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To see that cer

tain branches

are taught.

Ib, 579, § 24.

To report arnually to the State Superin tendent. Ib., § 25.

Penalty for

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bute to their greater efficiency. He shall, also, deliver a public lecture to the people in each of the several Districts of the County each year, for the purpose of elevating the standard of education, and increasing the general interest of the people in public schools. SEC. 4. That it shall be his duty to see that in every school under his care there shall be taught, as far as practicable, orthography, reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, English grammar, history of the United States, the principles of the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of this State, and good behavior.

SEC. 5. He shall, on or before the first day of October, each year, forward to the State Superintendent of Education an extended report, containing an abstract of the reports made to him by the various school officers and teachers in his County, and showing the condition of the schools under his charge, suggesting such improvements in the school system as he may deem useful, and giving such other information in regard to the practical operation of the common schools, and laws relating thereto, as may be deemed of public interest. He shall also include, in his report, such other matters as he shall be directed to report by the State Superintendent of Education.

SEC. 6. That, should he fail to make the annual report required re- in the preceding Section, he shall forfeit to the school fund of his County his last quarter's salary of that year, and shall also be liable for all damages caused by such failure.

To conform to instructions of Sate

tendent, &c.

SEC. 7. That he shall, at all times, conform to the instructions Superin. of the State Superintendent of Education, as to matters within the To transmit jurisdiction of said Superintendent. He shall serve as the organ of communication between the said State Superintendent and school authorities. He shall transmit to school officers, or teachers, all blanks, circulars, and other communications which are to them directed.

to school officers all blacks, &c. Ib., 27.

County Treas

urers to retain

poll tax for school purposes.

22 2, 3.

SEC. 8. That the several County Treasurers shall retain all the poll tax collected in their respective Counties; and it is hereby 1871, XIV, 59, made the duty of the said County Treasurers, in collecting the poll tax, to keep an account of the exact amount of said tax collected in each School District in his County; and the poll tax collected therein shall be expended for school purposes in the School District from which it was collected; and any violation of this Section by the County Treasurers shall constitute, and is hereby declared, a misdemeanor; and, on conviction thereof, the said County Treas urers shall pay a fine of not less than five hundred (500) dollars, nor more than five thousand (5,000) dollars, to be used for school purposes in the County suffering from such violation, or impris onment, in the discretion of the Court.


lb., 583 @ 46.

SEC. 9. That it shall be the duty of the School Commissioner of for Charleston Charleston County to organize, in all the School Districts outside of County. the city of Charleston, a suitable number of schools. He shall also visit said schools not less than three times during each year, and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed for County School Commissioners.

No jurisdiction

lb., § 47.

One sioner




ward of Charles

Term of office.

To constitute a

School Board

and elect Chair

man and Clerk.

SEC. 10. The School Commissioner of the County of Charleston shall have jurisdiction only over the schools and all educational over city. interests outside of the corporate limits of the city of Charleston. SEC. 11. That at every regular municipal election held in the city of Charleston, one School Commissioner shall be elected by elected to each the legal votes of each ward, who shall continue in office until his ton. successor is elected and qualified. The School Commissioners so elected shall constitute a School Board, and they may assemble at any time and elect a Chairman and Clerk and Superintendent of City Schools, whose term of office, duties and compensation shall be prescribed by said Board, but his term of office shall not exceed that of the Board electing him. The duties of the Board aforesaid shall be the same as those of the Board of School Trustees for the several School Districts, in addition to which they shall, on or before the first day of October, forward to the State Superintendent of Education a report of all matters connected with the school interests of the city of Charleston, as are required of each County School Commissioner. They shall also have power to levy and cause to be collected, as other city taxes are, a sum not to exceed May levy school one and one-half of one mill on the dollar on all taxable property in said city of Charleston; and the money so collected shall be placed in the City Treasury, subject to the order of said City Board of School Commissioners.


lb., § 48.

Pay of County School Commit

Ib., 579, 8 28.

SEC. 12. That each County School Commissioner shall receive as compensation for his services, including expenses of transportation sioners. within his County, an annual salary of one thousand (1,000) dollars, except the County School Commissioner of Charleston County, who shall receive an annual salary of twelve hundred (1,200) dollars, payable quarterly by the Treasurer.

iners; how con

missioner to


SEC. 13. That there shall be, in each County, a Board of Exam- Board of Examiners, composed of the County School Commissioner, (who shall, ex stituted; Conofficio, be Chairman,) and two other members, who shall be ap- Chanman. pointed by the County School Commissioner, and who shall hold office for the term of two years from the time of their appointment; but no person shall be appointed a member of the County Board of Examiners who is not competent to teach a first grade school. It shall be the duty of the County Board of Examiners to examine all candidates for the profession of teacher, and to give to each per

Board to ex

amine teachers,

&c., yearly.

I., 80, 31.

Board to meet

Commissioner to
be Clerk, &.
Ib., 32.

son found qualified a certificate, setting forth the branches of learning he or she may be capable of teaching-such examination to be renewed every year; and no teacher shall be employed in any of the common or public schools, without a certificate from the County Board of Examiners, or the State Superintendent of Education.

SEC. 14. The Board of County School Examiners shall meet at twice Year; least twice a year, at such places, and at such times, as the County School Commissioner shall appoint; and the County School Commissioner shail be Chairman and Clerk of the Board, and shall keep a fair record of their proceedings, and a register of the name, age, sex, color, residence and date of certificate of each person to whom certificate is issued, and, in case a certificate be cancelled, shall make a proper entry of the same.

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SEC. 15. That the school year shall continue for a period of nine mouths, commencing and ending as, in the opinion of the County Board of Examiners, will best subserve the educational interest of their County; but the County School Commissioner shall have power to limit the school year according to the school fund apportioned to his County.

County School

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SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of each County School Commis Commissioners sioner to divide his County into convenient School Districts, for all purposes connected with the general interest of education, and re district the same, whenever, in his judgment, the general good re

to div de Counties into



District, &c.

quires it. And every School District organized in pursuance hereof, Designation of shall be a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of School District No.-, (such a number as may be designated by the County School Commissioner,) of County, (the name of the County in which the District is situated,) State of South Carolina; and in that name may sue and be sued, and be capable of contracting and being contracted with, and holding such real and personal estate as it may come into possession of, by will or otherwise, or as is authorized to be purchased by the provisions of this Chapter, all of which shall be used exclusively for school purposes. Each School District shall be confined to the management and control of the Board of School Trustees hereinafter provided for, who shall hold their office for two (2) years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified, and the said Trustees shall be exempt from militia and road duty, and payment of poll tàx.

To be under management of Trustees: their

term of office.

Ib., 80, 30.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of each County Board of School Ex- How appointed. aminers to appoint for each and every School District in their Ib., 233. County three School Trustees, who shall hold their office for two years, and whose duty shall be as hereinafter prescribed; and they shall have power to fill, from time to time, all vacancies which may occur in their respective School Districts in Boards of School Trustees in their County.


Ib., 34.

SEC. 3. The said Trustees, within fifteen (15) days after their To take oath of appointment, shall take an oath or affirmation faithfully and impartially to discharge the duties of their office, which oath the members are authorized to administer to each other.

SEC. 4. It shall be the duty of the said Trustees, any two of whom shall constitute a quorum, to meet as soon and often as practicable, after having been appointed and qualified, at such place as may be most convenient in the District, and at their first meeting they shall organize by appointing one of their number Clerk of the Board, who shall preside at the official meetings of the Trus tees, and shall record their proceedings in a book provided for that purpose. Each member of the Board of Trustees shall be duly notified of all meetings by the Clerk of the Board.

Clerk to be ap


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1b., § 35.


Ib., 581, § 56.

SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of the Trustees in each School Dis- Duties of Trustrict to take the management and control of the local educational interests of the same, subject to the supervision of the County School Commissioner, and to visit the school at least once in every month during the school term.

To make enu

SEC. 6. They shall make, or cause to be made, once in two years, in each School District, by the first day of September, an enu- meration of chimeration of all the children between the ages of six (6) and six- years. dren every two teen (16) years, resident within such School District, distinguishing

whom paid.

between male and female, white and colored; and the Clerk of said Board of Trustees shall return to the County School Commissioner a duplicate return of the same. Each School Trustee shall How and by receive five (5) cents per capita for each child enumerated by him; the account for which shall be audited by the County School Commissioner, and paid, according to law, by the County Treasurer, out of the school fund of the School District wherein the enumeration was made: Provided, That in case the enumeration of the scholastic population of any School District is not made, as provided for in this Chapter, by that time, the County Board of School Examiners is authorized to appoint new Trustees for such School District, unless for good and sufficient cause the Trustees have failed to act.

Proviso. Ib.. @ 37.

To hold regular Session,

special meetings.

Ib., 33.

SEC. 7. It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to hold a when; regular session in their School District at least two weeks before the commencement of any or every school term, for the transaction of any and all business necessary to the prosperity of the school, with power to adjourn, from time to time, and to hold special meetings at any time or place.

General powers of Trustees, Ib., & 39.

May appoint a

school sites.

SEC. 8. The Board of Trustees shall have power to establish and make all arrangements for the common schools of Districts, and to make the same comfortable, paying due regard to any school house already built, or site procured, as well as to all other circumstances proper to be considered, so as to best promote the educational interest of their District. They shall employ teachers from among those having certificates, and discharge the same when good and sufficient reasons for so doing present themselves; but they shall employ no person to teach in any of the schools under their supervision unless such person shall hold, at the time of commencing his or her school, a certificate to teach, granted by the County Board of School Examiners, or by the State Superintendent of Education.

SEC. 9. Should the Board of Trustees be unable otherwise to projury to locate cure sites for school houses, they are hereby authorized to appoint a jury of view of five (5) legal voters of the County, who shall locate said site as the public interest may require; but, except in a city, town or village, said site shall not be located within two hundred (200) yards of the dwelling of the owner of the land taken for said site without his consent, given in writing. The said jury shall assess the value of the same, and report their action to the Board Jury to assess of Trustees, who shall secure the title and pay for the site, as deto vest in Trus- cided by the jury of view, out of any moneys available for that purpose; and, upon such payment, the title shall immediately vest in the Trustees and their successors in office.

the value; ttle


Ib., 40.

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