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Term in each year, and also to the General Assembly at its annual session.

SEC. 38. The Solicitors shall attend the Courts of General Sessions and Common Pleas, for their respective Circuits.

Solicitors to attend Circuit Court.

1842, XI, 222,
4; Con, Art. 4,

Solic tors' duties

in general.

1791, VII, 274,

SEC. 39. Solicitors shall do the duty of the Attorney General, and give their counsel and advice to the Governor and other State officers, in matters of public concern, whenever they shall be, by 2210, 11. them, required so to do, and assist the Attorney General, or each other, in all suits or prosecutions in behalf of this State, when directed so to do by the Governor, or called upon by the Attorney May def»nd per – General. They may defend any person brought to trial before any criminal Court of this State, when their duty shall not require them quired to proseto prosecute such persons, or their assistance be not required against such person by the Governor or Attorney General.

sons on trial when not re


To furnish Comptroller

statement of debts

due the State. 1818. VI, 108,¿11.

SEC. 40. That it shall be the duty of the Solicitors, on the last day of October, in every year, to furnish the Comptroller General with General a statement of all debts due to the State in their several possessions, showing the names of the debtors, the amount of debts, the interest, the payments made made, and the balance due to the State; and if any of said officers fail to furnish the Comptroller General with such statement, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of two hundred dollars, to be recovered by action in any Court of law in this State having competent jurisdiction.

Penalty for


To prosecute offences against

civil rights of

citizens; failure


SEC. 41. The several Solicitors of this State are hereby specially charged with the prompt and rigorous prosecution of offences against the civil rights of citizens; and every Solicitor who shall fail, in to prosecute. this respect, in the performance of his duty, shall be deemed to 1870, 388, XIV, have committed a misfeasance in office, and, on conviction, shall forfeit his office, and be incapable of holding office for five years, and shall, also, pay a fine of five hundred dollars, and, in every case in which any Solicitor shall fail in his duty, the Attorney General shall make the most effective prosecution possible against ecute Solicitor. him on behalf of the State; and neither any Solicitor nor the Attorney General shall settle or enter a nol. pros. in any such case, except by the consent of the Court.

The Attorney General to pro: –

Solicitors to

fu nish returns. 1819, VI, 139,

SEC. 42. That it shall be the duty of the Circuit Solicitors, in making their returns to the Comptroller General, as by law directed, to make out and deliver to him, at the same time, fair duplicates 14. thereof.

SEC. 43. That the Solicitors, before entering upon the duties of their offices, shall, respectively, give bond, with two good securities, to the State of South Carolina, in the penal sum of five thousand dollars, for the faithful discharge of the duties of their respective offices.

Solicitors to give

bond- Amunt.

12, V, 6.5, § 3.


and confirma

point assistants.

1868, XIV,14,21.

State Constable.

SEC. 44. There shall be appointed by the Governor, and contion. May ap- firmed by the Senate, an officer to be named and designated the Chief Constable of the State, who shall be commissioned and hold office for four years, unless sooner removed by the Governor. He shall reside at the capital, and shall appoint in each County one Deputy Chief Constable, and as many Deputy Constables as the Governor may direct.

Powers and duties of Chief and Deputies. Ib., ¿ 2.

Compensation: accounts, how paid. Ib., 23.

Rules; force to

pared to enforce the laws.

SEC. 45. The Chief Constable of the State, and the Deputy Chief and Deputy Constables in the Counties, shall exercise all the common law and statutory powers of Constables, and all authority given to the police or watchmen by the statutes of the State, and by the charters and ordinances of incorporated towns and cities, concurrently with such officers. Said Chief Constable of the State, and Deputy Chief and Deputy Constables in the several Counties, shall, at all times, obey and execute the orders of the Governor in relation to the preservation of the public peace, and the execution of the laws throughout the State; and it shall be their duty to see that the laws are observed and enforced, and shall especially use their utmost effort and endeavor to repress disorder and prevent crime.

SEC. 46. The Chief Constable of the State shall be paid out of the Treasury of the State an annual salary of fifteen hundred dollars, in equal monthly payments; and the Deputy Constables in the Counties shall receive a compensation of three dollars per day when actually on duty. Whenever required to travel on duty, they shall be allowed, as compensation, the same amount which may be accorded by law to Sheriffs and their deputies. The accounts of Deputy Chief Constables and Deputy Constables shall be verified by affidavits made and taken before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Clerk of a Court of Record, and, after approval by the Governor, shall be audited and paid out of the Treasury.

SEC. 47. The Governor shall cause to be made and published all he always pre- needful rules and regulations for the government of the Constabulary force; and the Chief Constable of the State shall hold the Deputy Chief Constables and the Deputy Constables in the Counties ready, at all times, for the prevention of crime and enforcement of the laws of the State.

Ib., 4.


Arming of force,
riots, &e.

SEC. 48. The Governor shall have authority, whenever, in his Gov judgment, it shall be necessary, to arm the Constabulary, and, in any emergency, to assume the sole control of the whole, or any part, of the municipal police in cities and incorporated towns; and to authorize the Chief Constable of the State, or any Deputy Chief

ernor may assume control.

lb., 25.

Constable, to command assistance in the execution of process, suppressing riots, and in preserving the peace.

Notaries Public.

To be appointed by Governor.

SEC. 49. That the Governor be authorized to appoint as many Notaries Public, throughout the State, as the public good shall Term of office. require, to hold their offices during the pleasure of the Governor, 1871, XIV, 538, and whose jurisdiction shall extend throughout the State.

SEC. 50. That every Notary Public shall take the oath of office prescribed by the Constitution, a certified copy of which oath shall be recorded in the office of the Secretary of State.

SEC. 51. That every Notary Public shall have a seal of office, which shall be affixed to his instruments of publication and to his protestations; but the absence of such seal shall not render his acts invalid, provided his official title be affixed.


§ 1.


Ib., 2.

Seal of office.

Ib., 23.

Power of No

taries Public. 2 Bay, 410.

Ib.. 24.

Not to act in

1829, VI, 387, §s.

Fees of Notaries Public.

SEC. 52. That Notaries Public shall have power to administer oaths, take depositions and affidavits, protests for non-payment, bonds, notes, drafts and bills of exchange, take acknowledgments and proofs of deeds, and other instruments required by law to be acknowledged, and take renunciation of dower and inheritance. SEC. 53. That no Notary Public now in office, or hereafter ap- cases. pointed, shall exercise any power or jurisdiction in criminal cases. SEC. 54. That the fees of Notaries Public shall be as follows: For taking deposition and swearing witness, per copy sheet, twentyfive cents; for every protest, two dollars and twenty-five cents; for § 3. a duplicate of deposition, protest and certificate, per copy sheet, fifteen cents; for each attendance on any person to prove any matter or thing, and certifying the same, one dollar; for every notarial certificate, with seal affixed, one dollar; for administering an oath, twenty-five cents; for administering oath on affidavit, fifty cents; for taking renunciation of dower or inheritance, two dollars.

Commissioners of Deeds.

1870, XIV, 399,



Tenure of of

SEC. 55. That the Governor of the State is authorized to appoint Governor and commission, in the several States and Territories of the Union, and in the District of Columbia, as many persons as he may deem fice. expedient, as Commissioners of Deeds, who shall hold their offices 1834, V1,504, §1. during the pleasure of the Governor.

to farthtul per

formance of at

ties. Notice of appointment to

SEC. 56. That every Commissioner, before he proceed to perform To make oath any duty, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation before any officer authorized to administer oaths in the city or County in which such Commissioner shall reside, well and faithfully to execute and perform all the duties of such Commissioner, under and by the laws of South Carolina, which oath or affirmation, and the written.

be given.

Ib., 305, 3.

Powers of. lb., § 1.

To administer oaths.

Ib., 22.

Have power to take renuncia

Ib., § 4.

appointment of such Commissioner, shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of this State, who shall give notice of such appointment in one or more of the gazettes of this State.

SEC. 57. A Commissioner of Deeds shall have authority to take the acknowledgment or proof of any deed, mortgage, or other conveyance of any lands, tenements or hereditaments, lying or being in this State, or of any contract, letter of attorney, or any other writing under seal, to be used and recorded in this State; and such acknowledgment or proof endorsed on or annexed to the instrument to which it refers, and certified by such Commissioner, under his seal, shall have the same force and effect, and be as good and available in law, for all purposes, as if the same had been made or taken before a Judge of this State.

SEC. 58. That every Commissioner shall have full power to administer an oath or affirmation to any person who shall be willing or desirous to make such oath or affirmation before him; and such oath or affirmation, made before such Commissioner, shall be as good and effectual, to all intents and purposes, as if taken by any Trial Justice resident in this State, and competent to take or administer the same.

SEC. 59. That a Commissioner of Deeds shall have power and tons of dower. authority to take and certify renunciations of dower and inheritance, on the same terms and conditions as Judges, Trial Justices or Notaries Public are authorized to do by the laws of this State, and such renunciations, so taken and certified as aforesaid, shall as effectually convey such estates of dower and inheritance as if the same had been rendered in this State.



[blocks in formation]


express on what particular ac-
count money is due by State.

7. To report to the Legislature, an-
nually, a balance sheet.

8 To prepare comparative statement of the taxes of every County.

9. To report contingent accounts.
10. To report debts due to state.
1. To report on the accounts of all
disbursing agents.

2. To report names of pensioners.
13 To report unappropriated fund in!
the Treasury.

4. To examine account for transient
poor, &e, of Charleston, and re-
port same 10 Legislature.

3. Comptroller's books to be paid for

y State,

16. To have bonds for officers printed
and distributed.

17. To entree upon County Treasu
rers performance of their duty.
1. Contingent accounts; how exam-

19. To keep books for the accounts of
disbursing agents.

20. To efuse or withdraw insurance agent license; when.

21. T publish monthly exhibits of the state of the banks.

2. To publish monthly statement of the circulation of banks.

3. To recover forfeitures and examine books of Lanks.

21. To collate

reports of ra Iroad companies, &c.

25. To insure South Carolina Univer sity buildings.

3. To give insurance companies certificates, to be filed in County Clerk's office.

27. To keep bonds of insurance companies; identical bonds to be returned; state responsible therefor.

2. To furnish officers of State Executive Departinent with offices.

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63. Advisory Board; Land Commis-
sioner; his bond and salary.
64. Term of office. To take oath.
65. The Advisory Board to Land Com-

66. Duty of Land Commissioner.
67. Lands to be sub-divided; sold to
actual settlers; title; limit of

68. Receipts to be deposited; moneys
to be invested in State bonds;
Sinking Fund.

69. Books and records; annual report. 70. Purchases- how made.

71. None to be made that Commissioner will not be able to sell without delay.

72. Fees, mileage and per diem-how paid; clerical assistance.

73. Commissioner not to purchase from or sell to State any lands or speculate in them; punishable by fine and imprisonment for so doing.

Commissioners of Sinking Fund.

74. Governor and others to be Commissioners of Sinking Fund. 75. Commissioners to make annual reports to General Assembly. Commissioner of the Bureau of Agricul

tural Statistics.

76. Commissioner of Agricultural Sta-
tistics to be appointed by the

77. Duties of Commissioner.
78. To ascertain lands for sale.
79. To make publication thereof.
50. To answer inquiries as to resources
of State.

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