOTENT," University and a University Lit. WARTON, Lord Treasurer, all to

&c.-origin of standing at, 219. urgy, original scheme for, 218. mourn for one day, 378.
Theism, 156.

Dresses derived from the Pa Warren, free, what, 321.
Theological studies, degeneracy gans, 59. Decried, 128. Water, fresh, curious way of draw.

of, in Warburton's age, 17. Unordained persons served the ing from sea-wells at Bahrem,
THOROTON'S Nottinghamshire, remoter and smaller cures in 270.

Cumberland and Westmoreland Water-spouts, 265.
TINDALL's odd argument to shew till about 1740, 400.

Watling Street, a name for the
that women may minister the

Milky Way, 297.
sacraments; and Sir Thomas


Watts, The devil attacks the
Nore's odd answer, 46.

spirit through the flesh-More
Tipplers, a Bridewell proposed Vegetation, beauty of, 268. employment for women much
for, in each town, and each tip. Venda, 271.

needed, 184.
pler in a county to pay twelve Verjuice, a syllabub of, 381. Wealth, Curse of ill-gotten, 113.
pence yearly towards its sup. Verse, geometrical, 202.

Weather, signs of, 278.
port, 349.

Vestry Libraries, mention of, in Webbesters and Walkers, 326.
Tithes. Proposal that the clergy James I.'s days, 363.

Weights and measures so false in
should receive the full tithe and Vicarious, punishments, 204. Elizabeth's time, that their nom-
support the poor, 44. Argument Vieira, on the delays of council bers were enough for battle.
that the impropriators have suc- in Portugal, 270.

ments and bells for churches,350.
ceeded to this charge, 45. Vinegar, use of by Mahometans, Welbeck, Chapel at, and the Duke
Titles, to land, necessity of reg:


of Newcastle, 150.
istering, insisted on by Lord Viol de gambo, furniture insep- Welsh, poetical restrictions
Keeper Guildford, 385.

arable from a fashionable house amongst, 219. Verses, 281.
Tobacco, life leases for selling, in James I.'s time, 365. Began WESLEY, the doctrine of the di.
granted in Charles I.'s time, to go out of use in Charles II.'s rect witness of the Spirit, 174.
396, 377.

time, and violins only used, 391. Horace Walpole's description
Tóleration, 9, 11.

Virgil, the wise, of Naples, 273. of, 209. Wesley and the Breth-
TOSTATUS, BP. fulsome compli. Virgin Mary, faith in, 13, 83. Our

ren, 232.
ment to, by Gomez Manrique, 302. Lady and the Rosary, 258. WEST, NICHOLAS, Bishop of Ely,
Toupee, fashion of turning it back, Volo-wynge, Volwer, and volued, his hospitality, 335. Impostor's
introduced by D.John of Austria, meaning of, 337.

story of, 371.

Westminster School, praise of,
Town houses, evil of, 359, 369.

215. Westminster-ball found
Trades, 10. Aristocracy of, 11.

on fire, Feb. 20, 1630, 381. Boys
Decay of, 359.

Wages in Henry VII.'s time, 331. took their servants to in Charles
Transubstance, relics of, 66. Wall, circular fruit, to catch the II.'s time, 387.
Treasure, hidden by the Romans,

sun, 401.

WHALLEY, Epitaph on his grand-

Waller's Plot, discovered by a father, 150.
Trefoil heart (Medicago Arabica), servant hid behind a hanging, Wheelwright, ancient and profit.
history of, 141.

368. On poor-law reliet, 392. able trade, 343.
Trenchers, wooden, served up be. Wallius, why the Catholic pow. Whetstone used to hang behind

fore Elizabeth, 348. In Bun. ers did not subjugate England, the door when guests brought
yan's time, 393.

their own knives, 354.
Triers, anecdote of, 48.

Walnut wood for furniture, 397. WHITAKER, DR. History of Cra-
TRIMMER, Mrs., her father, 219. WALPOLE, HORACE, On the Irish ven. Clergy in Craven during
Trumps' Hollis's, origin of the Volunteers, 95. Advantage of the Rebellion-Their Flexibili.
saying, 21.

having a dishonest.foe in a con- ty-Few beggars—Tenantry in

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in the xvith century-Tyranny of, by proclamation in Charles "Written-hand," You cannot read
of the sequestrator-Dress in I.'s time, 369.

says one in the play, temp. Car.
Elizabeth's reign, 27. Queen Wisdom, true, what, 184.

II., 394.
of Bohemia's second husband, WITHER, His mistress of Phila- Wulsa, the, who, 253.
28. Loidis and Elmete, Painted rete, 275. His plain style, 258.
glass injured by a kind of moss Wirt's Recreations. Lines on a

-Yew tree renewing itself by valiant soldier, 271.
its own decomposition, 31. Life Wolf, last wild one killed in Scot- YOUNG, as a poet, 223.
of Neot, Chaunting, 32. On land, 1682, 393.

Young's, DEAN, Sermons, Human
building and repairing churches, WOLSEY, CARDINAL, first brought nature oppositely estimated
60. Full of carious particulars in the wearing of silk amongst Moral idolatry – God's Grace,
for Henry VIII.'s age, taken the clergy, 335.

like bis Providence, works by
from the Clifford Papers, 335. Wolves and foxes tormented in natural means, 224. Grace mys-
Whitehall Palace, court took the Italy, 164.

terious in the mode of its opera-
water at the stairs of, when Women, Employments of, 49. III- tion-Breach of charity through
dust prevented walking in the paid labour of, its demoralising breach of communion, 225. Chris-
park, 387. Private boat kept effects, 198. Of Henry VIII.'s tianity versus Sectarianism
for the Archbishop of Canter. reign, 88. Bad spellers, 363. Emulation a passion-Hypoc.
bary to pass over to, 388.
A marvel not to be, 391.

risy, its self-deception, 226. God
WHITFIELD, and Lady Hunting. Wonderful, love of, 153.

ever near-Influence of the an-
don's watch, 209. At Deal, 222. Woodkarns of Ireland, Derrick's imal spirits on the mind -
Wiclif,pure English of-Lewis's description of, 291.

Against rash judgments, 227.
Life of, 325.
Woods, valued at the conquest,

Conscience must be guided, as
Wigs, Bag, 88. Combed by gen- not for their timber, but accord- well as guide - Religious joy

tlomen in public, 383. Left off ing to the number of swine, 318. and fear, 228. Man born to
in George II.'s time, 401.

Imitative, 293.

slavery, 231.
Wilkes and his rose-trees, 210. Wool, coarsened by rich pastures, Youth, academy for youth of

Pocket Handkerchief, 235. 127. Effect upon, in suckling quality proposed by Bucking.
WILLIAM III. History of English sheep with goats, 129. Staple ham, 359.

Manners and Literature, 395. merchant's gratitude to, 150. York-Minster, custom of walking
WILLIAMS, Hackets Life of, 373. Why so dear in ancient times, in, as at Durham, 386

Worse thought of by some be. 319. Cornish wool, 294. Trans-
cause he admitted a comedy to portation of, 378. Origin of the

be presented in his ball at Buck custom of burying in woollen,
den-So did Archbishop Ban. 391.

Zahanain, oak place, or, plain of,
croft, 374.

Workhouse, experiment in Hert- 382.
Windows, expansion of, as glass fordshire, 143.

Zeal, example of Christian, 64.
became common, 315. Sash not Words, perversion of, 247.

Youthful zeal of Jesnits, 176.
formerly hung, but propped World, to struggle in, is like. Zealander's, New, account of the
swimming, 24.

Man in the Moon, 160. Mode
Wine Spanish, mischief attributed Wounds, wine applied to, 381. of carrying children, 246.

to the introduction of, 184. Price Writers, quick and slow, 50. Zorndorf, battle field of, 283.

open, 396.

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