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'Old Jonathan': or. The district and parish helper




The public are informed these celebrated Plasters have been established twenty-seven years. Patented U.S. 1845. It is supposed and claimed they restore the


of the part where applied by which pain and diseased actions cease. But we really know little on this subject, because the properties of medical agents can only be known by experience, and this has taught that whenever ALLCOCK's POROUS PLASTERS are applied they do good, often restoring the withered hand, removing the unsightly lump, lengthening the shorter leg, and restoring the lame to walk. But read our Testimonials, and if you have a weak spot in your body, try a Plaster; the cost is small



No doubt they impart all


to the system needed. We believe this because they have made greater cures than were ever achieved by the most costly applications. WHERE ONE WAS SOLD A YEAR AGO A THOUSAND ARE SOLD NOW. They strengthen, warm, and invigorate the part upon which they are applied, and relieve nervous affections of the bowels, lumbago, pains of the side, and usually all local pains. In affections of the kidneys they are of great service.






"To Messrs. ALLCOCK & Co., Liverpool. "Manor Road, Folkestone, July 6th, 1872. "Gentlemen,-Some months ago I suffered severely from lumbago, and could not walk without much pain and difficulty. One day I met a friend, General who advised me to try one of ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS, adding, "I have one on me at this moment, which has wholly removed an affection similar to the one from which you are suffering. I had really never before heard of the Plasters, but was so struck with what I heard that I immediately procured one and put it on. I found almost instantaneous relief; the pain and stiffness were gone in an hour, and have never since returned. I may add that several friends, including an eminent physician, laughed at my account of my cure; more than one of them, however, including that physician, have owned to me since that, in consequence of my statement, they have resorted to ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS when suffering in various ways, and have in every instance found relief. A lady of my acquaintance, who heard from me of these Plasters, has tried them with wonderful effect among the suffering poor. She finds the demand for them so great that she wrote to you to ask at what rate you could supply her with Plasters for the poor. In answering her question you kindly sent her a supply for gratuitous distribution. To thank you in my own name, and in behalf of my friends and of the poor, I feel it a duty and a pleasure to send you these few lines, of which you may make any use you please,

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Sir, I have myself proved the efficacy of your Plasters, but to-day a well-known clergyman, in the course of conversation, asked me if I knew anything of ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS.' I replied, "O yes, we sell them largely; I have just ordered £50 worth of them.' 'Well,' he said, 'they are invaluable. I give them to nearly all my poor parishioners for all sorts of complaints--rheumatism, lumbago, colds, bronchitis, &c. I also use them in my own family, and recommend them to my friends. My wife was suffering from bronchial disturbance, but was quickly relieved by ALLCOCK'S PLASTER. One case of cure was almost amusing. A person had been suffering a long time from dreadful pain at the pit of the stomach, and had spent I don't know how much in trying to get cured, but in vain. I gave him one of ALLCOCK'S PLASTERS, and it cured him in a quarter of an hour.' He spoke so enthusiastically about the Plasters that I asked him to allow his statement to be made public. As he consented, I give you his name-viz., Rev. G. COMYNS, Vicar of Sidbury, Devonshire.

"I forward you this with pleasure, knowing it will have weight with the public, especially in the southern counties of England." "With compliments, EDWIN J. ORCHARD."

Letter from the Rev. THOS. BONSALL, M.A., as to Qualities and Reputation of Brandreth's Pills and Allcock's Plasters. "H. D. BRANDRETH, Esq., Liverpool. "Wissett Vicarage, near Halesworth, Suffolk, July 29th, 1872.


My dear Sir,-Please forward me some Brandreth's Pills and Porous Plasters to amount of enclosure. I may here state I have been in the habit, for the last thirty-seven years, of administering these remedies to the sick with 'great success. I have been well acquainted with Dr. B. BRANDRETH, of New York, for nearly forty years, and can certify that he gives constant employment to upwards of one hundred persons preparing these commodities alone. BRANDBETH'S PILLS and ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS are the household remedies of nearly every family in the United States and throughout South America. We all know that many persons take medicine when they do not need it. It is, therefore, of importance that the medicine should be incapable of hurting. Now I know BRANDRETH'S PILLS to be perfectly harmless from long experience of their effects. Yet, when the bowels or the blood need cleansing, they are a thoroughly energetic medicine, arousing all the interior organs to healthy action. In colds, colics, and costiveness, they give relief immediately, and those who use them will find them a safe and most reliable remedy. "I am, yours truly,


"Late Curate of Linstead Magna and Parva, Suffolk." Observe "B. Brandreth" on the Government Stamp, without which they cannot be genuine. SOLD BY ALL DEALERS IN MEDICINE AT 18. 1d. PER BOX.


Are sold by all Druggists at 1s. 1 d. each, with full directions for use, or in any size to suit. The yard Plaster is specially recommended for families and physicians. One yard equals eighteen Plasters. Price 14s. per yard, 7s. 6d. per half yard, or 4s. per quarter.

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Principal Agency for Great Britain (Wholesale & Retail): 57, GREAT CHARLOTTE ST., LIVERPOOL. N.B.-A Plaster sent to any part of the Country for fifteen stamps.

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For "the Streets and Lanes of the City-for the Highways and Hedges-to bring in the Poor, and the Maimed, and the Halt, and the Blind."


"Yet there is room."-LUKE xiv. 21, 22.

The Preacher sought to find out acceptable words."-ECCLES. xii. 10.

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