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Proofs that air is a material substance-Various experi-
ments illustrative of this position-It produces sound,
and shows a resistance to bodies passing through it-
It excludes all other bodies from the place it occupies
-A common bellows shows the materiality of air-Its
waves frequently become an object of sight

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The composition of the atmosphere-Atmosphere a com-
pound fluid-History of this discovery-Component
parts of which it consists-Properties of oxygen gas-
Properties of nitrous oxyde-Its extraordinary effect on
the animal spirits, illustrated in a variety of instances
-Its singular effects on a student in Yale College-Its
effects on the author, and other individuals-On in-
sects, etc.-Reflections on this subject-Properties of
nitrogen gas-Carbonic-acid gas-Where found-Its
specific gravity-Fatal to all animals that breathe it-

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