The Land Transfer Act, 1875 (38 & 39 Vict. Cap. 87): Handy-book on the Registration of Title and Transfer of Land, with the Act, General Rules and Orders, Forms, and Fees, Together with Explanatory Notes and Practical Suggestions

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Shaw, 1876 - 240 pages

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Page 38 - real estate," in this part of this Act, shall not be deemed to include land of copyhold tenure or customary freehold in any case in which an admission or any act by the lord of the manor is necessary to perfect the title of a purchaser from the customary tenant.
Page 135 - Appeal from by the Court of Chancery otherwise than on appeal from a county court, may appeal within the prescribed time, in the same manner and with the same incidents in and with which orders made by the Court of Chancery on cases within the ordinary jurisdiction of such court may be appealed from.
Page 56 - ... applying to be registered, by an entry made in the register, except from the effect of registration any estate, right, or interest arising before a specified date, or arising under a specified instrument or otherwise particularly described in the register, and a title registered subject to such excepted estate, right, or interest...
Page 100 - ... application, and all facts material to such title, have been disclosed in the course of the investigation of the said title made by the registrar. 2. That the map marked "A...
Page 130 - Orders made in pursuance of this Section shall be laid before Parliament within Three Weeks after they are made, if Parliament be then sitting, and if Parliament be not then sitting, within Three Weeks after the Beginning of the then next Session of Parliament.
Page 198 - Fourth (chapter seventyfour), "for the abolition of fines and recoveries, and " for the substitution of more simple modes of assurance...
Page 67 - ... and on the part of the lessee to be paid, performed, and observed, have been so paid, performed, and observed up to the date of the transfer...
Page 115 - Commissioners see fit they may appoint a Person to act as the next Friend of a married Woman for the Purpose of any Proceeding under this Act, and from Time to Time remove or change such next Friend.
Page 39 - Act, 1862," means the Act passed in the session held in the twenty-fifth and twentysixth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter fifty-three, intituled " An Act to facilitate the proof of title to and the conveyance of real estates.
Page 131 - In the case of the registration of land or of any transfer of land on the occasion of a sale, — to the value of the land as determined by the amount of purchase money...

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