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Trustees of the State Orphan

annual report

1869, XIV, 174, 27.

year; the amount of moneys paid out of it during the same period, by virtue of warrants drawn on the Treasury by the Comptroller General, or any other officer; the amount of moneys received by the Treasurer who shall then be in office at the time of such examination, when he entered upon the execution of the duties of his office; and the balance in the Treasury on the thirtieth day of September preceding such examination.

SEC. 13. The Trustees of the State Orphan Asylum shall, on or Asylum to make before the fourth Tuesday of November in each year, report to the General Assembly, through the Governor, a detailed statement of all their doings, including the expenditure of moneys, the number, age and sex of the children, the number of admissions and deaths during the year, the number of children who have left the Asylum, and the place to which they have gone, and such other information as it may be in their power to give. SEC. 14. That the Commissioner of the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics shall make a report of his proceedings, and a special report on railroads and telegraphs, to the Governor of the State, annually, or as often as he may require.

Report of Com.

missioner of Bu

reau of Agr cut

tural Statistes.

1868, XIV, 119,



to report census

General Assem


SEC. 15. When the census takers shall have made returns, the to Governor and Commissioner shall forth with report the results of such registration to the Governor of the State for the time being, and shall make a collated return of the statistics to the General Assembly, at its next regular session.

1869, XIV. 250, § 7.

Land Commissioner to make annual report. 1869, XIV, 276, € 8.


York to

report to Comp

SEC. 16. That the Land Commissioner shall annually make a detailed report of the transactions of his office to the General Assembly.

SEC. 17. That the Financial Agent of the State of South CaroAgent of State in lina, in the city of New York, is directed to make and forward make quarterly to the Comptroller General of the State a report of his transactroller Generations, quarterly, which report the Comptroller General is hereby 1869, XIV, 258, directed to include with his annual report to the General Assembly.

§ 3.


of Sinking Fund

SEC. 18. The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund shall annually report to the General Assembly the condition of the Sinking Fund, 1870, XIV, 388, and all sales or other transactions connected therewith.

to make annual report.

§ 3.

Trustees of E

tate of Dr. John

De La Howe to

report annually

to Legislature.

1829, VI, 397, $7.

SEC. 19. It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees of the estate of Dr. John De La Howe to cause to be kept a regular record of all their proceedings, and annually to transmit to the Legislature a faithful transcript from the said record, for the year preceding, accompanied by a copy of the last return made by them to the Judge of Probate, and by an exhibit, showing the precise situation of the estate on the first Monday in February and the first Monday in November next preceding.

County Com

ture, in detail,


SEC. 20. That the County Commissioners of each County shall, missioners to reon or before the fifteenth of December, in each year, report to the port to LegislaGeneral Assembly all accounts chargeable to their respective Coun- annually; penties; what have been allowed and settled; the number and amount 1871, XIV, 607. of orders drawn upon the County Treasurer; the taxes levied and collected; the amount expended for rebuilding or repairing Court House, Jail, Poor House and bridges; in fact, a detailed account of all their doings, as required by law. And, upon failure so to report, they shall be fined in a sum not less than fifty, nor more than two hundred dollars.

SEC. 21. The Health Officers at Georgetown, Charleston and Health Officers to keep records, Hilton Head shall keep a faithful record of all their doings re- and to report quired by law, and report the same to the Governor, at the end of each month.


1868, XIV, 117, § 29.

[blocks in formation]

Annual appropriation for Put

lic Library.

1814, V, 724, § 1.

of Sinking Fund

1870, XIV, 388,


SECTION 1. That the sum of five hundred dollars be annually appropriated for the purchase of a library for the use of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives of this State. SEC. 2. For the purpose of paying the present indebtedness of Commissioners the State, and the interest thereon, and such further indebtedness as established. may hereafter be contracted by the State, the Governor, the Comptroller General and the Attorney General of the State, the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Senate, and the Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, are hereby constituted Commissioners, to be known and designated as "The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund," to receive and manage the incomes and revenues hereafter set apart and applied to the Sinking Fund of the State.

SEC. 3. And it shall be the duty of said Commissioners to sell and convey, for and on behalf of the State, all such real or personal property, assets and effects belonging to the State as is not in actual public use, said sales to be made from time to time, in such manner, and upon such terms, as they may deem most advantageous to the State. The proceeds of all such sales shall be set aside, and awarded

Duties of Com


Sinking Fund.

Ib., § 2.


General to in

to the Sinking Fund of the State. This Act shall not be construed to authorize the sale by the Commissioners of any property held in trust for a specific purpose by the State, or the property of the State in the phosphate rocks, or phosphatic deposits in the beds of the navigable streams and waters of the State.

Comptroller SEC. 4. That the Comptroller General shall be, and he is hereby, sur University authorized and required, annually, to insure against fire the build1819. VI, 139, ings of the University of South Carolina at Columbia.


313, § 1.


eral to prosecute

$15; 1865, XIII, SEC. 5. The Attorney General may, when, in his judgment, the Gen- interest of the State requires it, file and prosecute informations or other process against persons who intrude upon the lands, rights or property of the State, or commit or erect any nuisance thereon.

persons who in

trude upon property of State.

1868, XIV,88,23.




Sullivan's Island.

1. Citizens of the State may build on
Sullivan's Island; allowed half
acre of land; to pay one penny
annual rent.

2. Owners of lots yearly tenants; to
give up same when demanded
by Governor; may remove
buildings. Titles assignable as
estates for years.

3. No right obtainable, except by
building dwelling house. Lot
vacant, if not built on within a

4. Manner of building regulated;
buildings, how removed.

Of Certain Lands in Charleston and

5. Vacant land in Charleston harbor
covered by water vested in said

6. Land in front of certain streets in
Beaufort vested in said town.
7. Wharves only to be built on lots
opposite such streets.

Granting of Vacant Lands.

8. Granted to citizens paying fees of

9. Clerks of Courts to be Commis.
sioners of Locations; their du-

10. Secretary of State to make plats of
land surveyed, and keep re-
cord of plats and grants, grants
to be signed by Governor,
11. Judges to decide in cases of fraud
and collusion, and certify deci
sion to Governor.

12. Deputy Surveyors to be appointed,
not exceeding six in each

13. To take oath; to locate warrants,
and return plats within three

[blocks in formation]

Deputy Surveyors' Instructions.

22. Roles for Deputy Surveyors-1. To
have warrant. 2. Measuring
lines; to insert runs, roads,
swamps, &c., in survey. 3. Mak-
ing out plats. 4. These instruc-
tions to govern; of warrants.
5. Elapsed grants. 6. Not to
encompass lands before su
veyed. 7. Re-surveying granted
lands; how to act in case of dis-
sent among parties; variation
of lines.
8. Survey where lines
are obliterated. 9. Survey for
new grant. 10. Not to survey
lands reserved to public, &c.
Running lines. 12. Loca-
ting lands. 13. Instruments. 4.
Chain 15. Plotting. 16. Con-
duct. 17. Scale of plat. 18. One
station to each line.


[blocks in formation]

Sullivan's Island.

State may build


Allowed half

To pay one pen

SECTION 1. That such of the citizens of this State as may think Citizens of the it beneficial to their health to reside on Sullivan's Island during the on Sullivan's summer season, have liberty to build on the said island a dwelling and out houses for their accommodation; and the person or persons acre of land. so building shall have the exclusive right to the same, and one-half acre of land adjoining thereto, as long as he, she or they may require, for the purposes aforesaid: Provided, The person or persons building, as aforesaid, pay to the Treasurer one penny annually, if required, for the use of the said land.

ny annual rent.

Joint Resolution, 1791, 84.

Owners of lots yearly tenants. To give up same when demanded by Gov

May remove buildings.

Titles assigna


SEC. 2. That the present owners of lots on Sullivan's Island, whereon dwelling houses have been erected, and such citizens of this State as may hereafter build dwelling houses upon the said island, under the license granted by the preceding Section, shall be taken ernor. and deemed to have, and shall enjoy the same rights, titles and interests, as tenants from year to year, in and to the lots now owned by them, respectively; upon condition, nevertheless, that they shall be as estates for deliver up the same when demanded by the Governor of this State 1557, XII, 609. for the time being-he, she or they having the liberty of removing 12 kich., 565. the buildings which are now, or may hereafter be, erected on said lots. And the titles thereto shall be assignable, transferable, transmissible and distributable, as estates for years now are, or hereafter may be, by the laws of this State; and the said owners shall have, take and enjoy, and be entitled to use and employ all actions, suits and remedies, for securing their quiet and peaceable possession and enjoyment of their said lots, and restitution and redress for any trespass, ouster or injury, which they may suffer, or may be committed upon them, as tenants for years now have, or are entitled to.

No right obtainable excent building dwelling house.

Lot vacant of not built on

SEC. 3. That no exclusive right to a lot on the said island shall be obtained by any citizen otherwise than by his actually building by a dwelling house thereon; and if such dwelling house shall be removed or destroyed, the owner thereof shall have the exclusive within a year. right to rebuild on the same lot for one year thereafter; and if no dwelling house be built by him within that period, such lot shall again be considered as vacant.

1819, VI, 131, $4.

Manner of building regu.

SEC. 4. That hereafter no person shall erect, or cause to be erected, more than one dwelling house on each half acre lot in the lated. town of Moultrieville, on Sullivan's Island; and if any person shall build, or attempt to build, such a dwelling house, such person may be compelled to desist from such building, and to remove the same, by the Court of Common Pleas; and it shall be lawful for the Intendant, or any one of the Wardens, of the said town, to execute such order, under the direction of the Sheriff of the County or his lawful Deputy.

Buildings, how

remove 1.

$ 6.

1827, VII, 353,

Vacant land in

bor, covered by

Of Certain Lands in Charleston and Beaufort.

SEC. 5. That all vacant land, not legally vested in individuals, Charleston har in the harbor of Charleston, covered by water, be, and the same is water, vested in hereby, vested in the city of Charleston, for public purposes, but 1836, VII, 151, not to be so used or disposed of as to obstruct or injure the navigation of said harbor.

said city.


Land in front

of certain streets

ed in said town.

1795, V, 335, § 1.

SEC. 6. That all the land lying directly and immediately in front in Beaufort vest of the streets, in the town of Beaufort, which run northwardly and southwardly, and which extend to Bay street, down to the channel of the river lying in front of the said town, whether the same be covered with the waters of the said river or not, shall, forever hereafter, be considered as the property of, and belonging to, the said town, and shall never be granted by any Governor of this State, or be otherwise vested in any individual or individuals, or any body corporate, unless it be by an Act of the Legislature passed for that purpose. And every grant which may, at any time hereafter, be obtained for any part of the said land, shall be ipso facto void.

[blocks in formation]

SEC. 7. That such persons as may have obtained a right to any lots opposite the said streets, in the said town of Beaufort, previous to the 21st day of December, 1798, shall be restricted, forever, from erecting any buildings thereon; and shall be, and are hereby, confined to making no other improvements thereon than wharves, so as to leave the heads of said streets open and unobstructed.

Granting of Vacant Lands.

SEC. 8. That all vacant lands shall be granted to any citizens Vacant lands applying for the same, on paying the fees of office, in the manner zens paying fees and form, and under the several regulations and restrictions, hereafter mentioned.

granted to citi

of office.

1784. IV, 590, § 1;

1791, V, 168, § 1;

Clerks of Courts to be Comm.s


§ 19.

See 1604, II, 79; 1695, II, 99. 2 4: Th., 101. 2 15; 1731, III, 292, 37: 295, 3 13; 1744, III, 635, § 6; 1818, VI, 105, 22. 2 McC., 354; 2 Bail., 401; R ce's D gest, Tit. "Escheat."

SEC. 9. The Clerk of the Courts of Common Pleas and General sioners of Loca- Sessions, in each County, shall be, ex officio, Commissioner of LocaTS30, XI, 116, tions in such County; and shall take and receive the original entry of all vacant lands lying and being within the same, for which a warrant of survey shall be demanded, and shall, thereupon, issue such warrant of survey, directed to some Deputy Surveyor, authorizing and requiring him, within two calendar months from the date 1784, IV, 59, § of such warrant, to lay off and locate the lands directed to be surveyed; which said warrant, when executed, together with a true and correct plat of the survey, shall be received by the said Commissioner, who shall make a fair record of the same, and, within three months after such return, shall transmit the original plat to


Their duties.

1 N. & McC., 345.

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