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said accounts, and, if found correct, to audit the same, and give a warrant on the County Treasurer for their payment.

Commissioners to provide hos

Ib., 2.



SEC. 16. That the County Commissioners of the respective Counties of this State are authorized and required to provide suitable pital accommohospital accommodations in connection with the Poor House at or near the County seats of their respective Counties, where the indigent sick poor may receive medical and surgical aid, free of charge, and to appoint physicians thereto, except the County of Charleston, where the County Commissioners are hereby authorized and required to cause to be built at or near Cordesville, Parish of St. John's Berkeley, a hospital for the indigent sick poor, and to appoint a physician thereto, to be paid as herein provided: Provided, The cost of the said building shall not exceed two thousand (2,000) dollars: Provided, further, That no physician so appointed to any of the hospitals, shall charge for his services more than one-half the usual fees.

SEC. 17. That in case any person shall be so poor as to become chargeable to the County or city wherein he has a legal settlement, which person has a father, or a grandfather, or mother, or grandmother, or child, or grandchild, of sufficient ability to relieve such poor person, it shall be lawful for the County Commissioners, upon complaint made by any citizen of the County or city, to order some one or more, or all of such relations, to allow the poor person so much, by the week, as they shall think fitting, and in case of refusal to pay the same, it shall be lawful for any Trial Justice of the County, by his warrant, under his hand and seal, directed to any of the Constables, to levy the same by distress and sale of the goods of such person or persons refusing to pay; and the several Constables, or any of them, are required and commanded to execute all such warrants.


Poor persons

having relations tem, shall Lave from them.

able to releve

an allowance

1712, 11, 593, 27. 1 Bal., 73, 2 Bail., 320.

Commissioners to rece ve lega

to the use of the pocr; to prosecute for recove

SEC. 18. That the County Commissioners shall have power to demand and receive all such gifts and legacies, and all such fines des, &c., given and forfeitures, and any other moneys or things whatsoever, as are given to the use of the poor; and, in case of refusal tɔ deliver or pay the same, to commence and prosecute any lawful suit or action 1791, V, 175, § 2. for the recovery thereof.

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1 Bail., 73.

Commissioners poor children as

may bind out

1712, 11, 595, 2
8; 1791, V, 176,

SEC. 19. That in case any poor children shall be chargeable to any County, it shall and may be lawful for the Commissioners of such County to bind any such child or children out to be an apprentice, until every male child shall arrive to the age of twentyone years, and every female until she shall arrive unto the age of N. and McC., eighteen years, or be married.

SEC. 20. That the County Commissioners shall have power to bind out to service illegitimate children in all cases where such


2 McC., 171;1


May bind out illegitimate

1712, II, 596, 28;

pauper children. children are likely to become chargeable to the County, or are lia1830, VI, 410. §ble to be demoralized by the vicious conduct and evil example of 1831, VI, 432, their mothers, or other persons having the charge of them; and it 1 N.& McC.,263. shall be the duty of the County Commissioners in each and every


To arrest ill gitimate pauper children ty warrant.


1831, VI, 432,

Moneys due on recognizance,

to Commissioners.

County of this State, upon information made to them that any illegitimate child, above the age of five years, is likely to become chargeable to the County, or from the vicious conduct and evil example of the mother of the said child, or other person having it in charge, is likely to become demoralized and brought up in vice and idleness, to cause such child to be bound to service, in charge of some person of good character; a female child, until she attains the age of eighteen years or marries, and a male child, until he attains the age of twenty-one years.

SEC. 21. That upon information, as provided in Section 20, it shall be lawful for any one of the County Commissioners to issue his warrant, directed to any Sheriff or Constable, commanding him to bring any such child before the Board at the first meeting thereafter; and the said officers are hereby required to execute such warrant, and shall receive therefor the same compensation as for other arrests, to be paid by the County.

SEC. 22. That the moneys remaining due, on any recognizance &c., to be pad given for the maintenance of any illegitimate child, at the time such child shall be bound to service, shall be paid into the hands of the 1830, VI, 411, 22. County Commissioners for the benefit of such illegitimate child. SEC. 23. That the County Commissioners shall be authorized to perlunatics, &c., send all pauper lunatics, idiots, and epileptics, in their several Counties, to the Lunatic Asylum.


may send pau

to Asylum.

1817, VI, 323,

1; 1829, VI, 3-2, $6.

SEC. 24. When it shall happen that any passenger brought from Lame or impo. any other State or country by the master of any ship or vessel tent persons be impotent, lame, or otherwise infirm, or likely to be a charge to State must pre- the County, if such person shall refuse to give security, or cannot

brought into this

cure sur ty that

they will save

their support.

1738, III, 491, §5

the County from procure sufficient surety or sureties to become bound for his saving the city or County from such charge, in such case the master of the ship or vessel in which such person came shall be obliged and required to carry or send him or her out of this State again, within the space of three months next after their arrival, or otherwise to give security to indemnify and keep the city or County free from all charges for the relief and support of such impotent, lame, or infirm person, unless such person was before an inhabitant of this State, or that such impotence, lameness or other infirmity, befell or happened to him or her during the passage, and in such case they shall be relieved at the charge of the city or County.

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Shaw Orphan Asylum to be


1869, XIV,173,21

be appointed by

SECTION 1. That the support and maintenance of the Orphan Asylum in the city of Charleston, known as the "Shaw Orphan State Orphan Asylum," is hereby assumed by the State, and it shall hereafter be known as the State Orphan Asylum of South Carolina, and shall be open to all orphan children in the State to the extent of its capacity. SEC. 2. For the purpose of carrying into effect the intention of Five Trustees to this Chapter, the Governor of the State is authorized, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint five Trustees, two at least of whom shall be selected from outside the city of Charleston, who shall be known as the Trustees of the State Orphan Asylum of South Carolina. Said Trustees shall remain in office four years, or until their successors are appointed, and shall have power &c. to choose a chairman from their own number, and to make all necessary rules and by-laws for their own government.


Ib., § 2.

Term of office,

To establish

permaneat fourdation.

Ib., 23.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of said Trustees, and they shall have the power, to take such steps as may be necessary, and in their Asylum on a judgment expedient, to establish said Asylum on a permanent foundation. To this end they are hereby authorized to receive, invest and control any moneys, real estate, or other property that may be given for the aid or endowment of said Asylum, subject to endowment. any regulations now or hereafter provided by the General Assembly.



May change lo

SEC. 4. If, in the opinion of said Trustees, the present location of the Asylum can be changed for one better suited to the wants of cat on. said Asylum, such change may be made.

Ib., 4.

or lease.

SEC. 5. The Trustees shall have, and are hereby invested with, To have author. authority to purchase or lease, as they may determine, such build-ity to purchase ings, grounds, and other property, including household furniture, as Tb., 5. may be needed for said Asylum; which property they and their successors in office shall well and truly hold in trust for the benefit of the aforesaid Asylum, and for no other purpose: Provided, That they shall at no time enter into any contract, or incur any obligation, binding the State for the payment of any sum in excess of the


To select employees; make

rules, &c.

1871, XIV, 538.

amount appropriated for the support and maintenance of said Asylum.

SEC. 6. The Trustees shall have power to select and employ such persons as may be needed to care for the wauts of the orphans 1, 174, 56; gathered in said Asylum. They shall also have the power to make all necessary rules and regulations for the government of the Asylum, to do all other things that may lawfully be done for the promotion of its best interests, and for the welfare of its inmates, and to May bind out bind out orphan children resident therein: Provided, That said Trustees shall make it, in all cases, a condition that the children so Orphans so bound shall receive a good common school education, and that said Trustees shall exercise a supervisory control over such children during the continuance of their apprenticeship.


bound to be educated.

Trustees to have

no pay. 1869, XIV, 28.


To report annu


Ib., 27.

SEC. 7. Said Trustees shall receive no compensation for their services.

SEC. 8. The Trustees shall, on or before the fourth Tuesday of ally to General November in each year, report to the General Assembly, through the Governor, a detailed statement of all their doings, including the expenditure of moneys, the number, age and sex of the children, the number of admissions and deaths during the year, the number of children who have left the Asylum, and the place to which they have gone, and such other information as it may be in their power to give.

Moneys belong. ingto De La

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SECTION 1. That the moneys which have arisen, or may arise, Howe Estate to from sales of the estate of Dr. John De La Howe, late of Abbehow ville, (the whole of which estate, real and personal, wheresoever 1815, VI, 14, 1. and whatsoever, excepting a tract to contain fifteen hundred acres

be vested in Trustees;


of land, to be reserved for the school, including the spot and improvements upon the plantation called Lethe, whereon the testator

died, the trustees of said estate herein provided for are authorized to sell and convey,) and all other moneys belonging to, and to be collected for, the said estate, shall be vested in the said Trustees, to be applied and appropriated according to the trust and terms of the will of said Dr. John De La Howe.

appointed by Le

1825, VIII, 347,

SEC. 2. That a new Board of Trustees shall be appointed by Trustees to be Joint Resolution of both branches of the Legislature, at the ses- gislature every sion of the Legislature in eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and four years. 80, after the expiration of every four years succeeding, to continue 22 1829, VI, for four years from the first Monday in April next after the appointment.

396, 2.


1829, VI, 396,

SEC. 3. That, in case of refusal to accept, death, resignation, re- Vacancies, how moval from the County, or removal from the trust, of any of the Trustees of the said estate, or any of their successors, it shall be 23. the duty of the delegation from Abbeville, for the time being, or a majority of the said delegation, to appoint a suitable person, a citizen of Abbeville County, to fill the vacancy till another appointment be made; and at the next session of the Legislature another appointment by Joint Resolution shall be made, to continue until a new Board shall be appointed, as hereinbefore provided. SEC. 4. The Board of Trustees, and their successors, are incorpo- Trustees incorrated as a body corporate and politic, in deed and in law, by the porated. name of "The Trustees of the Estate of Dr. John De La Howe," 1825, VIII, 348, and may sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, and make rules and regulations for their government, not repugnant to the laws of the land, such as a majority of them shall approve: Provided, That such corporation may, at any time, be dissolved or controlled by the Legislature; and that annual payment of interest on all moneys due, or to become due, to the said Board, shall be required to be punctually made; and that no member of the Board, during his continuance in office, shall be, directly or indirectly, a borrower of any part of the funds of the said estate, or security for any person.

Ib.. 397, 4;



Treasurer ard Secretary to be

SEC. 5. That it shall be the duty of said Trustees, and their successors, to elect some person, not a member of their Board, elected. who shall perform the duties of their treasurer and secretary, in such manner as they shall prescribe, and hold his office at their pleasure.

Ib., 39; 1829, VI, 397, 26.

lowed commis

SEC. 6. Such treasurer shall give a bond, payable to the Trus- Treasurer to tees, by their corporate name, in a sum equal to bind the amount of give bond; althe funds of the estate, with such security as the Trustees shall ap- sions. prove; and the said treasurer shall be entitled to receive from the said estate such compensation for his services as is allowed to executors and administrators: Provided, That in his commissions no


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