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10th. The average wages paid to teachers of each sex.

11th. The number of school houses erected during the year, and the location, material and cost thereof.

12th. The number previously erected, the material of their construction, their condition and value, and the number with their grounds enclosed.

13th. The Counties in which teachers' institutes were held, and the number that attended the institutes in each County.

14th. Such other statistical information as he may deem important, together with such plans as he may have matured, and the State Board of Education may have recommended for the management and improvement of the school fund, and for the more perfect organization and efficiency of the common schools.

15th. The number and cost of the books furnished to each County School Commissioner.

SEC. 10. He shall submit, in his annual report, a statement of his To make stateofficial visits during the past year.

SEC. 11. He shall discharge such other duties as may be provided by law; and he shall deliver to his successor, within ten days after the expiration of his term of office, all books, papers, documents and other property belonging to his office.

ment of official

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To discharge

other duties, &c. &c., to succes:

To deliver books,


Ib., 19.

To examine teachers, to is. sue certificates of qualification;

SEC. 12. He shall have power to examine all persons who may make application to him, as to their qualification for teaching school in this State; and, to all persons of good moral character nature of certifiwho pass a satisfactory examination, he shall issue a certificate of cate. Ib., 16.

qualification for teaching school in the State of South Carolina, which certificate shall authorize the person to whom it is given to teach in any of the common schools of this State, in which his or her services may be desired by the Trustees of the school in which he or she may make application to teach, without any further evidence of qualification. Said certificate shall be valid for the term of two (2) years, unless sooner revoked.

In case of racancy, Governor

Ib., 20.

SEC. 13. That in case of vacancy in the office of State Superintendent of Education, the Governor shall appoint, with the advice to appoint. and consent of the Senate, a person to fill such vacancy, who shall qualify within fifteen days after his appointment, and shall continue in office until the next ensuing general election, when a person shall be elected to fill the unexpired term; and should the person so appointed fail to qualify within the time specified, such failure shall

create a vacancy.

SEC. 14. That there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of one thousand dollars, annually, to the State Superintendent of Education, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of clerk hire in the

Appropriation for clerk hire.

Ib., 18.


office of the said State Superintendent of Education, said sum to be drawn quarterly by him, and to be disbursed by the said State Superintendent, for the purpose herein named: Provided, That the said sum of one thousand dollars shall be in full for the annual payment for all clerk hire of said Department.

How composed.


tendent Chair


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SECTION 1. That the State Board of Education shall consist of Superin the several County School Commissioners and the State Superintendent of Education, who shall be ex officio Chairman of the Board, and who shall be entitled to vote on all questions submitted to the Board. The Board may elect one of its members Secretary.

To elect


1871, XIV, 574, 21.

Object of meet


Ib., 23.

Where and

when held.

Ib., 2.

SEC. 2. The meetings of the State Board of Education shall be held for the purpose of considering such matters as may be deemed necessary, and of taking such action as may advance the cause of common school education in this State.

SEC. 3. That the State Board of Education shall meet on the first Wednesday in October of every year, at the Capital of the State, and at such other times and places as the State Superintendent of Education shall direct. The members of the Board shall be entitled to receive a mileage at the rate of twelve (12) cents per Mileage of mem- mile going to and returning from the meetings of the Board aforesaid, to be paid by the State Treasurer on presentation of a certificate signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board.


To hold lands,

the State.

Ib., 575, § 5.

Profits to be invested.

SEC. 4. That the State Board of Education shall take and hold &c., in trust for in trust, for the State, any grant or devise of lands, and any gift or bequest of money, or other personal property, made to it for educational purposes, and shall pay into the State Treasury, for safe-keeping and investment, all moneys and incomes from property so received. The State Treasurer shall, from time to time, invest all such money in the name of the State, and shall pay to the State Board of Education, on the warrant of the Governor, the income or principal thereof, as it shall, from time to time, require: Pro


vided, That no disposition shall be made of any grant, devise, gift or bequest inconsistent with the conditions or terms thereof. For the faithful management of all property so received by the State Treasurer, he shall be responsible, upon his bond to the State, as for other funds received by him in his official capacity: Provided, however, That the Trustees of any School District of this State may take and hold in trust, for their particular School District, any grant or devise of lands, and any gift or bequest of money, and apply the same in the interest of the schools of their District, in such manner as, in their judgment, seems most conducive to the welfare of the schools, when not otherwise directed by the terms of the said grant or devise, gift or bequest: And provided, further, That before said Trustees shall assume control of any such grant, devise or bequest, they shall give a bond, to be approved by the School Commissioner of the County in which such grant, devise or bequest is made; said bond to be deposited with the Clerk of the Court of said County.

SEC. 5. That the State Superintendent of Education, or any County School Commissioner, or School District Board of Trustecs, may receive, in behalf of the State Board of Education, any gift, grant, donation or devise of any school house, or site for a school house, or library for the use of any school or schools, or other school purposes within the State, and are hereby invested with the care and custody of all school houses, sites, or other property belonging to the State Board of Education within the limits of their jurisdiction, with full power to control the same in such manner as they may think will best subserve the interests of common schools and the cause of education, subject to the control of the State Board of Education.

State Superintendent, &c., to

receive gifts,

&c., for Board.

Care of school

houses, &c.

Ib., 582, 45.

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Commission provided for, to

decide upon list

of text books;

the list to be fur

SECTION 1. That, for the purpose of procuring an uniform system of Text Books, to be used in the common and public schools throughout the State, there shall be a Commission of five appointed, to consist of His Excellency the Governor, who shall be ex officio Chairman, the Chairmen of the Committee on Education of the 3.


1871, XIV, 574,

How furnished to Districts. ib., § 4.

Senate and House of Representatives, and, for the purpose of selecting the other two members, the Senate shall, by a majority of votes, appoint one, and the House of Representatives shall, in like manner, select the other: Provided, That the Commission herein appointed shall not have power to amend or change the list of Text Books already in use until the first of January, 1873, unless authority be granted to the Commission, by Act of the General Assembly, to amend or change the list aforesaid: And provided, further, That the Commission shall decide upon a list of Text Books to be used in the common and public schools throughout the State, and shall furnish the same to the Board of Education at its first session.

SEC. 2. That the School Trustees of every School District shall make out and forward to the School Commissioner of the County wherein such School District is situated a list of all Text Books needed by the persons attending school, which list, when properly certified to by said Trustees, the School Commissioner shall approve and forward to the State Superintendent of Education. The State Superintendent of Education shall, as soon as practicable after the receipt of such list, forward the books therein required free of charge. And the General Assembly shall, by appropriation, provide for the payment of the books aforesaid.

Election of Commissioner; term of office.

1871, XIV, 578, § 21.

Con., Art. X. 2.




1. Commissioners to be elected every
two years; term of office; bond.
2. Cath; in case of vacancy, Governor
to appoint.

3 General duties; to deliver public
lecture in each District annually.
4. To see that certain branches are

5. To report annually to the State

6 Penalty for failure to report.
7. To conform to instructions of State
Superintendent, &; to transmit
to school officers all blanks, &c.
8. County Treasurers to retain poll
tax for school purposes; penalty
for failure.

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10. Jurisdiction does not extend over city.

11. One Commissioner to be elected in each Ward of Charleston; term of office; to constitute a School Board, and elect Chairman and Clerk; duties of Board; power to levy school tax.

12. Pay of County School Commission


13. Board of Examiners; how consti
tuted; Commissioner to be Chair-
man; Board to examine teachers
and give certificates yearly
14. Board to meet twice a year, Com-
missioner to be Clerk.

15. Length of school year, &c.

SECTION 1. There shall be elected in each County, at the general election in October, A. D. 1872, and at the general election every two years thereafter, a School Commissioner, who shall hold his office until his successor is elected and qualified. He shall, before

entering upon the duties of his office, give bond, for the use of the County in which he is elected, for educational purposes, in the penal sum of twice the amount of his annual salary, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the County Commissioners, conditioned for the faithful and impartial discharge of the duties of his office.

to fill vacancy.

Ib., 22.

Ib., 23.

SEC. 2. That on the first day of January next succeeding the date Oath; Governor of his election, he shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed in Section 30, Article II, of the Constitution of this State, which oath he shall file in the office of the Clerk of the Court of the County in which he was elected, and shall immediately enter upon the discharge of his duties, and, upon his failure so to do, or if for any other cause there should be a vacancy in the office, the Governor shall appoint a person to fill such vacancy, who shall qualify within fifteen days after his appointment, and shall continue in office until the time prescribed for filling said office by election, as herein provided; and should the person so appointed fail to qualify within the time specified, such failure shall create a vacancy. SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of each County School Commissioner General duties. to visit each of the schools in his jurisdiction at least three times a term, and to note the course and method of instruction, and the branches taught, and to give such recommendations in the art of teaching, and the method thereof, in each school, as shall be necessary and expedient, so that uniformity in the course of studies and methods of instruction employed shall be secured, as far as practicable, in the schools of the several grades respectively. He shall acquaint himself, as far as practicable, with the character and condition of each school, noting any deficiencies that may exist, either in the government of the school or the classification of its pupils, or the method of instruction employed in the several branches, and shall make such suggestions, in private, to the teachers, as to him shall appear necessary to the good order of the school, and the progress of the pupils.

He shall note the character and condition of the school houses, the sufficiency or insufficiency of the furniture, and shall make such suggestions to the several District Boards as, in his opinion, shall seem conducive to the comfort and progress of the pupils of the several schools. It shall be the duty of each County School Commissioner to aid the teachers in all proper efforts to improve themselves in their profession.

For this purpose he shall encourage the formation of associations of teachers for mutual improvement; he shall attend the meetings of such associations, and give such advice and instruction in regard to their conduct and management as, in his judgment, will contri

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